Ideas Submitted in Stage-1

A total of 179 project ideas from 11 NUST Schools, Colleges and Institutes were submitted for Stage 1, out of which 104 have been shortlisted for Stage 2; 7 ideas from the Industry were also submitted in Stage 1, which have been selected by the students, and student-Industry teams to support the Industry submitted projects are currently in the process of formation. Please scroll down to view the ideas submitted by students and click here to view ideas submitted by Industry.

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ID Idea Name Abstract School/ College Inter-NUST Expertise Required Industry Mentorship / Sponsorship
221sustainable energySustainable Energy from biomass aims at producing bio oil from the decomposition of agricultural waste (sugar bagasse). This will greatly help in easing Pakistan’s dependence on foreign oil ,stabilSCMENoAvailable
220Vehicle-Security SystemTo abate the alarming rate of Vehicle theft cases in Pakistan, this compact system provides a cost-effective and fully functional security solution. Offering innovative emergency features to the user.PNECNoAvailable
219Armor AdvantageCreate brand persona along with marketing material themes for a defense company.NBSNoAvailable
218I-UniformA uniform for armed forces with a stitched RFID tag detectable from a distance; the ID representing a profile in database will help ward off any terrorist trying to impersonate a security personnel.SEECSNoAvailable
217DreamCatcherEmotional & Psychological distress caused by a variety of factors incl. terrorism can be reduced by awareness, therapy & social activism. Victim connects anonymously with counselor. No social stigmaNBSApp Development, Mentorship, Video Shoot Design, Available
216Radiant CleanersA social corporate cleaning service that will provide the revenue to finance the education of the underprivileged children of the lower class and also provide employment opportunities for the parents.SMMENoAvailable
215Mec Vertsystem that enables the municipal authorities to have a clear idea of sites to target first for waste collection.All that is needed is to click an image and the system tells the type of the garbage.SCEENoAvailable
214OMNESTo use smartphone and companion device to easily verify all the different documents (like CNIC, drivers, arms license etc) using sensors for barcodes, QR codes, magnetic strips and facial recognition.SEECSNoAvailable
213BioGreen BioGreen aims at producing bio oil from the decomposition of agricultural waste (sugar bagasse). This will greatly help in easing Pakistan’s dependence on foreign oil and stabilizing economic growth.SCMENoAvailable
212GravoGravo is an Ingenious Design that employs compound gearing to convert potential Energy into Mechanical work (Rotation of fan Blades), It's a cheap, durable and free to run personal 6" fan.NBSMechanical Engineer, Industrial Design Engineer.Available
211BookFrostA cross platform web application dedicated for books exchange, sell and purchase with in Pakistan. SEECSBusiness person to devise better business strategyAvailable
210mhealthEduAn app for educating people about trending diseases, giving a list and classification of diseases,details for cause,symptoms,health tips,treatment,cost,nearby hospitals,funds and online help by expertMCShealth experts,hospitals, android developersAvailable
209CO2 ArresterOur Project aims to contribute towards providing safer breathing environment to the masses. The CO2 Arrester captures carbon dioxide from the automobile exhaust before it is released in the atmosphereSCEENoAvailable
208SawdustWe plan to sell high quality, indigenous and wooden handicrafts to national and international markets. This will provide local craftsmen an opportunity to earn more by reaching a larger maSEECSMarketingAvailable
207Learn2Earnproviding educational and financial support for children who are deprived in order to get education along with financial help to meet the basic needs of life; strengthen society in terms of literacySEECSNoAvailable
194Library ManagementCreating a wider, boundary-less access for NUST students to library resources across H-12, through enhanced user registration, improvised inventory planning and eliminating resource redundancies.NBSNoAvailable
193Soot StaticSoot Static employs the Idea of an indigenously produced Improvised Electrostatic Precipitator for the Brick kiln industry to capture Soot (flyash) & utilize the by product for its pozzolanic propertySCEEElectrical, Environmental & Mechanical Engineers Available
192PockedoctorImagine having the tools (hardware and software) to aid the doctor for your checkups right from home! Our team at Pockedoctor is redefining the healthcare sector by connecting doctors with patients.SEECSMentorship from Marketing experts and doctors.Available
190AgrisenseCrops are very susceptible to the amount of irrigation. And its very difficult for the farmer to monitor the irrigation all the time. our solution will automate the irrigation system.CEMENoAvailable
189ZimmedariZimmedari will be a vicinity based, social network mobile application targeted to address and solve Local community challenges by making residents more vocal about the challenges they face everyday.SEECSNoAvailable
188PURWAIn most areas where underground water is polluted or saline, acquiring of pure drinking water is a serious problem. our solution will provide potable water out of humid air.CEMENoAvailable
187speed alertThis project aims to enhance road safety by enforcing speed limits without the need for police officers for monitoring. SEECSNoAvailable
186Automation The concept of connecting home appliances to the internet so the user can control them online is an important advancement, known as the ‘Internet of Things’. It is a growing field, with important applications in a number of areas, including home automation. An IP based air conditioning system will enable the user to control all the features of their air conditioning system using an Android application on their smartphone. This system is a component of home automation. Our aim is to design a system that efficiently automates operation of the air conditioning without having to be in the vicinity of the appliance. MCSEmbedded Systems and ElectronicsAvailable
185Hawk WatchA system that will automatically identify the suspects and suspicious vehicles. After automatic verification the systems may generate alerts and notifications to security officials.SMMENoAvailable
184Travel MDA website providing detailed information about disease preventive vaccinations and their availability in hospitals of Pakistan. It will also provide general information on various seasonal allergies.SEECSHospitals and Clinic, Medical InstitutesAvailable
183Complaint-Lodging AppMCMS Android App is a proposed solution for complaint lodging process in Rawalpindi Cantt. It enables the citizens to lodge and track the progress of their complaints and get post job feedback.MCSNoAvailable
182TrouverWearable device with gps sensor and rf transmitter. Getting GPS fix and transmitting it through RF to get real time location on TROUVER app on smartphone. Now track your loved ones with no mothly costSEECSNoAvailable
181Retino ImagenComputer aided automated dual classification system for the detection and characterization of Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy on early stage to prevent vision loss and blindness of affected person.SEECSNoAvailable
180EAITFKThis system introduces the field of affective computing, and the benefits that can be realized by enhancing electronic learning applications with the ability to detect and respond to the emotions.RCMSNoAvailable
178Robust NavigationThere is INS/GPS/Visual integrated system is proposed that will work in every condition (Jammers, dynamic weather etc ) by providing accurate navigation . Drones will able to perform task autonomouslyOtherNoAvailable
177Tap n'PayNFC technology allows remarkably fast data sharing between two phones. Using this technology we can ensure quick payment by utilizing the strong GSM network in most of Asian countries.SEECSNoAvailable
176RobexThis device is dedicated for rehabilitation of weak and injured people.Exoskeleton being a wearable robotic device attached to a human arm with different control strategies to perform daily life duty.SMMENoAvailable
175Deaf TalkOur product is software that provides natural way of communication for the hearing and speaking impaired people & normal people, by translating sign language to natural language and vice versa.SEECSNoAvailable
174Intelligent PhoneAn intelligent cellular phone,simultaneously connected to all cellular networks around it, and will choose best cellular network for service access. Purpose is to facilitate the user for QoS assuranceRCMSCognitive Radio system design and RF front-endAvailable
173R.D.TRadio Defense Turret (R.D.T) eases the job of a security personnel placed at a check post as it allows to remotely control a gun from 40 ft away. ensuring his safety from any terrorist attack. SEECSNoAvailable
171PredicitifyPredicitify will be a soft sensor designed to identify hazards and predict the level of risk in an any work place. The main objective is to devise an early warning system to tackle unsafe situations.SCMENoAvailable
169DynasisA cloud based open source, secure resource sharing web application for individuals and organizations; to manage secure groups and projects.SEECSNoAvailable
168i-DemicAn agent based simulation tool entitled “i-Demic” in the face of healthcare challenge in Pakistan would facilitate tracking of diseases and devising better healthcare prevention/planing strategies.RCMSweb developer, software developerAvailable
167Ovary CancerOvarian cancer is a growth of abnormal malignant cells that begins in the ovaries. Ovarian cancer ranks fifth in cancer deaths among women, accounting for more deaths than any other cancer of the female reproductive system. Commonly used strategies for cancer treatment are chemotherapy and radiotherapy with the consequences of non-selectivity and toxicity to normal body cells. Here we are reporting a delivery vector comprising carboplatin-taxol encapsulated in PHA (polyhydroxy -alkanoate) nano-capsules conjugated to cancer specific antigens (CaBP and folate receptors). Our present study aims to the formation of polyhydroxy-alkanoate nanoparticles as targeted drug delivery vectors. PHA from bacterial source will be obtained using solvent extraction method. Here we take advantage of the fact that cancer specific antigens are expressed only on malignant cancerous cells and the level of folate receptors is upto 95% in ovarian cancer cells as compared to the normal cells. PHA nano-capsules as a protein carrier (CaBP, folate receptors), will be highly specific to the cancer cells and the drug will not cause any harm to the normal body cells. Final testing will be carried out on cancer cell lines for therapeutic effect and toxicity check. ASABbiomaterials, cell line testingAvailable
166cancer NanotechnologyCharacterization and evaluation of tamoxifen loaded green tea nanoparticles in the reversal of tamoxifen resistance in MCF-7 breast cancer cell line.ASABnanotechnology departmentAvailable
165ArtiSwingArtiSwing proposes a cricket ball-pitch system that enables its user to artificially swing the ball in either direction so as to make batsmen practice the art to play swing bowling.PNECAerodynamics and Material PropertiesAvailable
164Mobile LibraryMoble library is an android application having functionality of online library for a particular university with some extra features i.e student course group ,tagging , sharing ,downloading and chat.MCSNoAvailable
163Fight Cancer!Breast cancer is the leading cause of death in developing countries.Mortality rate depends upon the early diagnosis of breast cancer.SMMENoAvailable
162InFence To safeguard premises and avoid any intrusion, we propose to deploy a network of vibration sensors on the perimeter of an institution that detects any intrusion and promptly sends notification.SEECSNoAvailable
161WPC2Keeping our energy crises in mind, people are wasting energy and spending a lot of money. I have a solution that helps reduce energy consumption by 25%. Payback is very fast, often less than a yearSEECSNoAvailable
160The ActivistThe goal is to develop a smartphone mobile application. That detects activity using data sensors. Better then any existing technique or app. SEECSNoAvailable
159Wound HealingMore people have their lives affected by wounds than by all the cancers collectively. We aim to provide perfect regeneration of wounds so that the end result is aesthetically and functionally perfectASABNoAvailable
158New-Era-Petrol-PumpsDevelopment of Magnetostrictive probe to measure the volume of petroleum products of petrol pumps in Pakistan.Currently it is being done by Dipstick method which is inaccurate and non-standarized.SEECSInstrumentation (Electrical engineering students)Available
156He'll-MeetHe'll-Meet is a redesigned helmet that is safer and overcomes the limitations of conventional helmet. With its features, it will reduce the chances of deaths and serious injuries in case of accidents.CEMEBE Industrial Design (SADA) 3rd/4th YearAvailable
155BCMISBCMIS (Bar coding medication information system), using GS1 health standards, for medicines can reduce medication errors; improve patient safety by verification into the “five rights” of medication.NoAvailable
154magic drugMulti-drug Resistance is a major clinical obstacle faced in cancer therapy. Thus we aim to designing a drug that can overcome this MDR and dramatically improve the health conditions of the patients. RCMSNoAvailable
153RelFund TransparencyBuilding the trust between Government institutes, Religious intitutes and Public. All the funds transferring among these stake holders will be visible with help of Telecom companies.SEECSNoAvailable
152CozepMobile cloud for collaborative search and retrieval of files in peer to peer network and also enabling users to submit recorded hatred information to centralized server.MCSNoAvailable
151ReVtailA service that enables shoppers to report; with evidence, supermarkets that overprice their items. Other shoppers can search for and compare nearby supermarkets with the best prices.PNECNoAvailable
150Caligo HaltAccidents due to fog are very common in Pakistan. Our solution proposes an automatic braking system that detects other cars ultra-sonically in low visibilty conditions and helps to avoid collisions.SEECSNoAvailable
148VeGasNowadays gas heaters left on during the night cause a buildup of toxic carbon monoxide inside the room that can lead to suffocation, or even death. Our team proposes for a smart solution.SEECSNoAvailable
147Trichogramma cardsFood plants of the world are damaged by more than 10,000 species of insects.Farmers are currently using too many toxic chemicals to control these pests. insects that eat harmful insects, can be used.ASABNoAvailable
146Smart cart An automatic baby cart which will give swing to the baby by it self with extra functionality when the baby cries the swing would automatic start along with giving a call to his motherSEECSNoAvailable
145Automated SystemThis application will focus on the automation of HEC attestation system as people have to come to Islamabad physically to get their documents attested. This would eradicate the long queues.SEECSNoAvailable
144Wi-BuzzBy alleviating the burden of remembering where you place everyday objects, we endeavor to make your life simple and easy. Use Wi-Buzz and never lose anything again.SEECSNoAvailable
142Beyond WordsAn application for autistic communication to generate semantically and grammatically correct sentences automatically using pictures, by using natural language processing and artificial intelligence.MCSiOS developer, iPad developmentAvailable
141WitricityIt will give us great help to eliminate wired communication between a transmission and receiving device, specially where we can't use wired medium. As already, I have done lot of work in my BE in 2009CEMENoAvailable
140Mike RossMike Ross will ensure the security of entry points to buildings.Using arduino computer interfacing Mike Ross will tell the security where the breach is happening instantaneously.SEECSarduino and arduino computer interfacingAvailable
139Luminous highwaysAs Pakistan energy crisis so instead wasting energy in the street lights of roads we can make roads luminous by painting it with a luminous paint. This paint will also save alot of accidents.SEECSNeed experts from Paint industries of Pakistan.Available
137SMARTRACKThe fundamental idea is to track any anomalous behavior based on frequent visits, time of arrival and departure and localization throughout the organization premises whether indoor or outdoors.SEECSNoAvailable
136Security MeshMonitoring large areas using a robust mesh of small solar power devices with customized sensing suited to each location; Realtime monitoring of area and alarm generation at central control panel.SEECSNoAvailable
135LumosUcchali Lake in Pakistan has rich source of halophilic bacteria that have the potential to produce electricity and if applied in a bioreactor, the shortfall of electricity can be met through this.ASABNoAvailable
134SmartStethThe proposed system 'SmartSteth' dubbed as a portable doctor will be able to help a trained health worker in early detection of pneumonia as well as in its treatment. CEMENoAvailable
132Eye XplorerEye Xplorer is a Mobile App that identifies the user's risk for the condition of being anemic or having cataract just by taking a selfie of Eye.CEME Laboratories,Medical Doctor and ophthalmologist.Available
131Water StoveA solution using “Water along with gas as a heating source” to solve the problem faced in heating and cooking. The main source is hot water which will serve as a heat exchanger and enable cooking. SMMENoAvailable
128fortify mewe will secure this world by making us responsible for everyone. Help us handling emergency situations (from natural disaster to any terror activity ) with help of people in surrounding .MCSNoAvailable
127DASSThe system will assist drivers while driving about their safe distance keeping, object detection in their blind spot region and keeping them alert that will eventually result in drivers' safety.MCSNoAvailable
125MobMedMobile dispensary will provide emergency medicines to sick people who cannot go out of their home in case of need, who do not have help at home.ASABPharmacies and HospitalsAvailable
124VIAAVIAA will facilitate visually impaired people to use android phones efficiently without touching. It will help the user to operate the android phone and get benefited from it's features. MCSNoAvailable
123LithomaticIndigenous Design and Fabrication of a cost-effective, safe and smart intra-corporeal pneumatic lithotripter - a device which is used to treat the urinary stone disease without surgical incisions.SEECSLegal AdviceAvailable
122Surveillance Applicationsurveillance Application with light weight gadget connected to Application to identify person’s location and pulse detector will inform either device is removed or still carrying it.MCSNoAvailable
121HealthHubHealthHub aims to innovate the healthcare sector by redefining the way diagnostic reports from clinical labs are shared with doctors and patients using interactive visualizations and smartphones.SEECSBusiness DevelopmentAvailable
120Pollution DetectionAir pollution is an emerging threat to global environment; it causes various health problems in millions of people in the world every year including asthma, emphysema, heart diseases and other lethal conditions. The most important and major air pollutants are; Carbon Monoxide, Sulfur Dioxide, Nitrogen oxides, Carbon Dioxide, Gaseous Hydro Carbons, Aerosols, Dust, Smog, etc. The world is in intense need of controlling environmental pollution. The idea in this report is given to design a portable Biosensor for detecting air pollution and water pollution in a particular area or even at home. The device consists of a single chip, consisting of a size of a scale or so, which has dry embedded media for the culturing of bacterium phosphoreum, which naturally produces fluorescence, but when exposed to certain toxicants, it starts to die off and florescence decreases in the presence of toxicant due to corresponding decrease in population of bacterium. This comparative decrease in florescence is the indicator of pollution. The bioluminescence is amplified and recorded by the photomultipliers and detectors which process the signal into digital values, which has direct relation with pollution level.ASABElectrical Engineering: Formulation of the device,Available
119ThunderThunder aims to provide a platform for people to solve location based social problems in any city & provide a medium for govt agencies to reach max online audience in any city at the time of emergencySEECSNoAvailable
118Medical recordsThere is no vast medical record database of patients visiting hospitals in Pakistan. There is a need to develop such database which is accessible to all hospitals to know history of patients.ASABNoAvailable
117startupentrepreneursProvide a platform which will motivate by sharing startup stories and also help in growth by finding investors and giving exposure to startup entrepreneursCEMENoAvailable
116ANWESWaste water treatment, fertilizers and enzyme production are major concerns of human society. Microalgae will be used to treat waste water, manufacturing of nano-biofertilizer and enzyme production.ASABNoAvailable
115Cavity-free CandySweets are going to be produced with extract from the herbal plants of Pakistan and then take that odorless, and tasteless extract and add it in the candies so children can have no cavities. ASABNoAvailable
114PakMediBankInvolves creating and updating an online database, which provides statistics collected from numerous health care centers to provide the platform to researchers and clinicians for knowledge integrationASABWeb designing, Data management and StatisticsAvailable
113Virtual ClassDue to sudden incidents occurring in Pakistan each area is affected especially education sector by giving unnecessary vacations to students and can handled by initiating virtual classes for that time.CAS-ENIT areaAvailable
111eyeCubeUsing affordable 3D laser scanning to obtain a 3D profile of a body and employ this profile for trouble-free production of prostheses, calculating nutritional status, dosage of drugs, radiotherapy etcSEECSProduct design, Doctor of Physical TherapyAvailable
110Dead IEDThe project aims at establishing a prototype of Fake GSM BTS that will selectively jam the communication and dump it in order to prevent triggering of IED through it. MCSNoAvailable
109Scooty WheelsThe idea is to launch a 70 cc scooter, taking India as an example .We would be targeting women ,as Pakistan has finally started moving to a place where women are considered as equal to men.NBSMechanical Engineering as its a scooter.Available
108Enzyme ProductionProduction of industrially important enzymes by using cost effective biotechnology procedures will be beneficial to meet domestic demand as there is not a single industry producing enzymes in PakistanASABNoAvailable
107iPlugAvoid separate wiring for UPS/Solar Power by connecting the heavy loads (e.g. Fridge) via the iPlug.SEECSNoAvailable
106Smart StreetsState of the art street lighting control network for safer and energy efficient cities of the future.SEECSNoAvailable
105Homeland SecurityThe need to address the security concerns of the citizens has greatly increased lately. People belonging to all walks of life have never been so insecure. Tackling these issues is the need of the hourSEECSNoAvailable
104DiaOcDiaOc is a portable, low cost and sophisticated smart phone device that facilitates doctors and patients in detecting/monitoring diabetic and hypertension retinopathy .SEECSOptics EngineeringAvailable
103PackageKitIdea is to develop an android application which aims to make the lives easier of mobile phone users of "Pakistan", by automating the otherwise unobtrusive package subscription process.SEECSNoAvailable
101Rapid TransportGets you to your required destination via the public transport system. Tells you where you are, guides you to your required nearest van stop and gets you going on the cheap!SEECSNoAvailable
99 Goodbye AsthmaAccording to studies, Asthma, a chronic disease affects around 235 million people worldwide and kills about 255,000 people annually. Approximately, 2 million of these patients are from Pakistan. Camel milk has been found to have an anti-allergic role. So it can prove as relief to such patients. It has been proven in my researches that camel milk has therapeutic effects for a variety of other diseases such as cancer and HCV too. By the characterization and identification of the therapeutic proteins present in camel milk, we can incorporate them along with plant nanoparticles or VP22 which can be used as delivery vehicle. We can also use proteins from camel milk as supplements. I propose that after protein identification they can be concentrated and blended with the ordinary milk, which can be further converted into other dairy products and be commercialized. As many side effects are involved with the drugs and other treatment, this could prove as a better remedy to have been derived from a natural source. ASABNoAvailable
98HelpMateHelpMate Android app is a central platform for linking seekers to volunteers and donors; to enable them to seek and extend all types of social services including financial, blood, disaster-relief etc.MCSNoAvailable
92Smart LibrarySmart Library is a "YouTube of Books". It is an open access platform that lets you read & write books for free.Traditional publication process is slow. Smart Library make it easier and faster.SEECSNoAvailable
91Tracker JackerInefficient tracking of inventory is the cause of huge amount of revenue loss in our industry. We present a low cost RFID based solution to better tracking and management of tons of items produced.SEECSArchitecture mechanical Molding packaging Available
90AquaCellsApplication of Microbial Desalination Cells (MDCs) on industrial scale for producing pure drinkable water utilizing sea water, performing waste water treatment and also for generating bio-electricity.ASAB1 Environmental and 1 Chemical Engineering studentAvailable
89SleepApnea DetectionA device which will serve as a replacement of Polysomnography. It will record the bio-physiological changes that occur during sleep of the patient and if detects apnea, will sound an alarm.MCSNoAvailable
88SwingeryPlaygrounds are deserted at night mainly due to load-shedding and / or theft of lighting fixtures. The solution aims to provide a quick settable lighting solution for swings using the swinging energy.SEECSOne Mech Engr.student - good with gears / springsAvailable
87AS&SASBeing in the 21st century The present manual working of the daily tasks of Pakistan Army Battalions needs to be Digitized to match the other countries. This will increase the efficiency of our Army.MCSNoAvailable
86AGROMOBILEAn Android based application as a solution to help farmers to complete their missions more effectively and easily. It serve the farmers to get a detailed information about crops and their diseases.SEECSNoAvailable
85Virtual LabThrough an Android app, our idea is to enable students virtually perform their school level science practicals on smartphones and tablets.SEECSNoAvailable
84EoCAThis Kinect Based application will enable the children with neurological difficulties to get education in this alternative fashion by the gestures of their hands because they can't study like others.MCSNoAvailable
83NUSTBookNUSTBook is a mobile application that allows its users to access LMS on their mobile screens with a better and easy interface. It also includes other functions of relative importance related to NUST. MCSNoAvailable
82COCCOC is racing video game for mobile devices and computer in a 3D environment.It features a racing style that incorporate real world cars and locales with arcade styles handling and vehicular combat.MCSModeling and 3d graphic designing for cars & trackAvailable
81eyeConA smart phone application that can change the way eye tests are performed.It includes the most common eye tests like Color Blindness test, Near/Far vision tests and the fundus image acquisition. MCS4th/5th year MBBS student.Available
80IntelliDriveThe main idea of the project is to build an Intelligent Car Driving System where cars can drive at their own to a selected destination identified from a map, without the human intervention.MCSNoAvailable
79Eagle EyeEagle Eye is android based multi-featured mobile app to assist tourists in planning and enjoying the trip. Features are augmented reality view, maintaining database and interacting with web APIs.MCSNoAvailable
78Smart AttendenceWe want to make smart attendance system. It would use bar code reader to mark attendance and bar code reader will be set up in the entrance of class.SEECSNoAvailable
77Fight TerrorismTerrorism has come a highly destructive phenomenon in recent years.There are no security arrangements to be done immediately in case of such activities.Our idea will help to overcome this issue.SEECSApplication designersAvailable
76Author's UnitedAuthor's United provides editing, guiding, publishing and royalty services to creative authors and researchers from less developed countries to present their creative writings in international market.CEMENoAvailable
75RevnergyAmid prevailing energy crisis in Pakistan and a global outcry for a sustainable energy future; 'revnergy' presents an optimal investment strategy, to bring us closer to the desired energy future.CAS-ENNoAvailable
74Secure PakistanSecure And Safer Pakistan. Terrorism now a days is a big problem in our dear homeland. Fake identity is playing a key role in their achievements. Our Idea will help fighting this.SEECSExpert programmer for a software. Available
73Urban SociometricsCulture reflects the working of any organization. Our idea focuses to identify structural holes and breakages in its culture. It leads in better performance and increase efficiency of an organization.SEECSSociologist and HR majorAvailable
72WheresMyDocWheresMyDoc, a web and smartphone app, allows to freely search,rate and review doctors in Pakistan; Hence contributing to eliminating fraud and incompetent doctors and ensuring quality health serviceSEECSNoAvailable
71Pak-CancerDBTo offer an Internet-accessible database that oncologists anywhere in Pakistan can employ to aid in decision making and defining priorities about the best course of treatment/HLA match for patientsASABNoAvailable
70SARSTIONSince long,oceans have remained dangerous due to their vastness but this never stopped enemies from waging wars through waters.Oil exploration and advancement in telecomm sector.SEECSNoAvailable
69Red AlertIn any emergency situation a quick, accurate communication with timely feedback can avert major damage and chaos. Providing help at right time & place while keeping people updated can save lives. SEECSiOS, Available
68IrrigatureIrrigature is a real-time monitoring and control system that aims to revolutionize the irrigation system of Pakistan. Wireless management of crops and water via Pc/Pda are among the core features.SEECSNoAvailable
67Easy ElectronicsAn easy to use electronics kit, including electronics components, micro controller and various energy sources. Providing an insight into electrical engineering for young students in a fun way.SEECSNoAvailable
66AvatarBotIn the fast moving world it is not possible to be physically present at every event. Idea of this project is to develop a tele-presence robot, starving to achieve four senses that humans haveSEECSNoAvailable
65Clear VisionMaking an app that recognizes daily entries and considers them safe. Any anomaly is detected and an audio video connection to the nearest security post is made. The passer by has to prove his identitySEECSApp Designers, Web DesignersAvailable
64Roti PrinterIn the era where everyone is going towards automation, roti / chappati making in our homes is still a overlooked area.So, we came up with a intuitive solution for the problem: Roti Printer SEECSNoAvailable
63PSIThe policy institute will provide the student population of Pakistan with a platform to suggest solutions to problems of national & social importance and contribute to the policy development process.NBSWebsite Development Academic mentors for papers Available
62RowA virtual queue for CNG and petrol pumps, so you can wait for your turn at home or workplace, and get notified just before your turn is due.SEECSUI/UX Designers. Business Adviser.Available
61Shoe ChargerA shoes when someone walk, piezoelectric material placed in the heal and toe will generate power and that will be used for charging a mobile. It is basically a waste energy harvesting mechanism/systemCAS-ENNoAvailable
60Spy BirdWe are going to manufacture a robotic bird which will fly like a real bird through flapping of its wings.A small spy camera will send us the live footage of the location of our interest.CAS-ENNoAvailable
59OneDropOneDrop, an android app that helps users find blood donors in their area and notify them if blood is required.Donors can have personal account on the app where they can respond to to blood requestsSEECSBusiness Major Student, Business Plan/MarkettingAvailable
58ShopFreeWe intend to establish a chain of baby-care centres in shopping centres, malls, plazas, etc all across Pakistan; tending to the children as their parents especially mothers go shopping.SEECSNoAvailable
56EquiLenzEquiLenz - our android application enables any user to solve a maths problem in real-time, by just pointing their phone's camera towards the problem.SEECSNoAvailable
55BloodDonation ApplicationLot of people just die because of lack blood. We have decided to make an application which will give contacts of people having same blood group in that region. In this way we will save many livesSEECSNoAvailable
54CricFlexA wearable device for real time analysis of a bowler's action to check its legality. With wireless monitoring on an android app.SEECSNoAvailable
53Med VisionMed Vision is a tablet-ready novel DICOM Viewer for practitioners to view high resolution medical scans with efficient and improved diagnosis.SEECSNoAvailable
52Glaucoma DetectionGlaucoma causes permanent blindness. Its early detection is critical and is manually carried out by doctors. Our product automates the process and reduces the chances of glaucoma by early detection.SEECSMechanical, OpticalAvailable
49Career CounsellingDue to lack of proper guidance facilities in remote areas students don't know/think less about many prosperous fields and waste a lot of time. Counselling those students will lead to a better futureASABCounselors Business ManagmentAvailable
48FluoroDot Tech.In every 7/10 patients, cancer spreads due to untimely detection. We present Quantum Dots-Antibody device which is cost effective, helps in early stage detection of cancer & provides targeted therapyASABAvailable
47WaveWave, we believe, will forever change the course of how people around the world deliver their presentations, whether they are business personnel, tech directors or students.SEECSNoAvailable
45BioDieselOur idea is to convert used vegetable oil into BioDiesel. Thus providing an alternate to the diesel imports with the benefit of being cheap, green and independent of International market fluctuations.SMMEOne Chemical Engineer One BBA Student.Available
44Indoor trackingGPS does not work inside enclosed buildings, because it requires a direct line of sight to the satellites. So the plan is to develop a indoor tracking solution to locate objects inside the building SEECSNoAvailable
43biodegradable plasticsThe biodegradable polymers could be an alternative to the conventional synthetic nondegrad plastic materials. These polymers being biodegradable can be disposed in safe and ecologically sound manner. ASABNoAvailable
42The GradHiveA networking organization that helps you build connections with students of different universities. Includes an online portal and a number of onground events focused on strengthening the connections. SEECSWeb Designers, AmbassadorsAvailable
41MPACTCeliac Disorder is prevailing with no cure except costly Gluten-free diet. Isolating specific enzymes from human gut microbiome using Metagenomics, can create cheap transgenic probiotics as a cure.ASABNoAvailable
40Anti-Diabetic FormulationsPHB coated Insulin Pills will give Diabetes patients the chance to avoid the pain of needles and has the potential of enhanced patient compliance. These could save millions, the pain of daily shots.ASABPharmacies, Computational BiologyAvailable
39WeCAMWeCAM is a non-invasive early warning Wearable Continuous Asthma Monitor that aims to predict if an asthma attack is imminent and thus assist the asthmatic to retain the disease in controlled state.SEECS Pulmonologist, Business PlanAvailable
38WQCSDevelopment of an automated system that can effectively measure quality parameters of water at different points in water distribution network till it reaches the end user and convey information to WebSEECSNoAvailable
37Familial Migraine In migraine mutations in genes result in abnormal Ca+ and Na/K regulation in neurons.Potentiaters and Correctors will be used to target molecular components of migraine rather than individual symptomsASABNoAvailable
36GENEiewe want to create a setup that helps in changing perceptions, encouraging families and guiding them regarding genetic disorders and avoid complications that can be caused due to genetic disorders.ASABProject Management, marketing, web designersAvailable
35Antibiotic=Resistance-surveillance DatabaseInformation about the resistance patterns of antibiotics is essential for importation and prescription of antibiotics but this information is difficult to attain. The plan is to initiate a data collection and compilation system to assess the prevalence of Antibiotic Resistance in Islamabad/Rawalpindi for assisting industrialists, researchers and physicians to identify the resistance patterns.ASABComputer ScientistsAvailable
34HEALTH STARTProviding healthy and quality lunch boxes in every Nursery Schools throughout Pakistan, so that every child has a healthy and happy jump start. NBSNoAvailable
33e-EnergyTo create Biofuel through genetically engineered Escherichia coli. Biofuel seperation through permeable membrane and pervaporation technology. Construction of the Bioreactor to carry out the mechanismASABE.coli, Biofuel, membrane technologyAvailable
32Ears protection Hearing is an important sense. If the gel made from sound absorbing nano particles is used on noisy core of machines in industry such as sugar and steel mill, hearing loss can be prevented.ASABMechanical and chemical engineersAvailable
31Feucher-Stem TechnologiesUmbilical cordblood has immense potential to cure blood and genetic diseases.There is need to establish bank to treat patients if donor is not will relieve burden from healthcare sectorASABNoAvailable
30Phyto CleanHeavy metal contamination is one of the biggest problems we face with our drinking water. This new approach can provide an economical and effective way of heavy metal removal from drinking water.ASABNoAvailable
29Polioghurtwe aim to produce such lactobacilli( yoghurt producing bacteria) that produce polio virus's core subunit proteins and to act as a vaccine, with easier and cost effective application in our societyASABEpidemiologists , Microbiologists, Government Available
28Be SafeNatural gas is injected into our houses for everyday use. Through out the year, stoves are lit and in winters, gas heaters, geysers as well as steamers are utilized. Not everyone is careful. SEECSNoAvailable
26AlertABControlling the unnecessary prescription and over-the-counter access of broad spectrum antibiotics is a major factor for curbing the rapid spread of resistant bacterial strains in our populationASABPharmaciesAvailable
25Chick PowerPoultry litter is rich source of Carbon and Nitrogen, we plan to ferment it and generate Biogas and electricity for poultry farms.ASABBusiness and financial plannerAvailable
24MicrobeHuntThe project is designed to find out multi-drug resistant bacteria prevalent in our country, and finding out effective treatment regime for our population. ASABlaboratory personnels and computational biologyAvailable
23MicrobeHuntThe project is designed to find out multi-drug resistant bacteria prevalent in our country, and finding out effective treatment regime for our population. ASABlaboratory personnels and computational biologyAvailable
19GlucoSmartGlucoSmart is a standalone non-invasive blood glucose monitoring device that accurately measures the blood sugar level in real time in a pain-free manner . HealthLegalities, Endocrinologist, BioInformaticsAvailable
18Smart Head-LightsSmart Head lights are being used in developed countries,These lights senses oncoming vehicles and adjust the light range automatically thus save the other drivers from sharp glare or vision blocking SMMEElectronics, Business planning, Designing, Available
17CHALiotAn app to give TAXI drivers a GTA "Taxi Mission" type view of passengers The Location of Passengers is Shown by a marker. Passengers with one touch, will put a Marker on their Location. Like Uber.SEECSDriver Background check, Registration process Available
16Green PakistanPollution and depletion of energy resources are increasingly growing threats to society not only in Pakistan but in the world at large. The only most effective and cheapest solution is to grow trees!ASABNoAvailable
15ExambitesOur Prototype is gaming with teaching , like we can teach the basic concept of Projectile motion of physic through a popular "Angry Birds".SEECSOOP , JAVA , Unity Gaming , Android AppAvailable
14HyPR-MEETProduction of Hydrogen Gas from Biomass. The novel technology would not only be useful to overcome the problems of disposal of solid wastes but majorly relieve the energy crisis in closed communities.ASABNoAvailable
13CALVRIOnline portal to access vehicle and licensing data.Automates paper-based challans used by ITP,reminder of due payment of road taxes,challans and online applications for the renewal of driving license.SEECSNoAvailable
12HaandimaticHaandimatic is the automation of cooking process by controlling ingredients, temperature, pressure and stirring. Besides user friendly, it can also be controlled by the smartphone over wifi/bluetooth.SEECSMechanical design, Marketing, Legal adviceAvailable
10TrequantWorking in the field of bioinformatics,developing an ergonomic wearable for better diagnosis and effective tracking of tremor in patient's activities, tasks and pattern for understandable demographicsSMMEDevice Design, Legal Advice, Business ModelAvailable
9CYKIQCYKIQ is one of a kind unique, short distance travelling solution for closed communities. Professionally designed automated bicycle hiring system is the core of the company which is fast and secure.SEECSNoAvailable
8Amplyopia TechnotherapyThis project aims at creating a virtual reality game, specifically designed to help amblyopia & strabismus using Google Cardboard VR & LeapMotion Controller.SEECSHardware Interfacing, User InterfaceAvailable
7Jaded IdiomaEarly age development of vocabulary is done my memorizing pictures. The development of vocabulary in different languages enables student better understanding and eventually learning multiple languagesSEECSLanguages,Pedagogy & graphic experts.Available
6estradiol removalwe are going to focus on Sustainable Use of Water by enlightening different processes of treatment by comparing their efficiency according to our research.SCEEthose who know well about water pollution.Available