NUST’s Most Innovative Event is Set for 2019

For those of you, who have been waiting for FICS to return, your waiting has come to an end as it’s time to start with the once-forgotten ideas piled up at the back of your mind and spark the whole town with the light you have concealed in your head for so long. FICS’19 brings to you a plethora of opportunities, decorated with incentives and a lump sum award to cherry pick all the bright minds out there and bring into spotlight the utility of minds that was nothing more than a futility before it came to FICS!

FICS (Finding Innovative and Creative Solutions for Society) is the name we give to this forum organized just for you to showcase the brilliant concepts that your brain harbors every day. This journey for many might have started when they were presenting their science projects in sixth grade, mixing baking soda with vinegar to make a volcanic eruption, and till date are going through the development phase for a platform where their ideas and projects are transformed into a product that will immensely benefit the society.

This platform consists of three basic stages. The very first stage involves filtering the concepts from any technical indiscretion in the presence of highly qualified intellectuals; followed by the second stage which involves the idea presentation stage. Lastly, the third stage takes place to present those ideas in the form of a tangible prototype.

For those of you who are excited to know what FICS’19 will be about, just remember that 19 is always bigger than 18 and you can’t disprove it! Well, that’s exactly the case with FICS’19. Just like FICS is searching for ways to improve life, the new and improved event is going to be a once-in-a-life-time opportunity for you.

This time we bring with us an additional incentive of workshops for the participants. Not only will this aid the participants to proliferate their already captivating ideas, but will also polish them to present an idea that may be the Edison’s bulb, Bell’s telephone or Volta’s battery of this era. And that’s exactly what we’re going to do to your idea!

Well that’s not all, it never is, this event will provide you a life changing opportunity to experience the smart solutions that exist in minds around you, highlighting them to the industrialists, academia and corporations. Experience for yourself the blast of goodness that sweeps across this world once those concepts are made practical.

So it’s time to make some of the most nostalgic memories your mind can handle and relish the sweetness of being able to bring a positive change in someone’s life just through the power of your mind. Then sit back and relax because we have it all covered for you.


Get, set, go and FICS the world’s problems with FICS’19.


By Muhammad Zarrar Mumtaz

FICS’19 Team Publications




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