Change starts from within and FICS knows it

FICS as a platform strives to bring some of the country’s most talented minds together to work collectively with the aim of resolving some of our most challenging national problems. The best part is that this vision isn’t just fixated outwards, but inwards as well. We believe that only a group of individuals who constantly seek self-improvement are capable of inspiring improvement in their society too. Therefore FICS has initiated a program of Training and Organizational Development (T&OD) to bring about positive change in our team members as well. So far multiple T&OD workshops have been conducted of which the two most prominent ones were on Ethics and Writing.

Highlights of Ethics Workshop:

The Vice President Operations, FICS’18, Rehan Zafar, lead this session personally and emphasized the importance of Ethics in one’s personal and professional capacities. He gave multiple examples of what a commitment to ethical behavior can achieve and the great impact they can have. The session ended with an interactive activity which drew attention to the fact that one’s past actions do not necessarily have to dictate their future course and that it’s never too late to improve oneself for the better.

Highlights of Writing Workshop:

An interactive session was organized by Director of Publications, Saif ul Islam to provide guidance to the team regarding the art of writing and effective communication. This is a vital skill in today’s competitive environment. The two invited speakers were both well versed in the art of writing and had valuable advice to impart. Roha Nadeem, a third year student at NUST’s School of Social Sciences and Humanities (S3H) and long time contributor to Express Tribune and Dawn, addressed the team. Currently working with the Pakistan Cricket Board, she is an avid cricket fan and shared her experiences in writing for professional publications with the team and shared tips on how every present member could do the same.

The second speaker was Ayesha Mati who imparted advice on how to write at a personal level such as a blog, and improve one’s skills overtime. Miss Mati started writing at a very young age, maintains her own personal blog and has worked with Humans of Pakistan.

The initiative has so far proven to be highly popular among the team members, however there is always room for improvement. A suggestion might be to carry out such activities on a more regular basis.  The T&OD initiative has much in common with FICS’s long-term objectives and is no doubt a step in the right direction and considering the platform’s high focus on quality and impressive growth, T&OD looks set to become an integral part of its identity.


By Noman Zuberi

FICS’18 Team Publications


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