FICS just had its Brand Unveil and it was awesome. Here’s what you missed out on..

When it comes to doing exciting stuff, missing classes is as exciting as it gets for an average student at NUST. However, within this environment of overwhelming academics, it is events like FICS that stand out as a beacon of light for the ships lost in this storm of academophilia. The Students may need events to jolt up their bolts but the question arises, what does the event need to reignite the flames in its vision? You got it. A Brand Unveil! Like a person needs an annual resolution, an event needs a Brand Unveil to set forward the mission statement for its latest rendition.

The last week in particular was jam packed with mega events at NUST. Amid this storm of activity, the techies of FICS were up to something big i.e planning and executing the Brand Unveiling of the most spectacular FICS to date.

For those many people who find their life running on replay in their particular monotonous routine, this might not be something new. But there is always something different about FICS. This time, we brought our Brand Unveiling to CASEN; the newest addition to NUST; a futuristic building with a technological outlook. The selection of venue had a symbolic aspect to it realizing that two entities with the same magnitude came into contact just to promote innovation and creativity.


The unveiling was planned to give NUST a sneak peak at what FICS has in store for them this year. Here are the major highlights:


The Logo Unveil

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that everyone feels incomplete without motivation and, that being said, our logo is our motivation. Among many things, the new logo for FICS’18 was disclosed at the Unveiling. By embracing two distinct colours, it visualizes initiative and sheer determination. The amalgam of blue and maroon in the logo acts as a symbol of hope and innovation. It’s just like the Bat Signal (but for NUST).





The Cool Theme

The entire OC was outfitted in the formal shades of blue and black, reflecting the sophistication their FICS requires. (And they looked totally classy, if I do say so myself)



A Message from the Executive Council

The Executive Council started off with a video message regarding the alignment of FICS with the vision of NUST. In addition to that they highlighted their technological as well as innovative plans for FICS.

“Are you ready to give it a go?” says the President FICS’18. After all, this is the moment where you actually need to think about taking off on your journey towards innovation and entrepreneurship.


A Monumental Occasion

FICS crossed the 300 registration mark by accumulating 338 registrations during Stage 1. This was only possible because everyone at FICS is ready to help its participants out.

“We were 2 people who signed up for FICS. Later on FICS provided us with 2 more members. We didn’t win in the final stage but FICS never stopped supporting us. And now we are here,” remarked Founder CYKIQ upon the success of CYKIQ in the last couple of weeks.


The Launch of T&OD

A new addition to the FICS initiatives is Training & Organizational Development. It is a plan to provide a grooming platform for the Organizing Committee of FICS so that they might develop a certain set of skills. This training revolves around learning how to empower yourself via leadership, designing, planning and innovating.



Our Worthy Chief Guests

FICS is now aligned with social entrepreneurship more than ever before. . This was made evident by the fact that the Brand Unveiling was honored by the presence of the parents of Arfa Karim as chief guests. Arfa Karim being the girl who said,

I have a dream of making Digicon Valley just like Silicon Valley in Pakistan. It will not be for commercial purposes but it will be for service to the community.”

This is something that will undoubtedly happen one day and when it does, NUST will be at the forefront of it all and everyone at NUST will feel honoured to be part of this great change.


An outlook by our Guest of Honour

Mr. Humayun Gohar, a senior journalist, was the Guest of Honour at the Brand Unveiling. With an optimistic foresight of the future he said,

“Whenever I look at you, I see the future of Pakistan. I am comforted by knowing that the future of Pakistan is in safe hands. My generation (the generation currently working as stakeholders of Pakistan) is not to be taken as a role model because my generation has destroyed Pakistan. This generation on the contrary focuses on social entrepreneurship and development; and I am proud of it.”


Whatever may the conditions be, enjoyment can be sought in all forms, and what better a way to seek enjoyment than relish in the delights of free food. So at the end of it all, to amplify the experience even further, a call for refreshments was made. With that being done, everyone wished each other adieu with a resolve to bring the vision of FICS’18 to reality.


By Abdullah Aamir Khan

FICS’18 Team Publications. 

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