We’re all excited about the FICS’18 registration deadline extension and here’s why..

Who doesn’t dream of owning their own company? That CEO’s office. Being your own boss. Has a certain allure to it. No? And on top of that you even have an idea that can be turned into the next Facebook or Google.

Let’s say you’ve had an idea for quite some time now but you’re waiting for that right platform to promote it. A friend tells you about FICS. You get all excited. Maybe the world does make sense to you. Maybe you were the chosen one. Well, you definitely think you are. You hurry back to your room; open up your laptop and visit the FICS website. However, all of a sudden, your heart suddenly sinks because you see those two words. The words that just changed your view of your future.


Heart breaking right? Well, we definitely don’t want to break your heart. So upon immense public response, we’ve extended the deadline just for you. Now, who knows, maybe the team that will bag the first position in FICS’18 is registering right now. And if you are still wondering whether you should apply for FICS or not, we’ve got our reasons-to-apply ready for you!

1. A platform to get your ideas straight

Every DJ in town is raving nowadays. They’re definitely getting all the crowd dancing on their feet and eventually, tired in bed for the entire next day. But then come the science techies who, if not invited, will disconnect your power supply because they know how to. So, to divert their attention from cutting our power supplies, we provide them with a stage of their own. You guessed it! It’s FICS. Who knows when a guy may take a stand and make a disco robot that rocks your party.. (Here’s to hoping..)


2. Kick start your Entrepreneurial Journey!

Did you know that a tailor is an entrepreneur as well? Doesn’t this give you a feeling that GPA doesn’t matter?

Well, good GPA or bad GPA, all that matters in running a successful business is motivation, dedication and tireless effort because hard work does pay off in the end. Additionally, the benefit of having your own business is reaping the 100% profit of your work-effort.

3. Make the World a better place

You must’ve realized up till now that the mission of FICS is to achieve United Nation’s Seventeen Sustainable Development Goals. We have talked quite a lot about it and will keep on talking about it time and time again. So, just to maintain that tradition of talking about UN’s SDGs, I’ll say that if you want to make an impact in this world, FICS is your go-to place. After all, what you’ll hear from FICS is how to make the world a better place.

4. Get an insight of Industrial Procedures

The point of having FICS in town is to help you understand how the industries operate. How will your prototype model turn into a mass production demand unit? How should you pitch it in front of potential investors? How to capture the market by through product promotion? We will certainly provide you the answers to these questions.

In easy words, you’ll learn a lot. And how much you enjoy while you are learning is totally up to you.


5. Win Big

All the dreams related to money start and end with raining money. But we know that’s not true. However, what we do know is that the time spent by the participants with FICS is definitely worth its prize money. Our aim is to elevate as many projects as possible and, therefore, we have many stages present for you to participate in and bag the positions along with the prize. 


6. Get Inspired!

Participants from the previous versions of FICS were inspired by definite ideas, motives or ambitions that drove them all the way to our platform. Same goes for every other participant of FICS who will be joining us this year. You may have a chance to meet our former participants and winners; get inspired by them; and make use of their knowledge to think big and dynamic. 


7. Gain Sponsorships

After spending time at NUST, whenever you hear sponsorship, you think about an event or a concert. However, with FICS, sponsorship is the real deal. In order to increase the scale of your project, FICS will expose you to potential investors and sponsors to whom you can pitch your project idea.

8. Improve your Résumé

Job interviewers rarely care if you were the valedictorian or the straight 4 of your Bachelors. What they do care about is whether or not you can get the job done. And if you’ve done anything at FICS, then you’ve done everything. Employers are looking for a CV where the words project, planning, execution and market sustainability are used. So, it is an opportunity for you to make yourself stand out among all the applicants. After all we all want to make our parents parents proud and hear them say: “بچہ اپنے پائوں پر کھڑا ہو گیا۔”



9. Present your Final Year Projects

When the final year comes, students fasten up their seat belts and bring forward some amazing FYPs. In the past, we’ve seen them get some real action when it came to project promotion and sponsorship. If their FYP could do it for them, maybe yours could do it for you.


10. Meeting the Alumni

Everybody knows that the alumni of NUST will definitely attend FICS. And tech experts, who are planning to have Pakistan’s own Silicon Valley, will be there. Your project may end up having its name in the Hall of Fame of Pakistan’s very own Silicon Valley.


After knowing all our reasons-to-apply, we are definitely game for FICS’18. Are you?

By Abdullah Aamir Khan
FICS’18 Team Publications

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