11 habits that will help you get rid of stage fright! (No. 3 is a life changer!)

Folks, you must be wondering that this is going to be a generic POSTFICS article about innovative solutions towards our society. If this is so, then you are definitely wrong. Innovation is merely an idea unless you know how to present it to the world. And talking about presentation, here’s a quick fact: the number one fear human beings have is not the fear of death, it’s stage fright. Before moving on, let’s acknowledge that stage fright is real. It happens. Even the Obamas and the Mandelas, with all their great public speaking skills, experienced it. Now this article is all about pushing you towards conquering that fear. By following the mentioned exercises, we can assure you that you will do well when the big moment comes! 

1. *Deep Breaths*

You are in a war, alongside your entire army. You see the horses marching from the distance. You stop. You observe and look at the magnitude. You cannot run away of course. Start by taking a deep breath. Inhale, then exhale.


2. Be Clear About Your Points

Sometimes when one of your colleagues gets up and delivers a spontaneous speech which you know he was not prepared enough for, there is feeling of envy which comes in your mind. ‘I am unable to do like this, even when I am prepared’. Remember one key; it is about how clear a person is regarding certain things. Your preparation must not be limited and therefore, should not be done under the pressure that you have to present. Moreover, it must be done in order to understand the concepts well. So, whenever you are preparing, do it to understand by trying to find the answers to all of the questions that boggle your mind while you are researching, compiling the data or writing the verbatim. The clear you are, better you deliver!

3. Acknowledge your fears yourself

We happen to hear people who sometimes start their addresses, especially if you attend events similar to a graduation ceremony, by ‘I am not a good speaker, or I am a little scared to address in front of all of you’. They usually continue to finish their addresses impressively. So why did they acknowledge their fear? If you think that you need to start off your speeches or presentations by saying this in front of the crowd, it is not a good idea. However, something which holds importance is admitting. Say it to yourself, in your mind. Recognize your feeling. Once you do it, you will be able to focus less on the fear of fearing the crowd and more on what you have to say. Admit it, and move on!

4. Focus on the purpose 

Think of any other small stuff around as a distraction and get in the role. Once you believe in what you have to say, even only for your speech-time, you will deliver it well.

5. No big deal

Sometimes we tend to take the pressure of specific people in the audience. Think of everyone as a bunch of people with whom you are sharing your idea and leave yourself open to disagreements that might come along with the appreciation and applause. Know that every contrary opinion will just be another opportunity for you to expand your horizon and strengthen your idea.

6. Practice makes perfect

Rehearse a few times and record yourself. Listening and watching yourself will help you make your presentation more engaging and understand the necessary gestures that need to be present.

7. Be Positive 

Even if you have to struggle, think about the beautiful aspects of your life and remember the times that you have had the best laughs. The more cheered you are, confident you look!

8. Give yourself time

Leave your home in time and reach at least half an hour before the event. This gives you time to relax, take a look around and interact with the people.

9. Take proper meal and stay hydrated

Energy is important. Be hungry for success (but with a full stomach).  Drinking water will help you clear your throat.

10. Sleep

Take a good night’s sleep before your presentation day to avoid the yawns and ostensible zombie feelings. If you are unable to, take a power nap and meditate.

11. Plant confidence

Sing your favorite song (but not while presenting), stay positive and know that you are going to nail it.


Congratulations! You have successfully overcome stage fright!


By Saad Aamir

FICS’18 Team Publications

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