Sionser – A simple application of complex chemistry

FICS as a platform has achieved massive growth over it’s four year run. This can mainly be attributed to its ability to select and nurture great ideas. Sionser was one of the most visionary ideas to have graced the platform. In an age where increased pollution, changing weather patterns and unprecedented demographic shifts have made billions around the world vulnerable to unsafe drinking water, a group of students from NUST took up the challenge of overcoming this obstacle.

Introducing Sionser:

A self sustaining initiative, Team Sionser (a play on the words Ion and Sensor) conceived a compact device capable of immediate detection, storage and transmission of  the percentage of contamination in an area’s drinking water. Their goal is to prevent fatalities resulting from water borne diseases by raising awareness of the quality of drinking water in localities around Pakistan. By sharing their data with the Government of Pakistan, Team Sionser aims to improve countrywide water safety statistics so that appropriate action might be taken by the state for the problem’s resolution.


How it works:

The Sionser device operates through the application of Near Infrared (NIR) Spectroscopy. This means that light and infrared radiation are directed at the water sample. All inorganic ions (of water, minerals and pollutants) will reflect and absorb different wavelengths of the light. This is used to calculate a NIRS spectrum from which concentrations can be easily inferred. This data is then uploaded to an online database with date, time and GPS coordinates to be used for analysis.


Sionser’s Accomplishments:

Gaining much needed recognition and exposure through the platform of FICS, Team Sionser went on to recieve various accolades at national and international platforms. Some of the accolades include the Best IT Innovation Awards, 2016 (Winner),  P@SHA ICT awards 2016 (Winner,Tertiary Student Project), Asia Pacific ICT Awards, Taiwan 2016 (Silver Award) and GSEA Pakistan, 2017 (Social Impact Award).

Promotion of such social entrepreneurships with powerful visions to improve the socio-economic conditions of fellow Pakistanis is the core of what FICS stands for. The exemplary initiative taken by Team Sionsor is a powerful example of what passionate, talented and driven students can achieve when provided the relevant means to do so. Mentioning that, one can, therefore, have high hopes from the Pakistani youth and look forward to other similar initiatives in due time.


By Noman Zuberi

FICS’18 Team Publications

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