Cricflex: Passion meets innovation!

The revolutionary idea which started off as a semester-project by the students of NUST became the world’s first ever wearable technology in the game of cricket. CRICFLEX allows one to improve his game by real time data and analyses provided on the mobile screen. It was initiated in 2016 and has garnered numerous accolades and recognitions at global platforms such as Massachusetts Institute, ESPN, Business Recorder, Tech Juice, Indian Express and etcetera.

The ‘Why’ behind CRICFLEX?

Cricket is the second most popular sport in the world. In Indian Subcontinent, the first toy that a child gets is a pair of bat and ball. While the cricketing world is developing with technology-incorporated techniques for training the players, there are still barriers that exist for training the bowlers. An appropriate bowling action according to the cricket’s rules is very integral to the sport. Cricflex, which is an easy-to-wear sleeve, allows one to monitor the bowling action in terms of angle, force and other variables on the mobile screen.

How does CRICFLEX work?

Cricflex composes of a light-weight, easy-to-wear and comfortable sleeve which is connected with a mobile application. The bowler wears the sleeve. A switch is to be pushed which then automatically establishes synchronization with the mobile application. When the bowler bowls, the motion sensors in the sleeve are active and are collecting the data which is being displayed on the mobile screen. It is also programmed to tell the legal and illegal bowls depending on the stipulated variables in the system.

What else?

The profound love for cricket made Abdullah Ahmed, Muhammad Asawal, Jazib Khan and Waqas Ahmed come up with the idea of Cricflex which reflects onto the desire of cricket lovers to improve the game. They developed the idea and took it to various platforms and competitions where they successfully accomplished victory such as Startup Cup Pakistan and Global Student Entrepreneur Award. Cricflex is a comfortable piece of clothing which is equipped with motion sensors that provide instantaneous data. It is integrated with advance visuals which give a better insight into every deliver. It has a fairly long battery time which allows an uninterrupted use. It’s highly comfortable design makes it just another sporting amenity. The device can be ordered through the website and the price ranges from $200 to $250. Cricflex is filling a gap by providing an innovation and its astoundingly low price makes it accessible for a very wide market.

Cricflex, a simple yet unique innovation, began as a classroom project which then brought the innovators under a global limelight. Its user-friendliness, low-cost and interactive graphical interface make it highly distinctive and advanced product in the sporting industry.

This college clan dedicated themselves to their love for cricket and contributed enormously in making it better. An idea, the belief and the devotion in building it deliver such life-changing solutions to the society. What do you believe in?



By Saad Aamir

FICS’18 Team Publications

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