Cykiq: NUST’s very own bicycle sharing system.

Out of the many successful projects at NUST, Cykiq is particularly popular. This ‘Bicycle Hiring system’ based project was a finalist at FICS 2015 and is currently under a successfully running pilot at NUST H-12 Campus, catering to over 400 students. Cykiq has been in the limelight for quite some time now with international newspapers like REUTERS, Times of India, Arab Times and The Daily Mail having covered this brilliant project started by a group of friends at NUST.

What makes Cykiq different?

Cycle sharing companies have been functional in Europe and America since a long time, but it is the first time that an automated Bicycle sharing system has been introduced in Pakistan. Cykiq is an economical and healthy way of commuting short distances.

A team of four students from SEECS and SADA found out that short distance commute is a problem in over 2000 different locations in Pakistan without an economical and viable solution and that is exactly that Cykiq provides. In places like universities and housing schemes covering vast areas, getting from one point to another can be quite a hassle but Cykiq has so far been the only efficient solution to such a problem that does not involve cost or fuel.

How does it work?

After registering online at the Cykiq website a customer can download the software application on their mobile devices and simply locate the nearest bicycle. After scanning the code on the bicycle it will automatically unlock and be available for use. Cykiq supports dock-less system where the customers do not have to park their bicycles at specific stations. This not only provides portability to its costumers but also ensures a unique bicycle sharing experience.

A Growing Phenomena!

Cykiq is expected to reach even greater heights than before and this can be seen by how actively Cykiq is growing. The project started with 60 bicycles at first but this number is expected to grow soon. It is one of the most recognized entrepreneurial ventures in Pakistan today and has been recognized by the US Embassy in their Global entrepreneurship week.

Cykiq has a well-maintained, interactive Website and runs an active Facebook page as well. Their posts on social media are engaging and continuously encourage students to try out their service in interesting ways. The demand for the service has also risen and more than 50 percent of Cykiq’s customers are females.

Projects like Cykiq rarely materialize in our society, but with a dedicated and innovative approach to solve a simple problem the Cykiq team has proved otherwise. Not only has Cykiq set an example for many to follow but it has also provided hope to many young entrepreneurs who seek to provide innovative and Technologically Savvy solutions to our society’s problems.


By Us-ha Ali

FICS’18 Team Publications


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