8 Reasons why you should attend the FICS Idea Generation Sessions (No. 6 is the thing!)


1. Learn from the Leading Industrial Entrepreneurs

Successful Entrepreneurs were once on the same side of the bridge that you now stand on. They too faced many obstacles but were determined to succeed, and so they did. These exceptional leaders have a lot to share with you and their valuable lessons and insights are sure to get you through your FICS journey!

      2. Understand the dynamics of today’s commercial world

A great idea will only remain an idea until executed correctly. FICS idea generation sessions are to help you find ways to survive in the  modern commercial world. We want to make sure you have all the information you’ll need to build a stable ground for your project and meet the challenges that await you.


     3. Learn about the 17 Sustainable development goals 

Did you know that the 17 Global SDGs are now also Pakistan’s National goals? (It’s okay, we didn’t know too) These goals can truly transform the social, economic and environmental makeup of our country. Therefore, we want you to be aware that your idea can contribute in astounding ways to these goals. Who knows you might even end-up impacting the whole world! Just like the global warming… but positively..


      4. Learn what makes a successful idea stand out

Your idea might be unique, but is it a ‘game-changer’? Not sure? Well, attend the next Idea Generation Session and learn the necessary tools to make your idea stand out!


      5. Get Inspired

Have you lost the motivation to make the extra effort and express your full potential? FICS Idea Generation sessions’ aim is to inspire you to reach your goals and bring back the desire to succeed. We believe in you!


      6. Find your ‘Eureka’ moment

A lot of minor things go into making your idea extraordinary, but one right trick can make it the winning idea… Wondering what that might be? Well, it’s what we like to call the ‘Eureka moment’, that one little nudge into the brain that led thinkers like Einstein and Edison to success. We have reason to believe that the presence of too many brilliant minds in a single room leads to EUREKA EXPLOSIONS! Need we say more?


      7. Seek Guidance

Where best to seek answers than from a room filled with professionals looking out to help you? Get guidance from the speakers and clear away any doubts that stand in your way to success! Also, feel free to talk about your personal lives and seek guidance on matters of the heart. (Don’t)


      8. Go back with a fresh perspective

All the new information, ideas and lessons are sure to stir up that innovative and creative mind of yours with a fresh perspective and a more determined approach.


By Us-ha Ali

FICS’18 Team Publications

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