About FICS

For Industry


Welcome to our industry page, we are grateful for your interest to participate in FICS. You may want to partner with FICS in any of the following ways:

1) Partner with FICS to Technology scout:
To successfully compete, companies need to expand their ability to identify new products, new technologies and new opportunities. FICS allows the industry to partner with a platform that can give them an access to the brilliant minds working at FICS; this can allow them to work towards solving the technical problems, break development bottlenecks and finding technologies faster and more efficiently than their competition.

2) Be an Investor:
Harness the opportunity to invest in the startups of the most brilliant entrepreneurial minds of the nation through a process that unlike other investment ventures does not involve any blind pools. 

3) Be the mentor:
Get an exposure to the emerging talent pool. Be the mentoring partner with FICS and connect to make an impact on your potential future human resource.