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TAME (Winner FICS 2016)

The Control you DESERVE


Hooriya Anam, Syed Shazeb Haider, Hamza Khalid, Awais Shafiq, Arslan Javed, Syed Ali Abbas Shah

An advanced technology, aimed at tremor patients, helping them feel normal. This technology developed by students at SEECS, seeks to normalize the movements caused by the noise in brain signals.  TAME uses a novel technique, known as Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) in its core module of the device, by applying high voltage/ low currents to the nerves which control the hands. Acting as brain signals, these currents from the FES device force the hand to move in opposite direction of the essential tremor (ET), thus stabilizing the hand and allowing the patient to perform daily routine tasks with ease.

Team is currently refining the project in SEECS NUST lab.