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sIONser (2nd Runner-up FICS 2016)

Innovating for better Tomorrow

Team sIONser from SEECS - NUST

Maria Aftab, Hassan Iqbal, Naila Iqbal, Muhammad Faizan Arshad, Osama Waqar

A portable efficient device which can detect, store and transmit accurate concentrations of inorganic toxic contaminants (Arsenic, Nitrates etc. ) in drinking water spontaneously to check its safety. On spot and continuous monitoring of drinking water can find diverse uses in industry waste water treatment plants, water filters in home, reservoirs, tube wells etc. However, the aim is to facilitate government institutions to check drinking water sources safety before it is supplied to population. Spontaneous sensing of poisonous inorganic ions in drinking water without any sample preparation is possible using Near Infrared Spectroscopy. All inorganic ions reflect and absorb particular wavelengths of light. This property will be exploited to get calibrated 'NIRS spectrum' using near infrared transmitter/ receiver assembly. Calculated actual concentrations of ions from these spectra will be transmitted to cloud server/database along with date, time and GPS readings.