About FICS


GAPS (1st Runner-up FICS 2016)

Gas Doesn’t Care, GAPS Does

2nd position in NUST Pakathon 2015

Project Faculty Supervisor: Mr. Sikandar Hayat Mirza (Asstt. Professor, SEECS - NUST)


Ahmad Altaf Siddiqui, Ali Tariq

GAPS is an abbreviation of Gas Accidents Protection System. The idea is to make a device that would save lives of people who use Gas Appliances and are in danger in case of its leakage. To address this threat, a device will has been designed, which works as: As gas concentration increases beyond the safety health level at a place, a two-Phase healthcare system will be activated. Firstly it will raise an alarm to attract the user unless the system reaches to a secure level. Secondly, if there is no response from the user, Gas supply will be cut off. Other Features of the device include: Adjustable gas sensitivity; Reset Button; Safety level indicators. Available Add-ons include: Mobile Notification; Gas Usage report; App-based device control.

Team is currently working on a prototype in a lab in Arfa Karim Tower, Lahore.