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VIROSCAN (Finalist FICS 2016)

Test in time, saves life!

Faculty Supervisor: Dr. Sobia Manzoor(Asstt. Professor, Healthcare Biotech ASAB NUST)

Team Viroscan from ASAB- NUST

Sadaf Abbas, Maliha Ashraf, Sidrah Naseem

The idea is to develop a single diagnostic kit to detect multiple viruses (HIV,HCV and HBV) simultaneously. Simple, non-invasive, low cost paper strip would help in early diagnosis at home. The lateral flow assay used for the development of this diagnostic kit is based on six specialized parts of the paper based strip: sample pad, conjugate pad, nitrocellulose, test line, control line and adsorbent pad. Of these regions the conjugate pad, test line and control line are of importance with respect to specificity of diagnosis. Once saliva is applied to the sample pad, capillary action leads it to conjugate pad, where it specifically binds and is detected via colour change.