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Stop-Bullet (Winner Special Prize for Counter-terrorism

category FICS 2016)

Protects from bullets and stabs

Team Stop-Bullet from National Textile University (NTU), Faisalabad

Mumtaz Ali, Hamza Hassan

A polymer composite of 3D woven structure of Kevelar is made which will stop the impact of bullet. 3D structure can absorb 60% higher energy than laminated composite panels. Pakistan imports more than 40,000 bullet proof jackets only for ranked soldiers, at high cost.Ceramic panels based jackets are heavy and too brittle so cannot absorb too much energy. Indigenous manufacturing will enable us to make bullet proof jacket available to all scales of police and army staff. According to this idea, 3D woven structures have ability to absorb 60% higher energy.Better layer to layer interaction does not allow the bending (delamination) and trauma of structure.Energy is distributed over larger area in 3D Structure so impact resistance is high. Epoxy and Kevelar composite would be used to make light weight and low cost bullet proof structure. 3D weaving would be done in weaving department NTU.