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Smart Grid (Finalist FICS 2016)

Conserve Energy for Better Tomorrow

Faculty Supervisor:  Cdr. Dr. Syed Sajjad Haider Zaidi (HOD, PNEC, NUST)


Rao Saim Zafar, Arsalaan Zia Mughal, Anas Masood, Saadan Ahsan

With the growing energy demand and obsolete energy distribution system, SMART GRID team has introduced a customized solution of Bi-directional Metering and Home Energy Management System for Pakistan. The solution includes 3 major components. The Smart Bi-directional Meter allows measurement of the energy units consumed and uploaded into distribution grid. The meter would transmit the information to the Data Processing Unit. The Second module of the project, which would upload the data to a cloud management system, accessible for the utility of the consumer for remote access. It would also provide the remote control of the devices connected to the room modules for home energy management system.