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MDVPL (Consolation Prize Winner FICS 2016)

Learn Logic not the Language

Faculty Supervisor: Dr. Tauseef Rana (MCS NUST)

Team MDVPL from MCS - NUST

Aisha Saeed, Asna Suhail Zaman, Muhammad Umer

Model driven Visual Programming Language (MDVPL) is a tool dependent upon a defined model of a language which allows user to create a program by dragging and dropping graphical elements. MDVPL provides those people, with the platform to create programs, who have no or very little knowledge about software development and who do not have any level of skill in any programming language. This will allow them to learn the logic irrespective of the language complexities. The main idea is to provide the user with the interface containing graphical elements, which the user will be able to drag and drop to create simple logical programs.User's program will be matched with the language model and converted to the subsequent java code. A java compiler will execute the code and give the required output to the user.