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GleamingGlass (Finalist FICS 2016)

Let the Light Shine Through

Industry Mentor: Mr. Jibran Hashmi(CEO, Encon)

Project Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Muhammad Mujahid (Principal, SMMENUST)
Dr. Sofia Javed (Asstt. Professor, SCME NUST)

Team GleamingGlass from SCME- NUST

Abiha Abbas, Maheen Burney, Hassan Zahid

The trend of high-rise buildings with glass facades and the use of Solar cells as alternative energy source have made cleaning a tedious necessity. GleamingGlass aims at making the glass self-cleaning. To address this need; this idea proposes to make a glass, that will be coated with a material, which will alter its properties in the presence of sunlight. The photo-catalytic coating reacts with daylight to break down organic dirt. It will either repel water along with dust or any other contaminants or allow water to spread evenly, running off in a "sheet" and taking the loosened dirt with it. Thus, even rainwater can clean the surface. Therefore, only sunlight will be required to initiate the process, eliminating the need of an external cleaning action.

Team is currently working with Industry and supervisor for Commercialization of product.