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Di-Nero (Finalist FICS 2016)

Keeping Feet Intact

Project Faculty Supervisor: Dr. Hammad Mehmood Cheema(HOD, SEECS- NUST)

Team Di-Nero from SEECS- NUST

Muhammad Taihami Tariq, Mubariz Zaffar, Muhammad Alp Arslan,

Umama Malik, Dayan Afridi

Loss of sensation leading to limb amputation is the major complication of Diabetes, proposed a non-invasive and user friendly device for it's early detection and wearable for artificial sensation. The idea targets diagnosis of loss of sensation which is a precursor to diabetic foot. Patient can keep this device at home and test once a month. The data collected on cloud is presented in the form of info-graphics and patient can see if his levels are decreasing and start taking medication at that early stage. The wearable is for those who already have loss of sensation. It provides artificial sensation to prevent the patient from burns, ulcers and pressure sores.