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Antibiotic Intelligence saves Life

Faculty Supervisor: Dr. Amjad Ali (Asstt. Professor, ASAB NUST)

Team Antibiotic Intelligence from ASAB- NUST

Fatima Kanwal, Aimen Sajjad Qazi, Anum Javed, Anusha Abbas,
Mehdia Mahmood, M. Ahsan Chatta

Bacterial infection every year kills thousands of Pakistanis costing billions. Antibiotic resistance makes it worse. Susceptible-antibiotic Database can yield drug of choice decreasing cost. Idea is to regularly obtain authentic pathological data according to population size relating bacterial infections; analyze it properly under supervision of a microbiologist and bio-technologists to determine the most frequent susceptible antibiotic for that bacteria under the supervision of pharmacists. The data base would automatically update susceptibility results and patterns which would be accessible through a user friendly portal after proper identification.