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TREQUANT (1st Runner-up FICS 2015)


Winner from Launchpad – Plan9, Best Innovation of IT awards Pakistan 2014, P@SHA ICT Award 2014(Tertiary Students Project Category,APICTA Award 2014 (Tertiary Students Project Category, Award for Best Idea Presentation at Pakistan-US Alumni Network’s Event – Global Entrepreneurship Week–Pakistan, Top 7 team for Google Entrepreneur’s week


Faculty Supervisor: Dr. Hammad Mehmood Cheema (HOD, SEECS NUST)

Startup launched in 2016 BY Team Trequant

Fawad Bhatti, Kulsoom Rao, Usman Shabbir, Saad Butt, Rao Muhammad Danial

Trequant helps patients Tremor patients to be more confident and aware of their situation, by letting them know how of their tremors. Tremors are completely unpredictable, even the slightest change in patient’s mood can cause huge changes in his tremor intensities and patient may have no control over it. With Trequant, patients can observe and identify what activities affect their tremors positively or the diet that helps them to reduce their tremors. Patient can also connect with a community of tremor patients and may share & discuss their problems or solutions with the community.