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Participated in 8 local and 1 international competition

Faculty Supervisor: Dr. Syed Raza Kazmi (Assistant Professor, USPCAS-E NUST)

Team Lithomatic from NUST

Amna Farouk, Osama Aslam Ansari, Anand Kumar, Saeeda Mansoor, Misha Zafar

Start-up launched already and serving; with Lithotripter being deployed at
Fauji Foundation Hospital (FFH).

Indigenous Design and Fabrication of a cost-effective, safe and smart Intra-corporeal pneumatic lithotripter - a device which is used to treat the urinary stone disease without surgical incisions. Lithomatic is set apart from the other similar devices because it offers a stone tracking feature and a separate imaging system to assist doctors in performing their procedures.