About FICS


CYKIQ (Finalist FICS 2015)


Industry Mentors: Mr.Syed Ahmed Masud, Mr. Yussuf Jan,
Mr. Yussuf Hussain, Mr. Owais Anjum, Mr. Faisal Sherjan

Faculty Supervisor: Dr. Syed Raza Kazmi (Assistant Professor, USPCAS-E NUST)

TEAM CYKIQ: Hamza Zamir Afridi, Anas Shehzad, Senam Khan, Amara Tariq

CYKIQ is a "Bicycle Hiring System”, to help people residing in closed communities, with no economical mode of short distance traveling with “an Automated Hiring System right across their residence”. In NUST, this can overcome the eternal problem of transport and relieve people of the hassles of maintaining their own mode of transport.

CYKIQ is in Beta phase and two docking stations have been placed at NUST