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FICS’19 Stage 1 Results

  • Congratulations Students! You have been selected for FICS'19 Stage 2. Team-leads of shortlisted projects are required to check their email for instructions regarding FICS'19 Stage 2 registration deadline.
  • Projects of NUST College of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering (CEME) have been provisionally shortlisted for FICS’19 Stage 2. Your qualification to FICS’19 Stage 2 is subject to mandatory participation in and qualifying ‘Pre-FICS’19 Stage 2’ which will be held at the College of E & ME. Date for ‘Pre-FICS’19 Stage 2’ will be announced by your College management / Lead Coordinators.
  • 298 Ideas were submitted in FICS’19 Stage 1, out of which 204 Projects were shortlisted for Stage 2.
  • School & Domain-wise Breakdown Matrix of FICS'19 Shortlisted Projects Stage 2 can be viewed here.

S.No Project ID Idea Name School/ College Project Abstract Inter-NUST Expertise Required Get in Touch with Team

Domain: Agriculture

118Automated GreenHouseCEMETo improve crop productivity by giving suitable temp,light,humidity and soil moisture.To increase yield using plant growth LEDs.Further getting live data using image processing through an Android app.... DetailsNo Contact Team
242Autonomous AgribotCEMEOur aim is to create an autonomous robotic manipulator mounted on an Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV), which uses machine vision to take in information and spray the optimum amount and in the right areas... DetailsControl Systems, Machine Vision, Raspberry Pi Contact Team
383Sprayer DroneCEMEA drone mounted sprayer, a flying machine proficient of flying and hovering in all six directions, not requiring any special place to take off ,land and silent as a wind,one of cheapest effective ways... DetailsNo Contact Team
484TRANSFARMSCEEUAVs have not been previously optimally used for sensor specification in terms of their types and possible installation sites for achieving Precision Agriculture. ... DetailsNo Contact Team
5100KaashtcarCEMEThe goal is to make a cost effective All-Terrain Vehicle mounted seed sowing mechanism which can operate in fields with 3 modes of operation; Manual, Remote controlled and Autonomous modes.... DetailsAgriculture Concepts Contact Team
6112Multipurpose AgribotCEMEIntegration of robotics in the field of agriculture can help in achieving the goal of efficient resource utilization. Our Agribot is the next step towards automating the agriculture.... DetailsNo Contact Team
7113Smart AgricultureCEMEPlant health is an important source of income of a number of countries and can seriously reduce yield and economic returns for farmers and ultimately reduce the national income of a Country. ... DetailsAgriculture Engineer,Vegetation Data and Testing Contact Team
8165Fruit VisionCEMEAgriculture is the largest sector of Pakistan's Economy. Its largest fruit exports are mangoes & oranges. The idea is to carry out maturity inspection of fruits by machine vision.... DetailsNo Contact Team
9267SenseBallSEECSA smart device which will revolutionize the monitoring of data (Temperature, Humidity, Acoustics) related to crops stored in silos.The ball transmits data periodically and forecast upcoming conditions... DetailsNo Contact Team
10276Smart AgricultureSEECSAutomating the indoor agriculture system using IOT for producing organic crops in controlled weather conditions while minimizing the water and pesticide usage while maximizing crop yield... DetailsBotanist / horticulture Contact Team
11283Percision AgrometerSEECSRechargeable and multi-sensor device capable to measure multiple agri-environmental factors. With added support for multiple communication protocol and user interface it has stationed and handheld use... DetailsNo Contact Team
12294Indoor AgriSEECSAutomating the indoor agriculture system using IOT for producing organic crops problems in controlled weather conditions while minimizing the water and pesticide usage and maximizing crop yield.... DetailsBotany / horticulture Contact Team

Domain: Clean Water

1316Green WaterSCEEBy providing an effective, cost and energy efficient and a sustainable solution to the problem at hand, Green Water in aims to address the issue of unavailability of fresh drinking water.... DetailsWater Treatment Contact Team
14201Solar DesalinationCEMEA mini water desalination plant which uses solar energy to operate.... DetailsNo Contact Team
15204Water PurificationCEMENano Alumina-CNT membranes will be developed via powder metallurgy technique. Synthesised membranes would be tested to determine their heavy metal removal efficiency from drinking water.... DetailsNo Contact Team
16243Solar Purifier SCEEDesign and fabrication of a solar thermal water purification system for provision of clean drinking water by evaporation and condensation of sea water or polluted water from various sources ... DetailsNo Contact Team
17355Energy harvestingCEMEDesign of Vertical Axis Water Turbine for Cities Water mains... DetailsNo Contact Team

Domain: Cyber Security

1838Honeypot DevelopmentMCSEvery second individual is connected to the internet. Security of their personal data is at stake. Honeypot is well designed system that attract hackers and lets you analyze how secure you are?... DetailsNo Contact Team
1952Cipher MazeMCSCipher Maze will be an anonymous network using proof of concept of onion routing that gives security and anonymity to user data in order to abstain attacker’s malicious intent to sabotage information.... DetailsNo Contact Team
20104Net XploitMCSNet Xploit is a smart penetration testing toolkit that can be used by organizations to identify potential security vulnerabilities in their networks/ computers, thereby minimizing risk of cyber attack... DetailsNo Contact Team
21198AHRS-BlackBoxCEMEit will record the events leading upto an incident and serve as both the detail review box and witness between the parties involed... DetailsElectronics,Mechatronics,Software Engineering Contact Team
22251NetMonitorCEMEMultiple security organizations face the threat of internally bugged software/hardware that may compromise their sensitive information. We shall be focusing on threat detection and monitoring there.... DetailsCyber Security Professional Contact Team
23275MPSCEMEIIOT enabled Master Production Scheduler for Manufacturing Exectution System... DetailsNo Contact Team
24277Smart PantomathCEMEWe are collecting online data (politics, social media). We will then apply data science heuristics to determine the best probable marketing stats for your company.... DetailsNo Contact Team

Domain: Education

25181Raahbar ConsultancyS3Hwe endeavor to give bespoke and focused career consultancy to school and college students at national level and assist them in university selection and to assist them in admission procedures.... Detailspsychological evaluation, Marketing Contact Team
26210Chem ScannerRCMSUnderstanding spatial structures & processes is essential for problem solving in chemistry. This project aims to develop a pipeline to aid student understanding via 3D visualization at molecular level... DetailsNo Contact Team
27256ExamBitesCEMEIntroducing Computer aided teaching technology comprising of a pen drive and an android application having expertly curated animated content without internet dependency and costs less than 1$.... DetailsNo Contact Team
28323FundmyeducationS3HFundmyeducation is a social enterprise which promises to make education accessible for all regardless of their economic conditions. ... DetailsComputer Science or Web app developer Contact Team

Domain: Energy

2960Distributive GenerationPNECThe conventional Grid is ailing and is failing to keep up with the modern demands of power supply, Microgird is the face of our solution , globally this technology is making revolutionary results.... DetailsNo Contact Team
3061Energy DemocracyPNECThe aim of our project is to ensure concurrent operation and integration of renewable energy sources for microgrid.... DetailsNo Contact Team
3163Vortex TurbineCEMEOur idea is based on generating energy based on a low speed canal water by utilizing the concept of vortex. ... DetailsNo Contact Team
3280BioganetSMMEThis project aims to meet the energy requirements of half of the population using waste that is available in nature in abundance. The by product of the process will be used as a fertilizer. ... DetailsChemical and Metallurgical Engineering Contact Team
3385Solar ACSMMEConventional ACs are causing destruction of ozone layer and global warming. They have substantially high energy requirements. We are providing cheap eco-friendly alternative which uses solar energy.... DetailsNo Contact Team
3496SolarLife MonitorPNECWe provide a 'one box solution' which offers real time monitoring and Remaining Useful Life assessment of solar power systems.... DetailsNo Contact Team
35126ECOCEMEOur work is on indoor HVAC unit or AC unit. We will work in the area of fluid dynamics. Our objective will be to determine the flow of air when HVAC unit is working, which will turn off automatically.... DetailsNo Contact Team
36211HVACCEMEThis project is about optimization of energy flows in HVAC.... DetailsNo Contact Team
37214Intelligent GeyserSEECSAn IOT based device for revolutionizing conventional gas-based water heaters, by enabling real-time remote control & monitoring, energy saving, scheduling, and user safety measures.... DetailsNo Contact Team
38218energy MonitoringMCSwe need to save energy and this system is best designed for energy monitoring in industry... Detailsprogramming and GUI Contact Team
39225Power AnalyticsMCSSystem allows linking of consumption and production measurements with time information and enabling substitution of flat-price billing with smarter solution i.e Real-Time Pricing or Time-of-Use.... DetailsNo Contact Team
40248FESS SEECSProposed solution will replace costly battery systems with low maintenance and high life expectancy flywheel energy storage system to permit penetration of renewable energy in industrial application.... DetailsNo Contact Team
41263HVACs ProfilingSEECSThe work proposed shall provide a detailed study of local HVAC loads. HVACs are the major contributors towards the daily load increasing peak demand factor. The proposed system may be further extended... DetailsNo Contact Team
42264Electricity-Theft DetectionSEECSEach unit saved is equivalent to each unit produced. Pakistan is suffering major energy crises due to electricity theft. It will automate theft detection in real time using IOT, smart sensing and ML.... DetailsNo Contact Team
43284hydrogen fuelRCMSHydrogen fuel economy is the future hope.Water splitting,the dissociation,production of hydrogen and its storage material can be N-Functionalized carbon nano-tubes.This can revolutionized our future. ... DetailsNo Contact Team
44295EEACGCEMEEnergy efficiency is one of the core topics in Architecture nowadays. The project here presented reinforces the importance of the use of building energy analysis throughout the entire design process, ... DetailsNo Contact Team
45297Renewable EnergySNSIn the current project we want to improve the thermal conductivity and cyclic stability of Ca(OH)2 powder for its use as thermal energy storage medium for concentrated solar power plants.... DetailsNo Contact Team
46324energy enhancementSEECSA Kit for domestic energy auditing. A hardware to be installed in a DIY format. a software to be installed in any PC. The system will advise user on reduction of energy usage.... DetailsSocial behavior sciences, Contact Team
47327Solar InverterCEMEThe project aims to design and fabricate a device that converts DC Voltage coming from a solar panel to three phase AC voltage for industrial applications like driving three phase induction motor.... DetailsNo Contact Team
48342GROWSNSGROW is a platform that aims to help students teach and learn from one another. The teachers can have reasonable fixed rates for their lessons, so that they can earn from the experience.... DetailsNo Contact Team
49345Solar DesaltPNECThe project aims at utilising the technique of concentrated solar power for the purpose of obtaining fresh water via desalination thereby reducing the fossil fuel consumption and global warming.... DetailsNo Contact Team
50352REBACEMEReal Time Electricity Bill Analyst will monitor the electricity consumption by various household appliances to provide users with a efficient home energy plan.... DetailsNo Contact Team

Domain: Environment

5124Pollen-Tree ClassifierMCSAutomatic detection and classification of trees through aerial Imagery using Deep Neural Network. The primary concern of the enterprise is to identify "pollen trees" and generate a generalized report.... DetailsNo Contact Team
52234Breathing BillboardsSCEECO2 is the dominant greenhouse gas responsible for climate change. Our study investigates the removal characteristics of CO2 using amine modified biochar spun into fibres through electrospinning.... DetailsNo Contact Team
53278CCRCMSCarbon dioxide adsorption studies has been gaining popularity in the world since last two decades.Thermodynamic, kinetic and electronic parameter before and after complex formation for Graphene oxide.... DetailsNo Contact Team
54282plastic mycodevourerASABA bioreactor having liquid MSM and cultivating Aspergillus tubingensis will be used to degrade the polyester polyurethane,PU(Plastic), in less than 2 months.... DetailsNo Contact Team
55353PAKIASABOur society does not know how to dispose or recycle the left overs, so it litters. A better solution to overcome this ignorance is to train and equip our Sweepers!... Detailssocial sciences, chemical engineering Contact Team

Domain: Healthcare

566VisumSEECSVisum is a pair smart glasses for visually challenged people to overcome the barriers of blindness using AI through an audio feedback and enable them to work and live like normal and healthy people.... DetailsMarketing Contact Team
5712Brain TechCEMEThe Aim is to Develop and Design a online system to control an Assistive robot by using real time brain EEG data ... DetailsNo Contact Team
5817MenervaSEECSA smart IOT solution for early detection of Breast Cancer using several high tech sensors, Android app and Machine Learning.... DetailsWe need help from Oncologists Contact Team
5936Powered FootCEMEThe project aims to provide a more bio-mimetic prosthetic solution to lower leg amputees by providing extra energy a real foot creates at certain parts of gait, thus improving the amputees' lifestyle.... DetailsNo Contact Team
6041Cardi WearMCSDesign and fabricate a low cost ECG device which can be easily used by someone with low technical expertise for round-the-clock ECG self-monitoring Android application which displays and stores result... DetailsNo Contact Team
6143VIBSEEPNECThe project includes the design and development of an electronic travel aid for blind people, to help them with their mobility and avoid obstacles in their path, through tactile feedback system. ... DetailsNo Contact Team
6246SHADRMCSSurvival rate may increase by prompt medical attention at motorbike accident. The goal of the project is to introduce a smart helmet with sensors that can aid the rider as well as emergency services.... DetailsAndroid development and python programming Contact Team
6351ECG MonitorCEMESmart-phone ECG monitoring system with real time feature extraction and wireless transmission... DetailsNo Contact Team
6453DialyzerSCMEHemodialysis is an extensively used medical therapy for renal failure and dialysis membranes are essential components of a hemodialyzer. We want to start the fabrication and production of dialyzers.... DetailsNo Contact Team
6594SEWexo CEMESEWexo is an upper limb robotic exoskeleton for the rehabilitation purposes of post stroke patients. It has a two DOF movement at elbow and wrist joint and is controlled via a handheld joystick.... DetailsNo Contact Team
6698Emotion Charting CEMEThe main idea of our project is to detect emotions using the real time monitoring of physiological signals. The processed data is sent to the website which can be accessed by the doctor or patients ... DetailsNo Contact Team
67101Re-Walk KneeSMMEDevelopment of an above-knee prosthesis that optimally balances the trade-off between price and functionality, to deliver a high-performance product accessible to almost everyone who needs it.... DetailsNo Contact Team
68103Re-MoveSEECSRehabilitation of affected limbs of stroke paralysis patients by classifying thoughts of movement with EEG activity, accordingly applying FES along with animation of their limb movement in VR headset.... DetailsNo Contact Team
69105automated wheelchairCEMEIt is automated wheelchair to bed conversion project which is being done to provide a comfortable solution to patients and it is based on a ball screw mechanism for conversion of chair into bed.... DetailsNo Contact Team
70107HASSEECSA cost-effective wearable smart device that prognosis heart attack some time prior to its impact and timely notification to concerned personnel and care givers so medical help can be guaranteed.... DetailsBio Medical Sciences Contact Team
71116limboCEMEThe idea is to help rehabilitate the upper limb amputees and help them regain their functionality by providing a relatively low cost prosthetic limb with no compromise on quality and performance.... DetailsNo Contact Team
72124CatanetSEECSA deep learning pipeline for automatic detection, localization and classification of breast cancer metastasis in whole slide images of histopathological lymph node section.... DetailsPathology Biosciences Contact Team
73144NeuroLinkSEECSNeuroLink is a stroke rehabilitation system involving brain activation through motor imagery training. It controls an arm exoskeleton using an EEG based brain computer interface which help in recovery... DetailsMechanical Engineering Contact Team
74145MindrovePNECWe are developing a non-invasive real time Brain Computer Interface System that enables a user/patient to control his stretcher in real time through three cognitive actions with an enhanced accuracy. ... DetailsNo Contact Team
75147HearSmartCEMEA solution for people with hearing impairment having trouble focusing on specific sounds/voices. It would let them hear what they want to hear by isolating speakers from a mixture of noise and sounds.... DetailsAcoustical Engineer Biomedical Engineer Contact Team
76148Pak ZarZameenCEMEThe project involves developing a low cost monitoring solution to better estimate fruit harvesting times which can help improve their shelf life and ensure better eating quality.... DetailsNo Contact Team
77156Rehab GloveCEMEResearch has shown the benefits of using robotic devices to aid in stroke patient rehabilitation.This project seeks to find a solution by creating a portable rehabilitative hand exoskeleton.... DetailsNo Contact Team
78167DigiStethCEMEDigiSteth is a portable digital Stethoscope to help patients with cardiac and respiratory issues, in rural areas, using intelligent decision support system and DigiSteth.... DetailsNo Contact Team
79170Vein SpotCEMETo create a cheap way to map veins on medical patients in order to canalize them by IR Vein Detection System through Illumination and Infrared reflection.... DetailsNo Contact Team
80177ASIRCEMEAutonomous insulin regu are used by diabetes patients to regulate insulin. But because they are expensive not everyone can afford then. This project aim to develop low cost insulin regulation device... DetailsNo Contact Team
81178VibrokneeCEMEThe detection of vibrations of unhealthy knee joints by converting them to sound signals. Machine Learning classifiers and Signal processing algorithms will be applied. ... DetailsNo Contact Team
82189Trash GuardsSCEEOur idea is about automating the waste management system. Our solution will combine the smart sensors to monitor waste in real time and provide optimized routes to collect trash only when required.... DetailsNo Contact Team
83193Alter CEMEThe Handbike is designed to convert any wheelchair into a mobilized unit. The people with special needs can go anywhere they desire having the propects of a scooter incorporated in a wheelchair.... DetailsNo Contact Team
84209Elderly BuddyCEMEA wearable hardware for old people and dementia patients which will be connected to their phones.With touch of a button, location coordinates will be sent to loved ones via cloud.... DetailsNo Contact Team
85212CMIASABCentralized Medical Informatics is the medical record, diagnosis analysis, differential diagnosis, predication, prognosis, treatment and possible outcomes online application server to facilitate prof.... DetailsBig Data Analytics Data Mining AI Contact Team
86215Wheel ChairCEMEWe have to design and perform analysis of wheelchair (Leveraged Freedom Chair) called LFC for persons with lower body and spinal disabilities. Low cost,high strength will be main objectives of project... DetailsNo Contact Team
87222Molybdenum CofactorRCMSMolybdenum cofactor deficiency is metabolic disorder characterized by rapidly progressive neurologic damage leading to combined deficiency of molybdoenzymes. Their deficiency leads to death.... DetailsNo Contact Team
88242Breath SensorsSCMEThe idea is to diagnose lung cancer biomarkers using Metal-Organic Frameworks as breath sensors which are a non-invasive, cheap and cost-effective technique.... DetailsNo Contact Team
89245SharebloodCEMEApplying Data Science and AI Algorithms on Blood Transactions Data can discover trends, patterns and predictions which can revolutionize health resource distribution... DetailsNo Contact Team
90253Doctor 24/7CEMEAt back end data base of all men which are in battle field is saved .Head of team is aware of each and every thing of his men.... DetailsNo Contact Team
91270Pred-AnticancerRCMSOur idea is about identification and design of new chemical entities.The solution can be achieved by pipeline development of three models that are able to screen large databases for anti-cancer agent.... DetailsNo Contact Team
92280SpeksCEMEAn effective, portable and inexpensive device to observe and study the brain waves for medical and research purposes using Near Infrared Spectroscopy. ... DetailsMachine Learning Spectroscopy Contact Team
93307NeoSenseSEECSIt is a Neonate Disease Monitoring Device (an Anklet) which will perform real time health monitoring and diagnosing of neonates against prevalent adverse health conditions based on stimulus.... DetailsMedical Knowledge, Accurate Disease Thresholds Contact Team
94312CAPTAIN BACTERIOCIDEASABSynthetic Antimicrobial Peptides(amps) against alarming antibiotic resistant bacteria (superbugs). Superbugs infections are an emerging cause for increasing the death toll, yearly.... Detailsmarketing, research. Contact Team
95313iRestoreCEMEiRestore aims to provide a cost-effective wearable medical device for low-vision or legally blind patients to restore their functional vision.... DetailsNo Contact Team
96317Virtual ClinicSEECSVirtual Clinic is a virtual healthcare facility for people to avail from the comfort of their homes by connecting patients to doctors remotely through a mobile/web application.... DetailsNo Contact Team
97329ECG BAND CEMEThe purpose of this project is to get a clear ECG-signal , amplify that signal ,then filter it to remove any noise. Classification of ecg signals with respect to diseased .Save it in a database ... DetailsNo Contact Team
98334The BioQuencherASABMBRs are one of innovative technology for waste water treatment. Biofilms degrade them and reduce its life span. Our designed bacteria can degrade these biofilms and save lots of money.... DetailsWe need students from IESE for MBRs set up Contact Team
99343Bio BatteriesASABBatteries­ are pr­actically essential devices but present a whole ho­st of problems. Over time they can have trouble retaining a charge. Some stop working altogether. Others overheat or leak or even explode. They're also rigid and sometimes bulky. Then how about, instead of your standard AA or li... DetailsNo Contact Team

Domain: Inclusive Economic Growth

10014Home ServicesSCEEWe are going to launch an app where people can call anyone for their home service like painters plumbers electricians cost estmators soil testors etc... DetailsApp development Contact Team
10129VSCryptMCSVoting system uses blockchain approach that encrypts the blocks using hash functions providing transparent system and securing the votes. ... DetailsNo Contact Team
10232Predictive AnalyticsSCMEModel-based predictive control (MPC) is developed for crude oil fouling rate and optimized cleaning schedule. MPC is then incorporated with distributed control system (DCS) for optimum operation.... DetailsComputer Science, Control System, Control Design Contact Team
10340COMETMCSCOMET is a communication device which provides off grid communication medium in case there are no cellular services available. it will enable you to use your mobile phone as user interface.... DetailsNo Contact Team
10456WHEGSTRMCSDesign and development of multi-terrain astute, untethered and power autonomous robot which can traverse terrain by approaching the complexity and diversity of the natural landscape. Save lives.... DetailsNo Contact Team
10564Translator CEMEThis translator app will help in communication between deaf and general public by converting sign language into text.... DetailsNo Contact Team
10674INNOVATIGHTSCMEPET is the most commonly used polymer for carbonated beverages. However it suffers from CO2 leakage and external O2 permeation, resulting in its early staleness. The project aims to resolve this issue... DetailsNo Contact Team
10799Smart ShoePNECTo develop a smart wearable for solving the complications faced in harvesting clean and green energy from nature... DetailsNo Contact Team
108118Smart CutCEMEThis project aims to give custom options to industry falling in a grey area between manufacturing and 3D printing, providing an effective solution for making of prototypes by cutting edge techniques.... DetailsNo Contact Team
109127Educational NanosateliteCAEAn Educational Nanosatellite following cubesat standards and aiming to be Pakistan's second Cubesat.... DetailsNo Contact Team
110134Machine Health-MonitoringPNECFault in an induction motor in an industry can cause major downtime and loss of millions of dollars. Our project carries out health monitoring of an induction motor in real time to deal with them.... DetailsSIGNAL PROCESSING AND COMMUNICATIONS Contact Team
111152Car BodyCEMEWe aim to add a family sedan to the auto market which is manufactured start to finish in Pakistan. Thereby, resulting in prosperity of the automotive industry in Pakistan. ... DetailsDesign, Creativity, Auto Motive Styling Contact Team
112168E-QaregaarCEMEThis is an application designed to reduce unemployment by connecting hirers and workers. It provides jobs to nearby people with the required skills so they can easily provide their services.... DetailsBusiness/Entrepreneurship sector Contact Team
113180Seismic bricksSCEEChange the material composition and shapes of normal bricks for good shear performance under earthquakes. Instead of kilns bricks would be prepared under hydraulic press to avoid environmental issues.... DetailsMechanical engineers for hydraulic jack design Contact Team
114195Counteraxis turbine CEMEOur project is counteraxis rotating micro hydel turbine. It aims to increase the power output per meter swuare by using both rotors in turbine... DetailsNo Contact Team
115232Nickel ElectroformingSCMEElectroforming is the highly specialized use of electrodeposition for manufacture of thin walled metal parts. work done involves manufacture of complex shaped and cost effective metallic components. ... DetailsNo Contact Team
1162585G AntennaMCSA compact,diamond shaped microstrip patch antenna is proposed in this work. This antenna can be utilized for 5G wireless applications.... DetailsNo Contact Team
117269Semiconductor SesorsCEMESemiconductor gas sensors can be improved with better annealing techniques, in my research I try to characterize performance of SnO2 based CO2 sensor performance wrt a range of annealing techniques.... DetailsNo Contact Team
118273Industrial automationCEMEThe idea of project is to bring automation to the industries of Pakistan. As of today industries of Pakistan are using old manual processes that take a lot of time and resources. T... DetailsMarketing expert required Contact Team
1193163DPrinted GeneratorCEMEThis is a 3D Printed generator prototype which is divided in two parts. one part provides 220V ac to appliances at 50 Hz while the other charges the battery at 12V dc after rectification.... DetailsNo Contact Team
120328Temperature DistributionCEMEWhile testing different specimens in Supersonic wind Tunnel,temperature variations within the nozzle causes abrubt results.Our aim is to study the temperature distribution to give an efficient design.... DetailsNo Contact Team
121331Innovative VAWTCEMEA small VAWT that is affordable but has good power output... DetailsNo Contact Team
1223385G RadioCEMEResearchers are Continuously working towards 5g prototypes for possible standardization of this technology. SDR provides a flexible platform for the lab implementation of these technologies.... DetailsNo Contact Team
123339Stereo-vision UGVsCEMEA self-driven unmanned ground vehicle uses stereo vision to navigate autonomously and detect obstacles to alter its path.... DetailsNo Contact Team
124351RF oscillator CEMETo make rf oscillator Indigenously. ... DetailsNo Contact Team

Domain: Lifestyle

12544ReaperMCSAn AI based robotic assembly that can communicate in a fun way and aid with regular tasks as well as provide automated home security ... DetailsNo Contact Team
12665FORETHINKSCEEThe main purpose is to create an easy to use app that can revolutionize the way you plan. Be it your grocery shopping, choosing an appropriate gift, or your travel essentials.... DetailsNo Contact Team
12767ExtruderCEMEOur project is ‘‘Indigenous waste plastic extruder’’. It is capable of making commercial quality 3D printing filament. It will fabricate recycled waste plastic into filament.... DetailsNo Contact Team
12897Electronic NoseSEECSThe main idea is to develop a system that actually SMELLS the food. And on the basis of its smell it is able to distinguish and tell whether the food is fit for eating or not i.e stale or fresh.... DetailsElectrical and Mechanical Engineering Contact Team
129169Selfie DroneCEMEPhotography is a major area of drones usage. Currently, drones are remotely piloted. They need proper piloting and orientation. We aim to remove this skill barrier so everyone can do drone photography... DetailsNo Contact Team
130182Home AutomationCEMEThe project combines security needs of today with surveillance and basic appliance functionality over WiFi. The idea is to remotely control basic functions within a room all via cellphones.... DetailsNo Contact Team
131203LNPRCEMEWe have made LPG(Liquified Petroleum Gas) to Natural Gas pressure regulator. It will be connected to main gas line and in case of Gas load shedding we can easily convert to LPG cylinder and vice versa... DetailsNo Contact Team
132220BOWLING MACHINECEMEToday cricket is one of the most popular game in Pakistan and abroad. So, it is felt that modern technology can be utilized to develop a cricket bowling machine with variable speed, swing and spin.... DetailsNo Contact Team
133230SavaabSEECSDevelop a real time automated system to improve the consumption of water and monitor the usage to make people realize the importance of this commodity. ... DetailsNo Contact Team
134231True DetectSEECSWith the increasing usage of WiFi for data transfer, we exploit IoT to build smart networks. Our idea makes use of these WiFi signals for gesture recognition without the use of wearable devices.... DetailsNo Contact Team
135233DexterCEMEImplementation of Digital Frequency Hopping on SDR Platform.... DetailsNo Contact Team
136252IVBSCEMEDeep learning based video analytics for insight into customer diversity(Gender and age) for real time promotion and marketing.... DetailsNo Contact Team
137254CPASCEMEAdvertisement now a day is very important in every field,in order to segment audience we are building persona's using IPs.... DetailsWe need Expert From Networking Field . Contact Team
138255Smart SuperStoreCEMEOur Idea is based on facilitating the Process of Shopping in a SuperStore by designing a System which will help the Customer in Locating the Products in minimum time span.... DetailsNo Contact Team
139268TrySelfSEECSExercises can only be beneficial for our body if they are done at a proper angle.The solution is to design a system that can guide people visually to correct their angle while they are doing exercise ... DetailsSignal processing, Fitness, Gym, Contact Team
140303portable scooterCEMEA foldable scooter providing mobility and ease ,improve life style and convenience in riding .Designed for indoor, shopping malls etc.... DetailsMARKETING AND SALES Contact Team
141305AVITecSEECSAVITec(Augmented Virtually Intelligent Technology) is the name of the final product i.e. a glove based controller for Virtual and Augmented reality gaming and VR in Industry and Medical purposes.... DetailsNo Contact Team
142318Multi-Beam AntennaCEMEArray antennas that can simultaneously scan multiple beams are often desired for many radar and communications applications. This project has prime focus on Buttler Matrix and Rotman Lens As BFN.... DetailsNo Contact Team
143354Smart BillingCEMEWe will make an efficient system based on the data set of monthly bills and it will be easier for the people to visualize the data than to read the entire bill.... DetailsNo Contact Team

Domain: Process Improvement

1448DDS PAKCEMEThis is basically the defender diagnostic scanner Pakistan. We have the code by which different readings of the land rover can be noted. The date trouble codes of vehicles can be checked as well.... DetailsNo Contact Team
14510Stewart PlatformCEMEOur project will be related to the modified use of Stewart platform in defence industry. This project will have features like target locking. Its use can be on UGV or head gear of soldier.... DetailsNo Contact Team
14611G3 GunmountCEMEManufacturing and Development of Turret for G3 Rifle. Control and Video Feedback for Aiming... DetailsNo Contact Team
14713DetergeobotCEMESolar Panel Cleaning Mechanism which could remove the accumulated dust on its surface on a regular basis and maintain the solar power plant output. It will be semi autonomous. ... DetailsNo Contact Team
14826Smart LockMCS This proposal presents the prototype implementation of door locking system using smart phone through WiFi.Our model is unique with its one of a kind combination of functionalities offered .... DetailsNo Contact Team
14958Real PharmaSEECSResearch carried out suggest around 40-50% of total supply of medicine in Pakistan is fake. Blockchain Based Supply Chain is solution, along with verification app for consumers.... DetailsSupply Chain Particularly pharmaceuticals Contact Team
15062Cam-less EngineCEMEIn order to facilitate control of engine intake and exhaust valves as required, camshaft in engine will be replace by an automated system to control valve timings. ... DetailsNo Contact Team
15166MistechCEMEThe idea is ti develop Missile manoeuvrability control using PID controller and make improvements in the already existing design to make local production.... Detailsprogramming,control system Contact Team
15289Microstage AutomationCEMEThe development of an automated bio-micromanipulation system provides high manipulation rates with optimal reproducibility and makes quantitative bio-micromanipulation possible. Visual-servo control i... DetailsNo Contact Team
15393Circular FibreSMMEEconomical and Efficient Paper Recycling System can save millions of trees per year. Circular Economy is an idea that can add critical value to institutions.... DetailsChemical Electrical Materials Design Contact Team
154110precision guided-systemCEMEIt is a system that will be mounted on a rifle. It will assist shooter in taking accurate otherwise skill intensive shoots by accounting for all the external factors and embedding them into an image.... DetailsBallistics, long range shooting, gun manufacturers Contact Team
155139Soft roboticCEMEA soft robotics gripper consisting of three fingers. ... DetailsNo Contact Team
156142CMMCEMECMM : Coordinate Measuring Device . Our prototype will measure the coordinates of the given specimen in the working area... DetailsMechatronics and Electrical Contact Team
157175Spoor TechnologiesSEECSA local positioning system that uses stationary nodes and mobile tags to locate and track an athlete's movement on a playing field... DetailsNo Contact Team
158179IED DetectionCEMEAn artificially intelligent drone that can hover over an area and mark the regions that are suspected of being potential sites of Improvised Explosive Device (e.g. landmines) using DIP... DetailsNo Contact Team
159183LNACEMELow Noise Amplifier is a devise used to amplify low power signals received at antenna receiver with minimum additional noise ( from active amplifier).... DetailsNo Contact Team
160188Microwave LNACEMEDesign of Microwave Low Noise Amplifier in the ISM band with the center frequency of 2.45 GHz.... DetailsNo Contact Team
161190Autonomous MicromanipulatorCEMEThe development of an autonomous micro manipulation system provides high manipulation rates with optimal reproducibility and makes quantitative micro manipulation possible.... DetailsNo Contact Team
162191LASER CommunicationMCSThe project basically revolves around the concept of Visible Light Communication (VLC) which is a subset of optical wireless communication.... DetailsNo Contact Team
163200RockerBogie UGVCEMERocker Bogie Mechanism Based UGV (Unmanned Ground Vehicle) for Tactical Surveillance, This Mechanism is basically used for Mars Rovers, it can articulate without requiring any heavy Suspension System... DetailsNo Contact Team
164202LPWAPSSEECSWe aim to use the Low Power Wide Area Networks to locally mimic the GPS and make a robust, predictive, power efficient, indoor and outdoor, deploy once - run everywhere tracking system. ... DetailsNo Contact Team
165205Hexapod /tripodCEMEAiming for real time stability, that would stabilise the uper platform, onto which a suitable test subject is mounted, when the lower platform is moved... DetailsNo Contact Team
166219CWASMCSCWAS is a point to multi point activation system.can activate three points remotely with same transmitter.it can be used for remote destruction of obsolete ammunition dump and many other applications... DetailsNo Contact Team
167224Soft EngineCEMEEngine design through simulation can drastically reduce time needed to perform engine experiments and prototyping.The objective of the project is explore the potential Engine Simulation.... DetailsNo Contact Team
168226Interview BotCEMEAn interview conducting bot using facial and vocal analysis techniques for specified domain.... DetailsNo Contact Team
169229Airborne InternetSEECSDeveloping wireless air to ground communication technology, enabling WiFi access points to be mounted on drones. ... DetailsNo Contact Team
170236Waveguide AntennaCEMESlotted waveguide antenna with low side libe level to be achieved and wide band... DetailsMatlab coder Contact Team
171250Virtual LawyerCEMEPakistan is a country abides by law and order .According to January,2018 statistics over 1.8 million cases are pending in courts .Our system help lawyer and user to follow judicial procedure using AI.... DetailsNo Contact Team
172272DEPTH MEASUREMENTCEMETo keep the ship and submarine at a safe depth level a depth sounding system is utilized.... DetailsNo Contact Team
173274Mini PCRCEMEPCR device used is large, takes much time to amplify DNA. Also there is danger of DNA loss when it is collected from accident site.MIni PCR minimizes time and amplify DNA onsite and is cost effective... DetailsNo Contact Team
174289Slat-armour analysisCEMEWe perform explicit dynamics analysis of slat armour with the aim of inproving the design and material used ... DetailsNo Contact Team
175302Suspension SystemCEMEDesigning and Improving a suspension system of an existing family sedan... DetailsNo Contact Team
176306Target TrackingCEMEThe efficient tracking and neutralization of target at a distance of 500 meters with a 7.62mm (.30 Caliber) gun, using drive/anti-drive mechanism.... DetailsExpertise of some aspects of Mechanical required Contact Team
177308VTOL wingCEMEgoal is to make vertical takeoff and landing UAV with adequate range. it can be used for many social purposes.... DetailsControl Systems Contact Team
178321Hamari SawariCEMEWith Hamari Sawari, Public Service Vehicles become more structured, commute information becomes more comprehensive and decisions for improvement are based on reliable data.... DetailsAndroid and iOS development Contact Team
179325Multilevel InverterCEMECascaded H bridge multilevel inverter... DetailsNo Contact Team
180361Superconducting cavity-resonatorsCEMEStudy of the Effect of paramagnetic impurities on frequency of sapphire-loaded superconducting cavity resonators. We are first start with cavity waveguide oscillators.... DetailsWe need a business expert who can help us create our business model and how to convert the project into a product. Contact Team

Domain: Safe Cities

18120Smart FM SCEESmart Facilities management; a case study of 'Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Center Karachi' using Building Information Modeling and its allied tools to create a centralized database of facilities.... DetailsNo Contact Team
18223BlitzCEMEthe Project focuses on the automation of the water ejection mechanism of a fire fighting robot with a mobility of 2 DOF, operated by a distant user though a remote control. ... DetailsNo Contact Team
18327Tilt SensorCEMEWe are making a tilt sensor which costs roughly half the price than the current available sensors in the market with the same precision and quality. We will be monitoring the structural health.... DetailsNo Contact Team
18448Mine ClearanceSCEEExplosive Land Mines cause fatal threat to whoever passing over it; enemy, citizen, animals Conventional ways are risky & life-costly Sensor Fusion & Real Time Mapping of mines with assisting alerts... DetailsMarketing Contact Team
18554AlyatukPNECAn innovative, application based design for a four legged robot, that will be able to stably traverse across any landscape.... DetailsCAD Modelling Contact Team
18669OceanusPNECWe intend to present the idea of remotely-operated underwater vehicle capable to collect water & explore inaccessible underwater region that are considered potentially hazardous for humans to dive in.... DetailsControl System expertise required. Contact Team
187106ITSSCEETo mitigate traffic congestion and optimize road user travel time on Peshawar Road Rawalpindi by using signal coordination and Intelligent Transportation System.... DetailsNo Contact Team
188119Green ConcreteSCEEBio-influenced self healing concrete, utilizing domestic waste, addresses durability issues of concrete structures and greatly reduces carbon footprint hence a step towards sustainable development.... DetailsEnvironmental Engineering Contact Team
189141Rescue RoboticsSMMEA legged robot, with applications such as post-disaster surveillance and weight carriage, will be developed using elastic elements to demonstrate energy-efficient hopping and running capabilities.... DetailsNo Contact Team
190157Flash AlertSCEEWe are making an efficient crime alert system using crowd-sourcing to envisage risk prone areas for a safe community, a platform where the community can participate in reporting crimes.... Details Contact Team
191158portable downlinkMCSTo be fully aware of two axis control system, real time tracking and downlinking of data from geo-stationary broadcast satellite. This project encompasses integration of different sensors with Arduino connected to Laptop which is used to enter the location of the satellite needed to be tracked via s... DetailsNo Contact Team
192166BIDSCEMESecurity is a main perspect of any nation . for the security we are planning to make a two layer security system.first layer is underground using mines while the other layer is using image processing.... DetailsNo Contact Team
193192Superposition steeringCEMEuperposition steering system is a type of steering mechanism that performs functions like variable steering ratio (steering ratio increases as the speed increases), yaw rate control, and lane keeping at high speeds. The objective of producing such system is to enhance the comfort to the driver... DetailsNo Contact Team
194223Reconfigurable antennaMCSDesigning of a frequency reconfigurable antenna by using diode for UMTS and WLAN.Multibands of frequency are switched by use of diode ... DetailsNo Contact Team
195235Smart HelmetPNECThe product is a smart helmet which works on two systems, thermo-electric cooling system and rider assistance system. It will help regulate body temperature in extreme weather and assist the rider.... DetailsNo Contact Team
196249Support systemMCSA military oriented project ,particularly for the safety of the soldiers going on convoys , and timely passage of info within the convoy and back to the control station using raspberry pie OS module.... DetailsNo Contact Team
197257Deep EyeCEMEIn this age, it is a shame that camera operators may need to review hours and hours of video feed or the fact that already installed cameras are only recording when they can be doing much more.... DetailsNo Contact Team
198262Audio LocalizationMCSThis paper describes an audio-based surveillance system which automatically detects anomalous audio events in close quarter battle like gunshots, and localizes the position of the source.... DetailsNo Contact Team
199265Recycled RoadSCMEThis study will make use of pyrolysis and upgrading technologies to process mixed waste plastics to produce a waste-derived bitumen (w-bitumen) with durable and reliable road engineering performance... DetailsCivil Engineering, prototype material, faculty Contact Team
200266Smooth DriveCEMEThe mitigation of shunt and shuffle in electric vehicles and the promotion of electric vehicles in Pakistan.... DetailsNo Contact Team
201271DeepVehicle TaggingCEMEThis project will provide vehicle tagging using real-time deep learning and big data.... DetailsNo Contact Team
202279Virtual PatrolCEMEMonitoring highways to identify anything suspicious that may lead to any accident. Whether it's an animal or a vehicle in the wrong lane, AI algorithms are used to update the dashboard at the user end... DetailsNo Contact Team
203314LiDAR SensorFusionCEMEThe main problem pertains to mapping of surroundings and the distances associated with them. LiDAR is the best device used in this regard for better real-time applications.... DetailsNo Contact Team
204319FiltersCEMEAt microwave frequencies the effect of lumped cimponents are translated unto distributed effects. Rectangular waveguide cavity resonator is employed in the design to achieve aimed goal. ... DetailsNo Contact Team
205350SecurifyCEMEIn this our aim is to secure persons and vehicles from accidents so that number of accidents could be decreased in order to minimize the loss and casualties.... DetailsNo Contact Team