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S.No Project ID Idea Name School/ College Project Abstract Inter-NUST Expertise Required Status Get in Touch with Team

Domain: Agriculture

17C bandCEMEThe proposed project would help the agriculture sector increase its yield from the livestock sector by improving the health of the cattle thus enhancing their productivity and life expectancy.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
255Cheese ASABReplacement of Rennet in commercial production of hard cheeses. I will use extracts from Actinidia Deliciosa, Withania coagulans, and proteases from R. mucor species as coagulating agent for cheese.... DetailsFood TechnologistsApproved Contact Team
373Food PackagingASABSpoilage of food is controlled by designing an anaerobic food packaging which contains oxyrase enzyme immobilized within a silica gel, this mixture is incorporated directly into the food packaging.... DetailsNoPending
475PGPR BacteriaASABEthylene is a Plant growth hormone that functions in almost all the plants. It has role in abiotic and biotic pathways and is mainly produced in the soil. Ethylene causes multiple physiological change... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
582AgromaniacCEMETo provide farmers a better and more authentic way to manage their day to day activities. The idea is to develop an application along with integrated sensors. ... DetailsEnvironment Sciences Approved Contact Team
691Algal PeptideASABalgal proteins are extracted from algal biomass which are later hydrolysed by enzymatic way and tested fr the presence of anti-microbialy active peptides, peptides swill be tested against Ecoli n MRSA... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
7116Smart SilosSEECSThe growing population, and mismanagement of grain storage facilities has led Pakistan to fall short of its projected demand for agricultural produce. This gap could be covered by proper management.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
8119Autonomous HarvesterCEMEVast number of pakistani farms are small scale so the goal of this project is to develop a cost effective autonomous harvester which can operate in fields using real time tracking system... DetailsNoPending
9121WrapoilASABan oil based plastic wrap then when wrapped around fresh fruits and vegetables, increases their shelf life... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
10126Robotic Pest-KillerCEMEAn intelligent robotics mountable manipulator that would automatically detect various types of diseases on crops and spray pesticides on them to eliminate the diseases and insects. ... DetailsLegal advice, Agriculture Sector.Approved Contact Team
11153Chi-PacASABWe aim to develop an eco-friendly packaging material by some natural sources that will help us in extending the shelf life of fruits and vegetables as well as imparting beneficial features.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
12163AGRYNCEMEThe Agricultural system in Pakistan is much orthodox. Latest tech and IoT can be used in such a way that yield of crop will increase while water and fertilizer will be used in the most efficient way.... DetailsFertilizer amount,optimum temperature and moistureApproved Contact Team
13170Plant LabPNECAim of the project is the development of fully automated hydroponics system in which fresh and healthy crops will be grown under controlled and monitored environment with high yield off a small area.... DetailsFinance Expert, Agriculture Experties,Approved Contact Team
14188Paddy planterCEMEAgriculture is the source of earning to many farmers. Cost and labor work has created much problems for farmers in the present age. Therefore we intend to solve these two major problems for farmers... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
15199pro lacASABsoya milk will be fermented using Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Lactobacillus acidophilus which will help in the dietary management of hyperglycemia and hypertension. ... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
16204Crop Monitoring SCEEA platform designed to help farmers in monitoring their wheat fields by giving them real-time information about possible risks that could threaten their crops.... DetailsArduino and its ConnectionsApproved Contact Team
17209BiopesticidesSCEEBiological pesticide (Bio-Pesticides) is one of the most promising alternatives over conventional chemical pesticides, which offers less or no harm to the environments and biota. Bio-Pesticides are used to control pests, pathogens and weeds by a variety of mechanisms by inhibiting growth, feeding, d... DetailsBiotechnologyApproved Contact Team
18210agri S-O-F-TSEECSThis project is based on solar powered smart soil-less vertical organic farming system for rooftops in big cities to grow vegetables and fish. Aquaponics farming will be used to achieve this.... DetailsAgriculture and manufacturingApproved Contact Team
19245Kisaan HelplineSEECSIt is basically to facilitate the farmers so that they can get insights about latest agriculture trends, gain information about new agriculture products and get to know about vegetables prices.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
20256TaLONASABLignin involves in milk, meat Production, but it is not digested properly in ruminants. Rhodococcus jostii a soil bacterium shows lignin degradation activity to enhance milk, meat production.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
21258DeodarCEMEProject Deodar aims at optimizing water utilization and maximizing the yield of fields with the usage of state of the art technology by combining aerial and temporal data.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
22289AgrinnoSEECSagrInno (Agriculture Innovated) is designed to solve agricultural related problemsand reach out to agricultural commodities, information services for their crops through Web, Mobile App, SMS and Call.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
23296PetraCEMETo maximize the productivity of agriculture,we propose a smart automated irrigation system which aims to maximize crop yield,replace conventional systems and tackle water scarcity issue in Pakistan.... DetailsBio-sciences Agricultural sciences Pending
24305Sabz ZameenASABPrediction of suitable crop based on environmental record in past years... DetailsGISPending
25320AgrobotMCSAGROBOT (a prototype) is a ground based agricultural vehicle that will provide farmers a small, portable and smart platform to automatically and remotely survey farmland and detect crop diseases.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
26332UprootSEECSAn automated portable vertical farming system, which provides significantly higher yield per field compared to conventional farming all the while being economical, user and environmental friendly.... DetailsBusiness Management, Organic farming.Approved Contact Team

Domain: Clean Water

2730S-WatersSMMEOur project “Solar driven Membrane Distillation Unit” aims to improvise the distillation technology with only solar energy to purify the water in an efficient and economic way.... DetailsBusiness Plan,management,startup Approved Contact Team
2860ClarifyASABWe are aiming to make a water container/bottle that can passively kill the waterborne pathogens and microbes using a specific material that can be coated inside of these water containers.... DetailsWe need Material and chemical engineers.Approved Contact Team
29125PuriTYSEECSProject PuriTY is an Ultra-Violet water purification product that is independent of the electrical grid as it uses the energy of a falling weight (i.e: gravity) to generate it's own electrical energy.... DetailsBiology Disinfection SterilizationApproved Contact Team
30140Sanitation SolutionSCEEBearing in mind the poor sanitation prevalent in our country, we have decided to provide an economically feasible and environmentally friendly solution for the treatment of domestic wastewater. ... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
31166HydraSenseSEECSA real-time, smart IoT based water distribution monitoring and control system comprising of LoRA wireless sensors network.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
32207pedal purifierCEMEthe need for clean water is undeniable and many people dont have access. A cheap and cost effective mechanism is required for the production of clean water which this project will provide as output.... Detailsbuisness and marketing strategistApproved Contact Team
33224AGUASOLNBSAGUASOL is a solution designed to tackle the problem of unavailability of purified water using solar energy at a very low cost as compared to traditional water treatment plants.... DetailsElectronics, Mechanical EngineeringApproved Contact Team
34321PhotocatalysisSNSPhotocatalysis based on semiconductors is a likely approach to overcome many pollution problems and eliminate toxic organic compounds from waste-water. ... DetailsNoPending
35322Water purificationSNSWidespread use of dyes is causing water pollution. Therefore it is necessary to completely remove these dyes from water that can be carried out via photodegradation.... DetailsNoPending
36418Nano-pure waterASABA tri-layer aqua nano-pure filter which will purify water using Iron oxide and silver complex coated magnetic nano-particles to remove heavy metals and microbial impurities.... DetailsChemical or material engineerApproved Contact Team
37426charcoalSADAcharcoal water purifier is a water bottle design with an advance water filtration system for all time available pure drinking water and easy to handle and carry around.... Detailsfiltration system and product designApproved Contact Team

Domain: Cyber Security

3886Caller RecognitionCEMEIn this project we will use interceptor to intercept calls. The voice data then will be passed to database where signal processing and machine learning will be done to identify caller.... DetailsNoPending
39152AltairVPNMCSA more secure and more reliable free VPN, made by analyzing different other VPNs' security parameters. Allowing it to have immunity against all the privacy endangering threats.... DetailsMarket Research/Survey and Business StrategyApproved Contact Team
40202CyberFoxMCSCyberFox allows the network administrator to covertly track and control internet traffic, and flag unethical practices. It can be used for parental control and employee monitoring on wireless network.... DetailsNoPending
41217OrnithopterCEMEAn Ornithopter is a robot that uses a flapping wing mechanism for its flight.The aim is to design the ornithopter and achieve flight through flapping wing mechanism.Spy camera will also be installed.... DetailsNoPending
42240CrozonoMCSA surveillance drone set up as a cyber security testing tool that can intrude into target's wireless network and send sensitive information to its Command and Control System.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
43359Secure VOIP-AppSEECSThe main objective of this project is to develop a “security-centric SIP phone” for Android platforms. More specifically, the students will build a secure user agent compatible with Asterisk... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
44420PasswordCracking ToolkitMCSA tool on a top of drone which will crack passwords and will do penetration testing of Wifi networks in its viccinity.It will also act as cellphone tower and cause traffic to flow through it... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team

Domain: Education

4584AiyinCEME A solution to the modern world educational problems : lack of critical and out of the box thinking. Our VR content combined with the teaching skills would inspire students to explore knowledge.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
46110Surgeon XMCSSimulator to help medical students and surgeons to get familiar with surgical procedures in virtual environment using leap motion before going into real operation theater,using minimal resources.... DetailsSurgeon,MedicalApproved Contact Team
47132OMBVPLMCSOnline Model Based Visual Programming language enable novice programmers to learn programming only by using graphical components and connectors. User do not have to write code. ... DetailsWeb development(Javascript)Approved Contact Team
48195SAINTSEECSSAINT is an application of Ambient Intelligence in the educational domain that will convert a conventional classroom to a context aware environment by monitoring and analysis of students' data... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
49223SABARSMMESABAR intends to help Austistic children learning social skills with the help of Robotics. We aim to develop a robotic therapy on these kids and also observe real-time effect of this on these children... DetailsImage processing, signal processingApproved Contact Team
50233WE TranslateSEECSThis is a spoken language translation application that would translate English to Urdu (or vice versa). The focus entirely remains on making an application that would work on Urdu translation. ... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
51257RADMCSRAD is an application designed to help Dyslexic kids in their daily routines, so that they can with the help of simple training techniques read a bit efficiently and live more independent life.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
52313Teachify MeNBSWe are a social enterprise, which provides an online educational platform to help students studying in IGCSE, O Levels and A Level by providing different revision resources.... DetailsMarketing, content creationApproved Contact Team
53340Affordabe RobotCEMEAn open source project by BCN3D Technologies of a Robotic Arm which is totally made from 3D printing from scratch. The final end effector will be used to help students in their electronics projects.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
54360Kitab GharSEECSA learning tool offering digitized educational content in English/Urdu to primary schoolers. Aims to inculcate a desire to learn in children by presenting textbook/classroom concepts in easy, fun way.... DetailsEducationistsApproved Contact Team
55361BachpanaSEECSA learning tool offering digitized educational content in English/Urdu to primary schoolers. Aims to inculcate a desire to learn in children by presenting textbook/classroom concepts in easy, fun way.... DetailsEducationistsPending
56362Speech RecognitionSEECSOur project is Urdu Speech recognition based data entry.The system will take input from the user in the form of urdu speech and will get his spoken words in written form.It is a fast data entry system... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
57380Social QuranSEECSWe are planning to develop a smartphone application to facilitate a Verification of Quran. For this we will provide the verification of Quranic Verses uploaded on social media.... DetailsIslamic Studies Approved Contact Team
58394Image DescriptorSEECSCreating a autonomous system which is able analyze images and create detailed captions describing said image. The system is able to identify and describe relationships between core objects in image.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
59396SLARSEECSA mobile application that let user visualize diagrams of textbook by viewing their augmented models. App will also provide 'story telling' feature by animated augmented character.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
60398gMOOCSEECSOur project is basically a gMOOC (gamified Massive Open Online Course). Our goal is to provide education online, but we aim to teach students with the help of games as well.... DetailsEducation sector, Online educationPending
61399Video AnalysisSEECSText displayed in videos provide valuable source for analyzing videos. Text content can be detected, extracted and analyzed using different segmentation techniques and sentimental analysis.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
62401EATUSSEECSWe are aiming towards bridging the gap between Urdu-medium students with little or no knowledge about spoken English and fluent English speakers.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team

Domain: Energy

632RECOgenPNECRECOgen will be a portable setup that will incinerate Karachi's waste to recover power. It will work on the principle of a conventional power plant and dispose waste in a non-hazardous manner.... DetailsPetrochemical and Social Sciences departmentsPending
648Transformer-less UPFC PNECUPFC is a device that increases the efficiency, stability and reliability of a power system by controlling the active and the reactive power flow, by real-time control of transmission line parameters.... DetailsNoPending
6511Solar StillSMMEA stepped inclined Solar still with Phase Change Material (PCM) and single stage bubbling is proposed. Solar stills can be setup on small scale making them suitable for remote areas ... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
6616Geyser EfficiencySMMETo devise ways to save gas consumption and improving the efficiency of domestic house geyser.Gas geysers used within our current society are not optimized and can be further improved to save energy. ... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
6717Clean EnergySMMEWe intend to develop a roadside wind turbine which would harness wind potential generated by automobiles, and utilize that energy to power street lights, thus reducing the load on the power grid.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
6821Going GreenSMMESolar-biomass hybrid dryers are widely used as environmentally friendly alternatives to fossil fuel dryers.This project presents an improved solar-biomass hybrid dryer design.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
6924Energy ConservationsSCMENatural gas shortage is one of the biggest problem faced by Pakistan. Our vision is to generate domestically usable natural gas using anaerobic digestion process of industrial waste sludge.... DetailsNoPending
7027CYNERGYSMMEDesign and manufacturing of a direct carbon fuel cell that can be used with a variety of fuel that includes but is not limited to carbon, hydrogen, syngas and methane.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
7132Green EnergyASABJatropha seeds contain 37% oil content .Extracted oil can be converted into biodiesel for use in diesel engines.To overcome scarcity of fuel in Pakistan by providing tons of pollutant free bio diesel.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
7241Algae biofuelASABThis project will focus on the oil content that is produced in different types of algae. This is done by comparing the beading water droplets on the surface of the algae plants... DetailsNoPending
7356Mini BiogeneratorsASABBiogenerators will consist of Magnetotactic bacteria in tube containing medium instead of magnets. Rotation of these tubes will be powered by biofuels which will be produced by biosolar cells or MFCs.... DetailsNoPending
7472Methno-StovesASABUtilization of methanogens (microorganisms) for the production of natural gas in domestic stoves.... DetailsEnergy systems and EngineeringPending
7594Living LightsASABBio lights carrying either living or genetically engineered bacteria that utilized bio luminescence to emit visible light can be used as alternative for reducing energy consumption... Detailssynthetic biology, photonicsApproved Contact Team
76105S^3BMCSThe project (S^3B) aims to make the electrical switch boards smart in a way that they can detect the device connected to it for remote control and power monitoring .... DetailsNoPending
77113BAMASABBacterial assisted motorbikes (BAM) using bio-batteries (from BACTERIA) to generate electricity replacing engine in motorbikes hence making it noise and pollution free. ... DetailsElectrical and Mechanical EngineersPending
78114TaizPNECOur product provides real time and intelligent non-intrusive appliance load monitoring, using machine learning and cutting-edge analytics, helping to reduce electricity wastage.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
79120Efficient HomePNECThe key idea is to design system that remotely access appliances and optimize energy consumption. This can lead to a better grasp over energy crisis by better management of energy usage by end user.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
80148Little BoxCEMETo design a 1 kW dual stage High frequency cascaded H-Bridge Multi-level inverter, suitable for use in battery powered uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) or photovoltaic (PV) standalone systems.... DetailsNoPending
81149Bioworld CEMEThis project is about designing and fabricating a prototype of a portable biogas plant that will generate biogas using kitchen waste product in order to produce methane gas.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
82169Super CapacitorsSCMEGraphene a stack carbon-atom layers. Unusual properties of graphene make graphene a good substrate to produce graphene-based composites for energy storage (supercapacitors, solar cells batteries).... DetailsNoPending
83171Transformer MonitoringPNECHealth monitoring of transformers can prevent occurrence of faults which are expensive to overhaul and interrupt power supply for long times.A smart system is being developed to overcome this problem.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
84173Learning ThermostatCEMELearning Human preferences pertaining to the Physical and Environmental aspects in an room allowing our device to change the temperature automatically in order to save energy ultimately .... DetailsMachine Learning Algorithms Pending
85194BiodieselASABThe renewable biodiesel fuel can be produced from used cooking oil with the aid of cost effective wasted animal bones catalyst that would carry out vital transesterification step to produce biodiesel... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
86197SolisCEMESolis, meaning Sun, is a Solar Powered two person vehicle for domestic usage. Eco-friendly, quiet and having zero emission level.... DetailsElectronics, Electrical, Business AdministrationApproved Contact Team
87201Smart HomesPNECHome area network a game changing step towards energy efficiency, a stand-alone controlling and monitoring system providing access to home appliances at your fingertips.... DetailsNoPending
88291SuperCapsSCMEThe project Aims to design a graphene composite based electrode for use in supercapacitors. The super capacitor will be produced to provide better life cycle and higher power products.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
89292Power GenerationSCEEEnergy harvesting from vehicular movement using Piezoelectric Nano-generators in pavements. Pakistan is rich in transportation,thus we have a very good and rich potential to generate electricity.... DetailsElectricity Storage capacity enhancement.Approved Contact Team
90297PowerMetSEECSA non-intrusive monitoring tool with a standalone application interface to measure, store and provide the appliance level breakdown of the energy consumed in a household promoting judicious energy use... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
91301enORCCEMEIt is a flexible technology in terms of capacity and is suitable for the cogeneration of heating or cooling, another advantage in the framework of distributed power generation.... DetailsBusiness AdministrationApproved Contact Team
92314ML-on-ChipSEECSThe project aims at efficient deployment of deep learning models in real-time embedded systems, accounting for the limited power and resource constraints associated with embedded systems... DetailsNoPending
93328Smart MeteringCEMEsmart meter will be importing and exporting electricity simultaneously to wapda and consumer,providing access to online billing data.Smarft metre will be connected through GSM to Webpage.... DetailsNoPending
94347Energy MeteringCEMETraditional energy meters are not designed to measure bidirectional energy flow. Design & devlop. of advanced energy meter is proposed to provide aspects i.e net metering,theft reduction,online bilis... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
95353Tweaked InverterPNECOur aim is to design and fabricate an indigenous and inexpensive DC-AC inverter using high speed components for increased efficiency, with very little switching noise hence reduced power losses.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
96355Gym ManiaCEMEAn energy-efficient gym, which will convert the mechanical energy of the gym-fanatics into electrical energy.... DetailsHelp in storage of electricity producedApproved Contact Team
97371Smart MeterPNECWith time, need to analyze energy usage data has increased so that the power management could be done .This is where smart meter comes.It monitor and saves the energy along with bidirectional feature.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
98376Solar BoilerSMME1) Mathematical model of the solar boiler 2) Simulation of the boiler design 3) Lab prototype for testing 4) Scaled working prototype 5) Feasibility study for Integration in targeted industry ... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
99425Solaries360SEECSAn automated UPS system which utilizes both solar power and conventional electricity for its charging.... DetailsNoPending Contact Team

Domain: Environment

10019TasfiaSMMEAction is required to fight pollution. Industrial wastewater containing toxic elements harms environment & health. Using advanced membrane technology, we will produce pure water using clean energy.... DetailsBusiness plan generation,marketing strategy Pending
10131Sea BinSMMEIt's a rubbish bin impregnated in water working on a water suction mechanism, engulfing all the waste materials like plastic debris and tin cans floating on water.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
10253Bio PlasticASABUsing organic materials such as corn to develop plastic which can be degraded by micro-organisms under the right conditions. In this way the environmental pollution caused by plastic can be reduced.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
10392Compact-o-BacterASABBiocementation is an ecofriendly method for soil stabilization. Mechanical properties can be treated by using indigenous bacteria and reactants. It has many economic and environmental benefits... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
10495Aab-o-HawaSMMETo avoid wastage of energy and emission of harmful gases, our desiccant based project has the potential to meet the AC and drinking water demand of hot and humid regions.... DetailsNoPending
105104Autonomous Underwater CEMEOur project is development of a 3-DOF Underwater Vehicle that runs on pre-feed trajectories and requires minimum human input. The pakage also includes a remote controller with GUI interface.... DetailsDesign a GUI Arduino Programming.Approved Contact Team
106127Boat EYECEMEThe project aim is to detect under water life, especially the drowned people or dead bodies efficiently within a very little time.Moreover the system should also be able to detect fishes underwater.... DetailsBusiness schoolApproved Contact Team
107196SAGESSCEEFusion of Three Components of Engineering: Integration of the heat pump installation system with electrical component, without disrupting the natural climate and landscape, the Geotechnical Component.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
108219QuantPureASABFunctionalized immobilized and size optimized Quantum dot easy-on sprays/ applicator liquids to purify air and water from organismic and inorganic pollutants by Resonance Energy Transfer. ... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
109231RuLuxASABPlants die in waterlogged lands because of the lack of oxygen. Plants can survive waterlogging if provided with a minimal quantity of oxygen during the right phase of the water stress.... DetailsSensor (SEECS/SMME), Chemical catalyst(SNS)Pending
110274AmbiCEMSEECSA portable and compact IOT device that monitors and measures atmospheric pollution in real time, and sends this data to cloud where it is used to create pollutants heat maps w.r.t location. ... DetailsNoPending
111281April-Air ASAB April Air would be the eco-saving method through which we will focus on decontamination and disposal of lab waste material through eco-friendly practices. ... DetailsEnvironmental Department , Trained workerApproved Contact Team
112358Auto-DroneSEECSThis project is designed to address the global issue of deforestation using an automatic plantation drone. The drone is to fly over a specified path and plant tree seeds after regular intervals. ... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
113397AR:AnimalsSEECSAnimals have a sense of cognition. They can perform the decision making, but can they do it effectively with technological aspects, such as Augmented Reality? ... DetailsIntegration of Embedded Sys and Augmented RealityApproved Contact Team
114423Spara Tierra NBSThe purpose of Spara Tierra is to support SDG Goal 15 - Life on Land. Under the umbrella; one of the core need is plantation. To make this goal a reality, it is very important to commercialize.... DetailsCS Major - Database Developer - Web DeveloperApproved Contact Team

Domain: Gender Equality

115278FemnobotSEECSTo create a chat bot to identify individuals who harass women on social media without the women having to explicitly report such individuals with the dilemma of subsequent blackmail & shame... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
116412KhayalASABKhayal is a sanitary napkin which is free from chemicals. It is an organic, biodegradable napkin which protects the woman and the environment, and empowers the rural women, by providing employment.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team

Domain: Good healh & well-being

1173LUMENMCSDevice will be attached to the zygomatic or cheek bone. It will capture "3D Audio" from the surroundings and will transfer it to the brain through the concept of bone conduction.... DetailsOtologist (Ear Specialist) & Business ModelApproved Contact Team
1186MULTI-FLEXSEECSAs time passes, our postures tend to get worse. Also, people at gyms do exercises at completely wrong angles which causes back pain. Back and neck pain is second most common reason to visit doctors.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
1199EKKOCEMENeurological disorders are among the fastest growing diseases in the world. Our product is a complete rehabilitation solution for such disorders, the heart of which is a vibration waves based therapy.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
12012Nano CoatingASABNosocomial Infection is caused by bacterial pathogens in hospital. To prevent this infection, we coat surgical blade & surgical fabric with silver nanoparticles as they possess antibacterial property.... DetailsNeed expertise in Marketing & Business sector.Approved Contact Team
12114EPICCEMEEpilepsy is a neurological brain disorder. Idea is to develop wearable band that monitors EMG signals of patients. Aim is to early detect seizures, and to create alert and notify system.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
12215Exo-HandSMMEPortable exo-skeleton hand which can be used not only for rehabilitation but also for performing daily activities.Main focus is on transmission of force from actuator to tip of finger for ADL.... DetailsElectronics and control systemsApproved Contact Team
12326Scorpion GrasperSMMEAs human-robot interaction becomes more integrated,focus has shifted from traditional rigid to soft robotics.We aim to develop a biologically inspired artificial bending actuator for assistance &rehab... DetailsElectronics and Control,Analysis of Hyper Elastic Pending
12428Temp ModeratersSMMEThe project is a wearable cooling wrist band, which is used for the purpose of cooling the target individual rather than the whole space. ... DetailsWill need Electronics ExpertiseApproved Contact Team
12536CADDASABProduction of genetically engineered strains which are responsible for the production of Aspirin analogue which we have predicted through insilico study.This analogue work better than aspirin(insilco)... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
12638AWACSCEMEAutomated Wheelchair and Convertible to Stretcher. The idea is to have a machine that is capable of behaving as a conventional electronic wheelchair and transferring the patient to a bed .... DetailsBusiness model for commercializing our projectApproved Contact Team
12740Allergy DetectionASABWe aim to create a microneedle patch that will help identify multiple drug allergies in one application. This will then provide the person with information about the medicines they must avoid.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
12858Dengue VaccineASABCreating four DNA vaccines against four serotypes of dengue augmented with vitamin D gene, combining those foure to make a tetravelent vaccine, packaging it into liposomes and checking its efficacy.... DetailsNoPending
12959CEFA SCEEThe project will develop efficient bioreactor for optimized growth of freshwater microalgae, Chlorella Vulgaris and extraction of cancer curing pigment, Carotenoid, will be done from the grown algae. ... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
13067SNP DetectorASABSNPs (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms) are responsible for 80% of the genetic variation between 2 given individuals. An economically feasible SNP detector can guide medical decision making.... DetailsBiomedical Engineer Computer Scientist/ProgrammerPending
13174PremaASABPrema is a wearable tech which utilized unmatched combination of technology and date for the prediction of preterm labor on the basis of uterine muscular contractions at an early stage of pregnancy.... DetailsElectrical Engineer and MarketeerApproved Contact Team
13289Medical HistoryASAB There is no medical record history of patients visiting hospitals. There is a need to develop such database which is accessible to all hospitals to know history of patients.... DetailsComputer SciencePending
13390Therapist Tech CEMEStroke is the most common cause of disability and leading cause of mortality worldwide. Stroke rates in Pakistan, India, Russia and China as compared to United States and United Kingdom.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
13493KiRAMCSA desktop app for physiotherapy patients to perform their assigned exercises within the comfort of their homes using Kinect where the patient's progress shall be monitored by a doctor via web portal.... DetailsPhysiotherapy, Exercises, DoctorsApproved Contact Team
13598Heart-AMPSEECSHeart-AMP will be an automatic, cheap and portable device used to detect abnormality of heart and its possible causes (diseases) by recording heart beats and analyzing them through machine learning.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
136102Met-a-BioticASABHypertension is a major problem in the Pakistan. Currently, the drugs taken have numerous side effects. Our solution provides a safe alternative in the form of metabiotic supplements of gut microbiota... DetailsBusiness SectorApproved Contact Team
137103Regenerative MedicineASABObtaining blood & donors is an excruciating task: it requires consent & screening. Our solution generates synthetic red blood cells from stem cells, which can be mass produced plus are pure of disease... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
138109BioSenseSEECSBody composition reveals number of health indicators. BioSense is a non-invasive body composition analyzer that employs bio-electrical impedance analysis to measure fluids, bone, fat and muscle mass... DetailsSoftware Bio Medical ManufacturingApproved Contact Team
139115PABLOSEECSThe project proposes to deliver ALS, stroke and bed ridden patients the capability to communicate and rehabilitate to become independent again, using BCI and eye movement detection to control a bot.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
140117FeetMapSEECSBalanced pressure distribution can prevent many feet related diseases.FeetMap is a low-cost,realtime plantar pressure measuring platform having wide applications in sports,gait analysis and healthcare... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
141122Smart SleeperCEMEWrist Band detects sleep or nap.It sets alarm through app,active vibrators on alarm and send notifications to relatives.Moreover, map with gps is used for setting alarm on specific location reached.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
142128HIPESEECSA special safety jacket designed for the elderly, having airbags which inflate on detecting a fall thus providing cushion and preventing serious fractures to hip, back and upper body bones.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
143130Skinput technologyMCSA technique which allows your skin to be used as an input surface. In our prototype system, we choose to focus on the arm (although the technique could be applied elsewhere).... DetailsSensor experts Signal processing Approved Contact Team
144138STeMRACEMETeleMedicine involves the provision of health-Care and sharing of medical knowledge using telecommunication technologies and it is essential for medical professionals to keep a track of patient's data... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
145139Absolute ManeuverabilityCEMERestoring limb movement for those who have lost the ability to use either there upper or lower limb. This includes amputees as well as those with lower limbs but suffering gait disabilities.... DetailsMarketing, Supply Chain, OutreachApproved Contact Team
146145LUBLINSEECSLublin is an Automatic Insulin Injection System that substitutes the less effective manually administered injections needed for type-1 diabetes patients whose pancreas fails to produce insulin.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
147146Codifying BrainPNECDisability problem has become more severe due to lack of automated solutions.Thus,there is a crucial need to develop a real time assistive automated system which can operate on person’s brain signals.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
148147Fe AmaanSEECSIn today’s age, there is a need for a device that is able to capture the essence of an unborn child, help the parents understand how the fetus is doing and prevent miscarriages by analyzing the fetus.... DetailsMedical, Gynaecology, obstetrician, radiology.Approved Contact Team
149151Pulmonary careCEMEIt is IOT based project which aims to diagnose various lungs diseases using digital stethoscope which collects acoustic signals that are further processed by and classified by algorithms.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
150154SyndiagnosisASABThe project aims at developing a device which potentially measures the levels of synapsin protein as a biomarker for Alzheimer's Disease. ... DetailsNoPending
151155AISCEMEAn EEG signal controlled prosthetic limb is designed for disabled people to move their upper limb from their brain activity. EEG analysis in real time and controlling hardware model of upper limb.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
152156Gait AnalysisCEMEGait Analysis is the characteristic study of human locomotion. We analyze human walking pattern using image acquisition systems and process it to find deviation from standard gait.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
153165Flaviviral VaccineASABFlaviviruses such as Dengue virus, Zika virus and yellow fever virus are causing a number of diseases worldwide. To combat this problem need of hour is to design a cost effective broadspectrum vaccine... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
154167DER ProsthesisCEMETo cater for the need of an affordable process in restoring normal human gait for amputees, the most practical solution is to replace the amputated part by our passive-lower limb prosthesis.... DetailsNoPending
155168ALMUWASHSHAHCEMEAl-Muwashshah an android base multi-purpose active neck brace.It will be used for treating and rehabilitating: Down head syndrome (DHS) Parkinson’s disease (PD) Cervical Spondylosis ... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
156174iSightCEMEWe are reciprocating human vision with the aim of achieving our goal in lowest cost possible, beneficial for both visually impaired people and human like vision for machines and robots... DetailsMachine Learning and Neural Network Linux Approved Contact Team
157182PosalysCEMEWe aim to do human pose estimation using deep learning. Our solution will tell from a single 2D RGB image about your posture abnormality based on the skeletal information extracted from the image... DetailsMarketing, Business DevelopmentApproved Contact Team
158183EPICARECEMEAn advanced automated system for onset epileptic seizure prediction, preventing accidental deaths and improving patients social life, and improving their health care. The long-term goal of the project... Detailswe will take help of neurology specialist . Approved Contact Team
159184BIISMCSAn early warning and insulin inoculation system for diabetics... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
160198ArmPlusCEMEArmPlus is a wearable robotic arm, which supplements human capabilities by reducing load on human muscles, hence, a worthy combination of man and machine.... DetailsRobotics, Control Systems, Business AdministrationApproved Contact Team
161205Health+SCEEA healthy lifestyle is one which helps to keep and improve people's Mental and physical health. Pakistan is ranked on top of the charts when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle.... DetailsAn app developer. marketing expertise.Approved Contact Team
162208FAWLPNECThe product is aimed to kill pain for those who trudges through foot pain at work ,exercise or voyagers. Moreover our product is reliable economical and safe for environment .... DetailsMarketing and Production techniques Approved Contact Team
163214Bio-gelASABBio gel is used for the treatment of oral problems. Its formula contains probiotics which act as a therapeutic agent against gingivitis, dental plaque, oral ulcer, and halitosis.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
164220TressenceASABAn essential oil based anti-depressant derived from a combination of plants with research proven extraordinary health benefits. ... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
165228DIVESEECSDIVE – Dehydration Identification & Vitality Evaluation. A non invasive wearable gadget to observe parameters such as hydration and fatigue through sweat and heart rate sensors. ... DetailsDSSP, Android Development, Micro ElectronicsApproved Contact Team
166230DEEPSEECSTimely evaluation of Lung health prevents many pulmonary complications.DEEP is a low-cost,portable diagnostic device for evaluation of lung health, supported by an Android and desktop application.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
167234SPExSEECSSPEx People worldwide suffer from muscle disorders like Parkinson’s, A.L.S et cetera. They have problems in limb movement. To make arm movement possible for them, we are designing an exoskeleton.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
168238Neuro EmpathyMCSA smart device that enables paralyzed/ stroke patients’ help perform self-physiotherapy by artificially generating body movements such as grasping and reaching out things.... DetailsAlready getting medical expertise from AFIRM & MHApproved Contact Team
169246FermirolASABCholesterol lowering by using naturally occurring bacteria in our gut. They assimilate cholesterol and help improving lipid profile of body.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
170255CFESSEECSCFES is a device that generates movements in the paralyzed arms and hands of patients by applying electrical impulses to the muscles employing functional electrical stimulation technology.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
171263LubDubCEMEA smartphone based clinical decision support system for cardiac sound classification which can be deployed in rural areas to bridge the gap between patients and doctors.... DetailsExpertise from doctor for testing once developedApproved Contact Team
172264Anti-ABRASABAntibiotic resistance is a prevalent problem today. We plan to overcome it by exploring new possibilities to combat this insidious problem. We will target specific genes using bacteriophage therapy.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
173265HearEEGSEECSThe project proposes a method of music or sound composition from different characteristics of the brain voltage signals, that give information about the mental state, targeting epilepsy in our case.... DetailsComputer Science, Neurology, BiomedicalApproved Contact Team
174267cancer nanotechnologySNSTreating cancer in a way that it is not painful and doesn't destroy healthy cells. Further, It removes cancerous cells from the body reducing the risk of getting cancer again in life.... DetailsDoctors, pharmacistsPending
175270blooDonateSEECSA mobile application to make the process of blood donation effective and efficient by generating location based requests to the donors with matching blood group.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
176272MasehaCEMEJust like Careem, our idea is to provide our clients with medical assistance at their desired location.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
177275Epih-setASABWe aim to design a small headset that will help the patients of epilepsy to control the seizures by balancing the electric charges in the brain... DetailsElectrical or mechanical engineerApproved Contact Team
178276NeurelSEECSWe are introducing an electronic solution to your pain. Neurel is an electronic, non-invasive wearable treatment that grants the user immunity to pain by stimulating the brain.... DetailsMedical, MarketingApproved Contact Team
179277ChitoplastASABWe aim to produce a skin patch with chitosan composition that can efficiently use it's anti-microbial and non-toxic properties to heal wounds and burns.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
180279Easy DetectASABEasy Detect is paper based detection system which will provide inexpensive point of care testing for pathogenic diseases. The detection system will be complemented with a system to report an epidemic.... DetailsChromatography, MicrofluidicsApproved Contact Team
181285SkinDADSEECSTo achieve something through efficient and friendly way. SkinDAD will help patients suffering from various skin disorders get rid of painful and lengthy biopsy report system.... DetailsMarketing And Business SectorPending
182294Smart GuideSEECSThe project is aimed to assist the visually impaired and improve their quality of life. It will capture images and caption them by highlighting the important objects in the image and describing them. ... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
183295RACEshoeCEMEE-shoe assists the visually impaired person in navigating his way and avoiding obstacles through a blue tooth earpiece. ... DetailsNoPending
184298SPEAKSEECSSPEAK is a Brain-Computer interface that enables communication via speech using the EEG signals using P300 speller. This system aids persons who are unable to communicate via conventional methods.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
185299Oculo 1.0SEECSAn ocular surgery robot that would remove human errors, guarantee efficiency and be able to perform a few surgeries without human involvement. In manual mode, it would help remove jitters in surgery.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
186311pulsioxostressometerCEMEimplementation of portable and wearable pulse oximeter. A pulse oximeter is capable of measuring the oxygen saturation level of blood non-invasively. It is used in asthama and hypoglacemia detection.... DetailsNoPending
187319MedillectPNECAs a simple foray into the field of BCI, our project uses machine learning to classify brainwaves according to the thoughts they represent; the first step towards thought process decoding. ... DetailsNeuroscience and Psychology.Pending
188335ACTMCSAutomated tool for the aid of communication between a normal and a deaf and mute person by converting audio into sign language and providing audio translation of sign language.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
189345PREDOTCEMEDiagnosing throat infection or tonsillites in non-cooperating children is a difficult task. The idea is to get a quick high definition picture of the throat and later analyze the picture with ease.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
190351Smart analyzerCEMEMonitoring and maintaining kidneys' health just with Portable cheap health caring device known as Smart analyzer... DetailsChemistry&Business Approved Contact Team
191352Finger ReaderCEMEAccessing printed text in a mobile context is a major challenge for the blind. FingerReader, assists blind users with reading printed text on the go.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
192354Prosthetic HandCEMEAim of this project is to develop a myo prosthetic upper limb allowing the upper limb amputees to grasp and pick objects. The upper limb uses muscle flex signal to operate.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
193363Project BoneStrongSCMEThis project targets the economic green chemistry synthesis of biocompatible HydroxyApatite nanocomposite with 2D nanomaterials to improve tensile and shear strength of HA for bone and dental implants... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
194365PrometheusCEMEProviding small farmers with a cost-effective, green alternative to firewood consumption for household cooking; making agrarian communities self-sufficient in energy department.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
195366GroupHearing SystemCEMEThere are some special children who are considered as partially deaf. They can but at specific sound frequency rang.Group hearing system will help them in learning process. ... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
196367Safebrace SEECSA wearable bracelet with a camouflaged button on it that helps in sending a message to nominated contact numbers in case of an emergency and informing them about the exact location of a person.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
197369SignPreterSEECSCommunication gap between deaf/dumb and normal people is huge as people do not understand sign language.SignPreter is an easy communication source between deaf/dumb and people.... DetailsNoPending
198372Super Spoon SEECSTremor has been a cause of problems for humans since a long time.We intend on developing a smart spoon for patients with tremor handshakes. The spoon will smoothen the process of eating.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
199373Elderly BuddyCEMEA wearable and web platform for elders to detect any unforeseen events and monitor their vitals and provide helpful insights to healthcare professionals and their caretakers.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
2003743D-FREDISEECSOur project aimed at creating a realistic 3D construct of an individual using readily available interfaces while at the same time detecting and interpreting the emotions of the said individual.... DetailsNoPending
201395MAPCODSEECS MAPCOD is a non-invasive, wearable device for monitoring of chronic patients. The target of this device is the real-time monitoring of Blood Pressure(BP), Heart Rate(HR) and Respiration Rate(RR).... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
202400DRIASEECSRetinal imaging has rapidly grown within ophthalmology in the past twenty years. making it possible to examine the eye for the presence of many different eye diseases with a simple, noninvasive method... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
203405Eye Writer CEMEThe medical field is producing new ways to solve health issues. Hence, an optically controlled script developer (aka eyewriter) will allow patients to communicate through eyes to convey their message.... DetailsComputer visionApproved Contact Team
204427Nano-opticsASABThe design of our device ensures that we get a timely diagnosis of the genetic disorder, cystic fibrosis, as the results will be visual. This will allow point of care testing (POCT).... DetailsMarketing, Business PlanPending Contact Team

Domain: Inclusive Economic Growth

20585SmartBankingCEMEOn daily basis, a cashier has to perform tasks like billing, cash deposit, vouchers, online transactions, withdrawal and end of the day transaction summary. The aim is to Automate this system.... DetailsBankingApproved Contact Team
206150Finance PredictorCEMEOur project is Stock Price Prediction Using Data Analytics.Our purpose is to use quarterly financial reports(Q10) of silicon based companies and find trends and factors that effects the company financ... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
207253E-RefugioSCEEthe Idea is to create a GIS based smart phone application that will facilitate all kinds of donations.This solution will have gamified interface for donors which will keep them motivated to help more.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
208269Poverty MappingSCEEPoverty is the scarcity or lack of a certain amount of material possessions or money. It is a multifaceted concept, which may include social, economic and political elements. ... DetailsDeep learning/machine learningApproved Contact Team
209357StockMarket PredictorSEECSOur project aims to accurately analyze and predict the KSE-100 Index(for now) stocks/share prices for enlightening common investors to invest intelligently and profitably. ... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team

Domain: Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure

210133Next-Gen CladsSCEEReplacing Fiber Cement Board with Lightweight Corrugated Panels in Light Gauge Steel construction. The product will be locally available unlike FCB, and will fulfill all the technical requirements.... DetailsBusiness Plan Industrial PlanPending
211161SensiFixSCEEDevelop a climate adaptable construction material that can be used for rigid pavement repair, and possess the ability of self-healing and self-sensing if damaged, within specified limits.... DetailsChemical, Biological, Environmental Approved Contact Team
212179Sensorless ControlPNECIn this project a sensor-less, Internet of Things (IoT) based control system will be designed for industrial automation; with the target to time sync and reduce latency to attain full machine control.... DetailsNoPending
213221Low EmissivitySCMEThe amount of energy radiated by material is called emissivity so the materials having high emissivity means they would absorb more reflect less like common glass having emissivity of 0.84 which means... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
214379PLASTECHCEMEPlastech is an idea to replace typical building material like bricks and concrete blocks LEGO type Plastic Bricks. We want to reduce pollution and inequality gap By Recycling plastic into Bricks... DetailsMarketing Promotion Business StrategistApproved Contact Team
215415Ghar SajaoSEECSThis report presents an application of Augmented Reality technology for interior design. Along with the growth of digital technology, virtual information techniques are required in architectural field... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team

Domain: Lifestyle

2164ZdietASABYogurt containing new herb Gymenma sylvestre will be used to hack taste buds to eliminate the food cravings. Moreover low priced, beneficial, weight reducing probiotics are added to enhance quality.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
21737TasveerASABAn online platform to connect photographers to consumers. The platform would contain all the details of the photographer, portfolio, reviews, budget, team and would be easily searchable.... DetailsWeb and app development, MarketingApproved Contact Team
21877piCalCEMEdevelopment of android app that uses image input and displays calories of food.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
219118Gym AmigoCEMEUser-friendly tech solution/replacement to gym trainers. Monitor postures during exercise and also counts the reps during exercise. Wearable band, and wallet-friendly device. Novel Idea. ... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
220213Black BoxCEMEBlack Box is design and development of vehicle-driver dynamics logging unit. The second phase of Black Box will assist the driver and the third phase will be very first self-driving car in Pakistan.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
221268MR. CHEFMCSThe idea of the project is to realize IoT implementation of robotic arm(s) that shall carry out activities related to cooking in kitchen, approximately same as a human would do thus automating kitchen... DetailsForward & Inverse Kinematic, Robotics DesignApproved Contact Team
222293VelomobileCEMEVelomobile. Efficient Safe and healthy. Human powered along with electric power... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
223304BeanARSEECSBeanAR allows you to see the shops which exist around you in the real world and let you see the details of stock in those shops in Augmented Reality.... DetailsBusiness plan makingApproved Contact Team
224337FineItCEMEA computer engineered device that ought to be fit in every vehicle on road & would sense the drivers' mistakes while driving & records fine for the violation of traffic rules that is life threatening.... Detailsmechanics , law enforcement agenciesApproved Contact Team
225342TabedaarSADAWe are trying to solve the issue of immediate shopping by automating it through our app. You can order anything you want to buy and we will do it for you and will drop it to your location.... Detailsoperations, IT, Marketing,ManagementApproved Contact Team
226344Solar BicycleCEMESolar bicycle is a bicycle with an electric motor which is driven by the use of power from the battery which is being charged using Sunlight by solar panels.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
227346MARKRSEECSA smartphone application that provides travelers and tourists with real time information about their surroundings augmented on phone screen in camera view creating an immersive experience.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
228348Retail AnalysisSEECSOur project will tell what item to be kept at store and what not. When does customers come and leave. What is their loyalty with product they buy. Relation between products bought to be kept nearby.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
229375Motion RideSEECSThe idea is user controlled motion ride.A motion ride in synchronous with a stream from VR Box and also in synchronous with controller.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
230406Pocket LabSEECSLab in the pocket is intended to convert a simple mobile camera into a microscope by attaching a cheap lens to it. This will then be used to do multiple tests on blood, honey and milk(pure/or not).... Detailsdetails about microscopic images of diff materilasPending
231411Automatic ShoppingSEECSWe need a time saving solution for online shopping in world where no one has time. Using latest technology and algorithms we present a better,automated online shopping app that can save time,money etc... DetailsNoPending Contact Team
232422Easy InsuranceSMMEEasy Insurance is the Pakistan's first online insurance comparison and subscription website. It's a personalized plan generator and dedicated insurance awareness portal. ... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team

Domain: Other

2331SWDPSelectSWDP (Sustainable Water Desalination plant) converts brackish water dug from underground into pure drinkable water using renewable energy, on evaporation and condensation principle.... DetailsBusiness Specialist.Pending

Domain: Process Improvement

23418Mini TurboFanSMMEDesign and Development of a Turbofan Engine for a mini Unmanned Aerial Vehicle... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
23520Balancing MachineSMMEWe are aiming to develop a cost effective wheel balancing machine that has similar accuracy as that of commercially available machine.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
23622Gear BoxSMMEThe project is based on a power transmission system. The power would be transmitted through a gear box. In this system a gear box delivers the power to four outputs.... DetailsNoPending
23725SnakeySMMESnakey takes a whole new approach to robotic arms and their potential applications in healthcare. We aim to replace traditional robotic arms with a mechanism that is more fluid, continuous and robust.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
23829Mobile HarbourSMMETo increase cargo handling capacity worldwide, a novel maritime container transport system that can reduce the need of large port areas by going into deep water and aiding in container transportation.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
23933DAQMCSTo make any data acquisition and process control system using a GUI-based object oriented programming, by interfacing Arduino in VB.Net environment. Result will be displayed graphically and digitally... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
24034NanopakkējinguASABNanopackaging is the future of packaging; with combining clay nanoparticles in the plastics that are used for packaging; it can be made sure that the product packed is safe, spoilage free and fresher.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
24135BioGlueASABIndustrial scale production of safe,natural, waterproof superglue by exploiting natural glue making mechanism of Caulobacter Crescentus and inducting it into an E.Coli bacterium.... DetailsBioinformaticians, biotechnicians Pending
24261fog lampSMMEits good... DetailsNoPending
24383VRTHCEMEBuild a virtual training environment for teaching Hajj procedures.... DetailsBusiness expertApproved Contact Team
24496predictive modeling ASABIdea is to develop predictive microbiology database that contains all the reported conditions at which the activities of different fungal strain have been checked.... Detailscomputer software development expert Pending
24599Automatic GreenhouseCEMEAutomation of greenhouse involves manipulating its control variables such as moisture content, humidity, temperature, etc) to produce the ideal and optimum environment for any plant’s growth and nurturing. The aim of greenhouse automation is not only reducing labor costs but also increase producti... Detailshelp in business plan and marketingApproved Contact Team
246100Egg ShellsASABEgg Shells, considered as waste, are valuable as these contain 97% CaCO₃ & 3% proteins. Cement and pharmaceutical industries are the biggest consumers of these products.Egg shells can meet these needs... DetailsExpertise from business filed is require.Approved Contact Team
247112Adjustable_ROM braceSMMEthe objective is to design the locking mechanism of post op. brace allowing adjustable ROM for joint rehabilitation and reducing the cost without comprising on safety or durability ... DetailsNoPending
248129Automation Inc. CEMEIndustrial automation in one of the leading fields these days. Our project focuses on the design and development of generic control modules for various industrial devices on SIMATIC platform. ... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
249131Stereotaxic InstrumentSMMEThe Stereotaxic Instrument would incorporate an innovative holder assembly design accomplishing ultra precision at a relatively cheaper price range unlike the commercially available ones.... DetailsAtlas Integration (Electronics and Control)Approved Contact Team
250135OBVSCEMEMostly people are careless about their vehicles and they are unable to figure out problems related to it. OBVMS will help to monitor and provide pre-diagnosis system for the vehicles.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
251141Geo-FTTxSCEEAutomation of network planning process and efficient network monitoring, at its top will be application infrastructure to provide multiple view level and shared access to the users... DetailsFiber optics hierarchy and its distributionPending
252157Balancing MachinesCEMEImprovement & Modification of A3-3-32 Diesel Engine Turbo Charger Dynamic Balancing Machine... DetailsWe require funding for our final year project.Pending
253158EVAMCSEver been to a country or places where you face difficulties communicating with its residents?, our idea is to replace a instant-translator device with everyone smartphone-application.... DetailsA programmer who knows python and app developmentApproved Contact Team
254159 Kraftstoff-StudieCEMEThe need of fuel efficiency in automotive world is exceptionally recquired due to the limited amount of resources awailable. Experimental setup for the fuel analysis for maximum efficiency is here.... DetailsNoPending
255162SyncroRunCEMEEight-bar parallel manipulator with phone holder, controlled using visual servoing to achieve zero relative movement between a user running on a treadmill and his device. This allows for easy use.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
2561643D-Sand printerSMMEThe conventional sand casting requires storage of pattern for each time a casting is made. our prototype will eliminate the need of pattern and hence cost and energy used by this process can be saved... DetailsMaterials engineeringPending
257175Textile OverhaulCEMEIn textile industry, one of steps is to detect faults in cloth and that is generally done manually by workers. We want to enable fast and efficient process of fault detection using image processing.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
258176Bio-ChrocolumnASABNano-based bioremediation of hexavalent chromium (toxic form) intro trivalent chromium (non-toxic form) produced by Leather tanneries as waste product that pollutes water bodies.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
259178Automatic brakesCEMEAutomatic Emergency braking system detects the hazard and apply pressurized brakes where drivers fail to apply it by any reason.... DetailsElectrical engineering and Computer EngineeringApproved Contact Team
260200JABNIK PropCEMEResearch and development of propeller (engine) airfoil with flow-control mechanism to control boundary-layer thickness. reducing turbulence and skin friction coefficients, and improving aerodynamics.... DetailsNoPending
261206Turbocharger TestBenchCEMEWe will develop a Hot Gas Turbocharger Test Bench applying our knowledge to give a practical solution of a problem related to Turbocharger Testing. ... DetailsPerson having knowledge of control system is good.Approved Contact Team
262211Test BenchCEMEOur Project is "Design and fabrication of Automotive Transmission test Bench of Mercedes Benz 2636". we are going to design a test bench that will check the power transmission etc, of Gear box.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
263216Project OASESCEMEProject OASES(Optimizing Aquaponics system for Enhanced Sustainability) is basically automation of an aquaponics system with minimum human interference.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
264218ATCCEMEATC stands for Autonomous Trash Collector, which will be a drone-based trash collection system which will collect trash that is distributed across an area.... DetailsDesign, manufacture of dronesApproved Contact Team
265222Convenient Speed-BumpsSCEEDesigning a speed bump using a non-Newtonian fluid that is both cost-effective and significantly increases the level of convenience for the road users.... DetailsNoPending
266226Autonomous VehicleSMMEAdvanced driver assistance and autonomous Vehicle control... DetailsComputer science or electrical engineer for prograPending
267227HoloCallMCSHoloCall will allow users to visually communicate with their distant loved ones or colleagues by the concept of augmented reality. Users will be able to see the other person as 3-dimensional hologram.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
268229semiautomated rigCEMEThe basic design of rig. It’s spatial orientation with respect to operational requirements.The basic analysis of design.Fabrication and testing of final rig. ... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
269236nikeCEMEWe are making a coordinate measuring machine.Once we shall complete the machine we shall interface it with PC.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
270239E-filing systemSEECSMost of the offices have paper-based filing system causing difficulty in tracking and sorting files,leading to space inefficiency and more time consumption so we replace with paperless filing system.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
271242CyclopsOtherthe main purpose of this project is allow companies to maintain standards while being able to produce in the quantity that they currently are producing .... DetailsNoPending
272243Swarm ControlCEMESwarm robotics is a field of multi-robotics in which large number of robots are coordinated in a distributed way. It is based upon simple robots compared to the complexity of the task to achieve.... DetailsNoPending
273247Fault DiagonsisPNECA fault in an induction motor can lead to single point failure in a complex system.Our project mainly focuses major faults experienced in induction motor and diagnosing them before becomes a problem.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
274248Microwave NitrdingSCMEMagnetrons will be used to generate plasma i.e. ionized gas containing the element to be diffused into the metal surface as a component to harden the surface of the sample as compared to its core.... DetailsNoPending Contact Team
275249Tunable AntennaCEMEA multi-frequency antenna can replace many typical antennas reducing size,cost and system complexity while improving performance. In our project a novel design for a tunable patch antenna is presented... DetailsNoPending
276250Motorbike DamperSMMEConventional orifice dampers in Pakistan don't have an effective shock absorption. Shim stack dampers are more effective viscous dampers and they have already become conventional for motorcycles abroa... DetailsNoPending
277254Soothe BabySEECSThis baby crib mimics a car ride to put the baby right to sleep.A crib combined with app for providing custom sleep adventures, lights sounds & movement to create perfect environment for a sound sleep... DetailsNoPending
278259Hydrokinetic TurbineSMMEOur project is design and fabrication of a hydrokinetic turbine along with experimental quantification of different parameters.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
279260Cosmic RoboticsCEMEWe are developing a 7 DOF anthropomorphic robotic arm that can be used to assist doctors in the field of surgery as well as be of help in the industry in doing cumbersome and repeatable tasks.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
280261SPASCMESPA is a process of stainless steel passivation, optimized in such a way so that our steel product can be used for the industrial applications, with improved lifespan and durability.... DetailsNoPending Contact Team
281262WerseonSEECSWerseon is a peer-to-peer marketplace that connects buyers,who can’t get a certain product in their country or don't want to pay for shipping,with travelers who have some extra space in their baggage.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
282271HybrikePNECConsidering a 70cc motorcycle giving about 50km of drive per liter of pertrol, the cost per km is PKR 1.5. With our hybrid drivetrain we aim to bring it down to PKR 0.56 per km... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
283280KisanCEMEOur idea focus on direct supply of fruits and vegetables from farmers to sellers and customers directly connected by an app that monitors rates and supply of our products.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
284287Hot BoyCEMETo design and fabricate a turbocharger test bench in order to test the turbo-charged cars whose number is increasing rapidly in Pakistan.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
285300Noerric SEECSCircket is the second biggest game in the world. A game that has more than 2.2 Billion followers, yet it depends on a single ball. Our smart wicket can detect foot no ball in real time.... DetailsIndustrial DesignApproved Contact Team
286303RaahiASABA car-pooling service that targets a particular community and provides an affordable solution of inter-city transport to riders and drivers headed to the same destination mutually benefiting both.... DetailsMarketing App DevelelopersApproved Contact Team
287318CVT design CEMEwe are designing a CVT (continuous variable transmission) system for small engines, our approach is to improve the actuation system by installing an electro-mechanical system and making it work.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
288327Transporters!SCEETransporters will generate optimum routes using addresses and provide an interface to track vehicles as well as show alerts in case of over-speeding or overstaying of the vehicle. ... DetailsNoPending
289329Eco-friendly Bio-plasticsASABOwning to the great population explosion in Pakistan, the plastic packaging sector is great industrial segment. For fulfilling the consumer needs, plastic manufacturing and supply is increasing leaps ... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
290330Clutchless MotorbikeOtherAutomation of clutch in manual transmission of motorbike... DetailsNoPending
291333Paper CupsCEMEThis will be an automated paper cup folding machine and once a paper roll will be inserted it will automatically prepare a cup from this roll.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
292334Kaarbon FiberCEMEidea of replacing Road Rickshaws and Commercial Vehicles with Carbon Fibre Body. Which will enhance performance by reducing weight.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
293343Khana_Mera_LanaCEMEOur idea is to deliver home-cooked, fresh, hygienic lunch from peoples home to their workplaces.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
294350ROBUST PLATFORMCEMEour project is a design , fabrication and automation of a high degree PAN TILT PLATFORM used for multiple purposes.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
295356MartselloSEECSThe project is a mobile based application that will serve as a delivery service for everyday groceries and necessity goods. The idea is to deliver goods to customers from their desired stores.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
296370Eco HearthSADAThe idea is a kitchen appliance catering to the users from different domains and focusing on one of the major problem faced worldwide i.e. energy crisis especially the shortage of natural gas. The proposed product, suggests realization of a sustainable miniaturized biogas-based solution at a househo... DetailsBio Engineers, Environmental Engineers Approved Contact Team
297377Gaze trackingCEMEEco system development using 3 dimensional eyeball tracking and human- computer interaction ... DetailsBusiness, App- development,Pending
298382EatphantSEECSEatphant aims to solve the problem of non-availability of tables in restaurants & order-delay by creating a system for customers and restaurants for table reservations, pre-ordering & other features.... DetailsMarketing, Business, Business PlanApproved Contact Team
299392stewart platformCEMEA  Stewart platform is a type of parallel robot that has six prismatic actuators. Devices placed on the top plate can be moved in the six degrees of freedom.... DetailsNoPending
300402Molecular CommunicationPNECWe used chemical signals to transfer a text over a distance of few (cm).We aim to provide bridge between rapid growing body of theoretical work in molecular communication to its practical applications... DetailsBiotechnologyApproved Contact Team
301410Alloy ModificationSCMEContainerless solidification helps achieving large values of undercooling by totally avoiding heterogeneous nucleation in advanced engineering alloys and its effect on mechanical properties.... DetailsNanoindentation from PCSIR SEM from CASENApproved Contact Team
302413HealthXSEECSThe main idea behind our project is an application that will provide graphical and statistical metrics upon analysis of a defined amount of data i.e. medical patient records. ... DetailsCommunity MedicineApproved Contact Team
303414Call TranscriberSEECSAn android application, we aim to transcribe the voice calls on mobile phone into written notes form through speech recognition. ... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team

Domain: Sustainable & Safe Cities

30410WheeloPNECWheelo is an E-Bike module for bicycles, with a universal size and a zero carbon footprint. We aim to help solve the growing transportation issues of our country at an affordable cost.... DetailsNoPending
30513GreenForce MultiplierCEMEA real time ICT project designed for Quick Response Forces of Pakistan to counter Terrorism by developing an IOT based smart solution for effective surveillance and tactical mission assignment.... DetailsNoPending
30688SCUCACEMEThis is a UAV which will control its flight completely by itself avoiding collisions and finding new paths to complete the given task. Task planned is collecting data to model any environment.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
307123Smart DWDMCEMEEarly Warning Disaster System is not effectively implemented in Pakistan.Due to this a lot of people are loosing their lives everyday.Our Device will early notify users about disaster via Android App.... DetailsNoPending
308124NextBusCEMEIn our regular life we are having a serious issue of transportation unpredictability. We are building a system that track and provide schedule of vehicles to users to optimize and manage their routine... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
309160Challan MachineCEMEThe idea is based on an integrated setup of radar and camera. The radar is used to detect not only speed violations but also illegal lane change and things as red light violations.... DetailsNoPending
310172MasSecureCEMEA simplified and affordable yet highly intelligent home security system, independent of high installation and maintenance charges, using IoT, embedded systems and smart use of sensors and indicators.... DetailsMechanical Engineering, Materials EngineeringApproved Contact Team
311177S-binPNECDeployment of a LoRaWAN for managing trash collection as part of smart city. The gateway will be made using Pi and the nodes consist of Arduino and LoRa module for low power, long range communication.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
312187ASUReSEECSThe amount of visual data collected from multi-camera surveillance systems is huge but it is not understandable until some meaning is given to it, automated person re-identification becomes neccessary... DetailsNoPending
313192AasSEECSAmbulances get stuck in traffic which is crucial for saving lives. We have a solution which can clear a single lane on major roads for ambulances to move quickly.... DetailsElectrical engineeringPending
314212TH(Throw-able Hunter)CEME The idea is to create a throw-able, light-weight UGV (Unmanned Ground Vehicle) with real time video feedback capability to assist rescue operations in Pakistan during severe natural calamities.... DetailsNoPending
315232Telescopic CraneCEMEA light weight & portable telescopic camera crane with automatic counterweight balancing system and 3 -Axis Remote Head capable of rotating, tilting & spinning the Camera. ... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
316237GasenseSCMEThe idea is to make device that would save lives of people because of toxic gas build-ups or gas leakage at both domestic and industrial level. Gasense aims to provide simple and economical solution.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
317244Drone netSEECSDrone net is a project based on computer vision in which we will give UAVs capacity to land automatically based on vision. it will detect a landing site and will land on it.... DetailsNoPending
318273EchoSEECSIt is a mobile application which will detect any suspicious activities like gunshot,chaos and burglary through sound with user's consent and will notify corresponding authorities about it. ... Detailsto build a business model and selling strategyApproved Contact Team
319283Jager VisionCEMECreate a Prototype, Helmet mounted modular Augmented Reality display to assist a soldier in the field. Provides visual aid, in the form of form of direction pointer, location of objective and itself... DetailsNoPending
320302FogisionSEECSOur project will allow drivers to see in fog or low-light situations by using a sensor to model a 3D version of the environment and the result is displayed on a tablet screen placed on the dashboard. ... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
321331detonatorCEMEmine detecion and detonation has been a problem for the pak armed forces in the tribal areas for quite some time now. there are a number of solutions available and we tend to enhance their effiveness... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
322338Ignis liberandumCEMEThis idea provides the solution by safely reeling the users to ground from high rise buildings; as lack of safety precautions in Pakistan are not sufficient.... DetailsMarketing TeamPending
323368FLYBOCEMEOur idea is develop an easy to operate "unmanned aerial vehicle" that can carry supplies (fire extinguisher, medical supplies, water and edibles) worth a payload of 1.5-2kg to clamity struck areas (Floods, earthquake, fire break), thus excluding the need of human presence in danger zones.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
324378MapifySEECSMapify uses state of the art technology to create immersive & interactive 3D maps of building interiors. Applications include virtual tours, architecture, construction, mining and interior design... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
325403Voice-based AssitantSEECSThe project aims to provide self-operating homes with the help of a voice based system that will take commands from the user in Urdu and perform them accordingly.... DetailsHardware related queries might be raised.Approved Contact Team
326404City WheelsSEECSOur app provides provide transport options for the user while using the available resources. We provide convenient transport option to the general public with lowest waiting time and minimal cost.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
327409The EyeSEECSwe propose to implement a system that will monitor videos from live surveillance cameras and detect an anomaly in a given scene (robbery) and identify the robbers and also track them.... DetailsNoPending
328421Vehicle SpySEECSVehicle Spy is a deep-learning based Vehicle Re-Identification system that can recognize or re-identify vehicles from across multiple cameras, aimed to help in traffic surveillance and forensics.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team
329424SWMSEECSOur solution approaches the problem of ineffective waste management and collection and presents a solution that allows timely collection of waste in big cities with minimum fuel overhead.... DetailsNoApproved Contact Team