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FICS’18 Stage 1 Result

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      In total, 158 projects have qualified for Stage 2.
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      FICS’18 Stage 2 event will be held on Tuesday, 27th March 2018, in Jinnah Auditorium, NUST H-12 Campus.

S.No Project ID Idea Name School/ College Project Abstract Inter-NUST Expertise Required Get in Touch with Team

Domain: Education

121ThetaSEECSAcademies charge high prices for university entrance exam preparations & yet offer low value for money.Theta is a unique online portal with personalized learning, peer comparison, smart analytics.... DetailsSurveying, Analysis, Marketing Strategy Contact Team
267VR Ed-explorerSEECSVR Ed-explorer is an educational application, which has been prepared keeping in mind the particular curriculum being taught at secondary level. However, it could be beneficial for all learners regardless of age and background. The app allows exploration and study of various abstract and complex 3D ... DetailsNo Contact Team
3158iVRCEMEiVR is a solution to the modern world's educational problems: lack of critical and out-of-the-box thinking. Our VR content, combined with the teaching skills, would inspire students to explore knowledge. iVR will provide the VR content necessary to convert a classroom environment into a VR environme... DetailsSomeone pursuing a degree in business. Contact Team

Domain: Energy

424PowerLyticsSEECSPowerLytics is a non-intrusive, low-cost load monitoring device that intelligently monitors the appliance's level of energy usage. Aided by the energy consumption analytics, user can reduce utility bills.... DetailsNo Contact Team
560Battery MonitoringPNECThe project aims to carry out online health monitoring of lead acid battery, without disconnecting the load from the battery with maximum efficiency possible and with maximum precision. Currently, no system in Pakistan provides online (without disconnecting load ) health monitoring of lead acid batt... DetailsNo Contact Team
672Khubani DryerCEMEPakistan being the 6th most apricot producing country but 40% of apricot produced in Gilgit Baltistan is wasted. Apricot dryer is designed to cope this 40% wastage using natural convection. The dryer is designed on the basic principle of free convection. It uses solar energy to warm the air which is... DetailsNo Contact Team
7118Smart MeterPNECSmart Meter is a next-gen Energy Meter with enhanced communication and Metering capabilities. It enables real-time communication between End-user and Utility providers, to address the lack of transperancy in billiing process, leading to a more efficient experience.... DetailsNo Contact Team
8129Load BalancingPNECUnbalance in the power distribution system is a menace which causes significant power losses.Our device protects the system from unbalance by shifting single phase loads among the three avaialble phases. The device could be placed on the low voltage side of the distribution transformer by the utilit... DetailsNo Contact Team
9219ELCSEECSDevelop a cost effective solution for the Micro-Hydro Power Plants to handle the load variation in standalone generators. To maintain power quality under varying load condition, ELCs for small Hydro Power Generators are currently imported at high costs. We are targeting a cost effective solution to ... DetailsNo Contact Team

Domain: Environment

1066Sustainable developersCEMEThe project is focused on reducing environmental pollution by producing high-strength construction panels from recycled PET bottles, to provide low-cost permanent and temporary construction solutions. This project would benefit less fortunate persons like IDPs and refugees, who can be provided weath... DetailsArchitect, Business background member/ Contact Team
11231Sanitation solution SCEEThe project aims to develop zero energy driven wastewater treatment system for semi-urban and rural areas. It focuses on evaluation and optimization of post-treatment using filter media (stone chips, crushed glass and PET bottles) for full scale DWTS at 36 hr. HRT.... DetailsNo Contact Team
12232Roof ShinglesSCMEHousing in Pakistan uses traditional, heavy and corrosion-prone materials for protecting roof, that is not only expensive, but also allows water to seep in. Roof Singles are composites of limestone, rice husk and fiberglass, which are lightweight, aesthetically pleasing, cost effective and corrosion... DetailsMechanical Contact Team
13252FDFOSCEETaking into account the large amount of textile wastewater released in Pakistan, Forward Osmosis Membrane Treatment will be used to remove the textile dyes and reclaim the water for direct fertigation.... DetailsNo Contact Team

Domain: Health Care

1419Speech EnhancerCEMEThis project aims at the development of a speech enhancer for paralytic patients. The purpose is basically to build a device for paralytic patients to help them speak more clearly.... DetailsIt is a Medical related project. So ENT may help. Contact Team

Domain: Healthcare

1547OD-600SEECSOD-600 is a portable device for measuring resistance in infectious micro-organisms towards antibiotics, replacing traditional methods that are inefficient, time consuming and require great precision. The proposed electronic device aims to reduce the bacterial sensitivity testing time. The proposed p... DetailsMicrobiology, Spectrophotometery, Optical Density Contact Team
1651Diasense SEECSWe will replace invasive method of blood glucose determination by non invasive method checking persons breath acetone and comparing it with trained set of data and conveying results on cloud, mobileapp. This hand held non-invasive device will replace all other diabetics devices and is very cheap met... DetailsNo Contact Team
1752ReST MSystemCEMEMany workers in the field get stressed and their performance gets affected. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can cause serious psychological disorders if not cured. We will be tackling these issues for proper monitoring of the people deployed in fields. We aim to develop a cloud based location aware s... DetailsNo Contact Team
1855Nano-DrugsASABAim of the project is to identify clinically active antibiotics from plants, in combination with silver nano-particles develop novel drugs for antibiotic resistance.... DetailsMBA and Mechanical Engineer Contact Team
1968Wi-VisPNECThis wrist-worn device captures vital signs of human body such as Cuff less Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Respiratory Rate and Contact less Body Temperature using non-invasive contact and via sensors.... DetailsNo Contact Team
2074inTENSSEECSinTENS is a Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation based low cost therapeutic wearable to suppress chronic pain and comes with a companion smartphone application to control/track the sessions.... DetailsBusiness Modelling and Marketing Contact Team
2195AvatumSEECSTo develop a non-invasive stroke rehabilitation system involving brain activation through motor imagery training, by controlling locomotion of a dynamic assembly using a brain computer interface. This device consists of a wearable headset and a mobile assembly and can conveniently be used by stroke ... DetailsNo Contact Team
22100Retinal CDSSCEMEWe propose optical coherence tomography based decision support system to provide a robust and cost effective diagnosis of many retinal syndromes. It generates auto reports including 3D profiles. The proposed system provides self-diagnosis of various complications within retinal pathology. The object... DetailsNo Contact Team
23105preemieSEECSA wearable tech for the prediction of preterm labor on the basis of uteral muscular contraction. This product is intended to be non-invasive and patient friendly with an accuracy of up to 80%.... DetailsBusiness Management Contact Team
24116Holter MonitorCEMEA Holter monitor is a battery-operated device that measures and tape records the hearts activity (ECG) continuously for 24 to 48 hours or longer depending on the type of monitoring used. Holter Monitoring is often conducted in hospitals under specialized conditions and is expensive by general standa... DetailsNo Contact Team
25132NanopureASABAn economical filter product that employs anti-microbial membranes developed through nano-biotechnology to not only stop the growth of water-borne pathogens but kill them, simultaneously.... DetailsExpertise in making filter systems Contact Team
26134Remote-Monitoring-of-Coma-PatientsMCSA life saving cost effective system that will ensure remote monitoring of coma patients by evaluating their condition and sending emergency alert to doctors enabling them to render immediate treatment.... DetailsNo Contact Team
27141Nano-medicineASABWe aim to develop Nano-particles with anti-HIV drugs which will be used for target delivery of the drug in HIV+ patients. This technique will enhance the bioavailability and cost effectiveness of the drug.... DetailsNo Contact Team
28173SmartOx2CEMEA smart wearable pulse oximeter which will not only give blood oxygen level and heart beat but also send messages and calls to emergency services department, in case of asthma attacks and heart attacks.... DetailsNo Contact Team
29215CheckMeatSEECSA portable handheld device that checks the quality of raw meat.The quality and type of meat will be judged on basis of properties like water binding capacity, pH value and color of the meat.... DetailsBusiness mentor Zoologist Contact Team

Domain: Mobile Apps

3011Mr. FixerCEMEAn application that connects users with nearby trusted maintenance workers and other labor class allowing safe transaction of work and money, resolving time hassle and providing jobs to the needy at the same time.... DetailsNo Contact Team
3120FleetHubSEECSFleetHub is an innovative fleet management smartphone application, meant to provide organizations a holistic view of their fleet including tracking, monthly usage, violations and drivers' performance.... DetailsNo Contact Team

Domain: Other

329LabyrinthSEECSLabyrinth is an immersive virtual reality walk-in maze giving the user, the ultimate look and feel of his surroundings that have been transformed in ways to give him feelings of shock and awe.... Details Contact Team
3315AAC BlocksSCEEAutoclaved AeratedConcrete (AAC)is a lightweight, precast foam concrete building material, which has eliminated the problem of radon exposure. AAC products include blocks, wall panels, floor and roof panels. AAC Blocks are of high quality and environmental friendly yet inexpensive. This shall part... DetailsNo Contact Team
3427Smart TicketingCEMEWe are making a complete ticketing system in which the tickets generated will be RFID tokens/bar coded tickets so that we can use them to identify the passengers on the entrance and exit of the station. ... DetailsNo Contact Team
3534AgriPointSEECSAgriculture accounts for 20.9% of the total GDP & employs 43.5% of the total poulation. AgriPoint would be the development of a rich icon based mobile application in Urdu, with the features like registration of users based on mobile numbers, location based social network with commodity buying and se... DetailsBusiness Plan, Marketing Strategies Contact Team
3639Henna PrinterCEMEHenna application is a time consuming process requiring hands on trained labor and the quality outcome of application depends upon the expertise of the applicator. So to counter this hurdle our project will solve this problem. Henna Printer would use 3D printing technology which is at the forefront ... DetailsNo Contact Team
3765TryOnSEECSShopping of clothes is a daily life problem for customers.T here is alot of uncertainity while buying unstitched fabric. Our technology will help them try unstitched clothes virtually before buying.... DetailsNo Contact Team
3888Sociology AnalysisCEMEThis is a solution intended for people/scientists who need an in-depth insight on what the population of a particular region says about any conflict, how music is related to personality of individuals, what is the trend of food in a particular society, etc. Sociology has many dimensions; our solutio... DetailsNo Contact Team
39124WISESEECSWISE aspires to optimize one of the major consumers of water resource, which also is the major cause of water loss in Pakistan - the agricultural irrigation. The solution will reduce water wastage and will optimize yield. Hence, increased livelihood for farmers. Project uses an approach to integrate... DetailsFinance, Marketing, Patent Attorney, Comp. Science Contact Team
40142PriceItSEECSPriceIt is an android application that aims at making grocery shopping convenient and affordable for its users. It will provide them with a comparison allowing them to decide where to buy things from.... DetailsNo Contact Team
41170ORFOLSEECSORFOL is being introduced as a new social website which makes easy to retrieve lost things and documents. Initially, we aim to provide three major services; lost, found and theft reports. As a company we aim to solve people's daily 'lost item not found' problem. This will also be beneficial in minim... DetailsMarketing and Business Administration Contact Team
42183HappyTVSEECSHappyTV enables multiple users to watch and listen to their desired programs simultaneously at full resolution, on the same LCD screen, without screen splitting while enjoying each others company.... DetailsNo Contact Team
43209Urea+SCMEOut of 200,000 tons of urea that is used annually, 77% is lost. However, a substantial amount of urea is still required per acre to fulfill nitrogen needs of the crops. The result is higher cost per acre and reduced profit margin for the farmers. Keeping this in mind, Urea+ is engineered to control ... DetailsNo Contact Team
44236CMCSCMECMC is used in food as a viscosity modifier or thickner as well as in non-food products like toothpastes, laxatives, diet pills, paints, detergents, pharmaceuticals, etc. Currently there are no CMC production units in Pakistan; annual consumption of CMC in Pakistan is more than 2,000 metric tons, an... DetailsNo Contact Team
45237Mr. PenMCSThe written artifacts placed in museums are too old, and need frequent treatments for preservation. Mr. Pen has identified the need to recreate the same while keeping the originality factor as high as possible. Mr. Pen is an XY Plotter that can utilize different pens to draw anything which can be co... DetailsCalligraphy Contact Team
46240SCALE GlassSCMESCALE glass aims to provide a self cleaning and low-emissivity glass. It is ususally noticed that high rise buildings have unclean glass windows for quite some time - on average 20 days, and heavy costs are incurred when installing and running air conditioning or heating systems in offices or hotels... DetailsNo Contact Team
47246SensafeSCMESmall industries do not generally take serious measures for worker safety, mainly due to the expense and complexities involved. Moreover, domestic cases of suffocation and similar incidents due to gas build-ups are periodically reported. Sensafe aims to provide a simple, economic solution for their ... DetailsNo Contact Team

Domain: Safe Cities

4863Heimdall BallMCSHeimdall Ball is a rubbery 360 camera with the size of almost a tennis ball, and various features like GPS, WiFi, IR sensors, Distress Alarms, to help the anti-terrorist squads in their prime objective of saving human lives. Heimdall Ball consists of a 360 camera, Infrared sensors, temperature senso... DetailsMaterials Engineering, Business Administration. Contact Team
4991Roadway IntelSEECSRoadway Intel is Pakistan's first deep learning based vehicle surveillance system that allows law-enforcement agencies to extract vehicle's model and license plate number from surveillance feed.... DetailsBusiness person to advise us on commercialisation Contact Team
50103Interactive Planning(VR) SCEEVirtual Reality is a booming industry with enormous growth possibilities. This project will help perform 3D mapping and visualization of urban areas using VR techniques, for better representation of ideas to improve future urban planning and execution. Furthermore, it will help clients better compre... DetailsNo Contact Team
51104M.A.S.Q.SEECSIt is a multi-agent system (M.A.S.) of Quad-copters. The Quad-copters will be semi-autonomous and will coordinate with each other to perform an anti-terrorism operation with feedback from the SSG team.... DetailsBusiness Management Contact Team
52155ISACCEMEISAC will provide automated real time security surveillance.When our system detects a breach, the intruder will be locked onto and tracked while simultaneously notifying the user so he feels safe. In our society, no intelligent solution exists for combating crime and terrorism. With our project we w... DetailsNo Contact Team