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Winners of FICS 2017

Congratulations to all the winners!

Prize  Project Title School/College Domain Team Members  Supervisor Abstract
Winner Avatum SEECS Good Health and Well-being Rushda Basir Ahmad;
Amama Mehmood;
Rida Zainab
Dr. Awais Mehmood Kamboh, Assistant Professor SEECS To develop a non-invasive stroke rehabilitation system involving brain activation through motor imagery training, by controlling locomotion of a dynamic assembly using a brain computer interface. This device consists of a wearable headset and a mobile assembly and can conveniently be used by stroke patients anywhere.
1st Runner-up Wi-Vis PNEC Good Health and Well-being Saud Aslam;
Affan Ahmed;
Hamza Ahmed
Dr. Asim Khwaja, Assistant Professor PNEC This wrist-worn device captures vital signs of human body such as Cuff less Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Respiratory Rate and Contact less Body Temperature  using non-invasive contact and via sensors.
2nd Runner-up Henna Printer CEME Lifestyle & Convenience Sikandar Riaz Khan;
Aamish Hussain;
Ali Ahmed;
Daud Mehdi;
Muhammad Anas Ali
Dr. Mohsin Tiwana, Assistant Professor CEME Henna application is a time consuming process requiring hands on trained labor and the quality outcome of application depends upon the expertise of the applicator. So to counter this hurdle our project will solve this problem. Henna Printer would use 3D printing technology which is at the forefront of scientific development integrating cutting edge technology into mass market appeal items. 
Special Prize Nano-medicine ASAB Bio-Technology Asma Talib Qureshi;
Marrium Khan;
Maira Jalil
Dr. Maria Shabbir, Assistant Professor ASAB  We aim to develop Nano-particles with anti-HIV drugs which will be used for target delivery of the drug in HIV+ patients. This technique will enhance the bioavailability and cost effectiveness of the drug.