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Projects Presented at Stage 3

  • Out of 53 Projects Qualified for Stage 3, total 49 Projects Presented at Stage 3 Event on Thursday 25th May 2017.
  • School & Domain-wise Breakdown Matrix of FICS’17 Projects Presented at Stage 3 can be viewed here

S.No Project ID Project Title Team Lead's School Project Abstract Supervisor Name Supervisor's School Get in Touch with Team
13LUMENMCSDevice will be attached to the zygomatic or cheek bone. It will capture "3D Audio" from the surroundings and will transfer it to the brain through the concept of bone conduction.... DetailsDr. Mir Yasir UmairMilitary College of Signals Contact Team
26MULTI-FLEXSEECSAs time passes, our postures tend to get worse. Also, people at gyms do exercises at completely wrong angles which causes back pain. Back and neck pain is second most common reason to visit doctors.... DetailsDr. Ahmad SalmanSEECS Contact Team
39EKKOCEMENeurological disorders are among the fastest growing diseases in the world. Our product is a complete rehabilitation solution for such disorders, the heart of which is a vibration waves based therapy.... DetailsDr. Muhammad Usman AkramCollege of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering (CEME) Contact Team
410WheeloPNECWheelo is an E-Bike module for bicycles, with a universal size and a zero carbon footprint. We aim to help solve the growing transportation issues of our country at an affordable cost.... DetailsSayed Abdul WahabPNEC
514EPICCEMEEpilepsy is a neurological brain disorder. Idea is to develop wearable band that monitors EMG signals of patients. Aim is to early detect seizures, and to create alert and notify system.... DetailsAli SaeedCEME Contact Team
684AiyinCEME A solution to the modern world educational problems : lack of critical and out of the box thinking. Our VR content combined with the teaching skills would inspire students to explore knowledge.... DetailsDr. Usman AkramCEME Contact Team
790Therapist Tech CEMEStroke is the most common cause of disability and leading cause of mortality worldwide. Stroke rates in Pakistan, India, Russia and China as compared to United States and United Kingdom.... DetailsDr. Qaiser ChaudryCEME Contact Team
892Compact-o-BacterASABBiocementation is an ecofriendly method for soil stabilization. Mechanical properties can be treated by using indigenous bacteria and reactants. It has many economic and environmental benefits... DetailsDr Fazal AdnanASAB Contact Team
993KiRAMCSA desktop app for physiotherapy patients to perform their assigned exercises within the comfort of their homes using Kinect where the patient's progress shall be monitored by a doctor via web portal.... DetailsAsst. Prof. Bilal RaufMCS Contact Team
10103Regenerative MedicineASABObtaining blood & donors is an excruciating task: it requires consent & screening. Our solution generates synthetic red blood cells from stem cells, which can be mass produced plus are pure of disease... DetailsDr. Dilawar KhanASAB Contact Team
11114TaizPNECOur product provides real time and intelligent non-intrusive appliance load monitoring, using machine learning and cutting-edge analytics, helping to reduce electricity wastage.... DetailsCdr. Dr. Aleem MushtaqPakistan Navy Engineering College Contact Team
12116Smart SilosSEECSThe growing population, and mismanagement of grain storage facilities has led Pakistan to fall short of its projected demand for agricultural produce. This gap could be covered by proper management.... DetailsDr.Hammad Mehmood CheemaSEECS Contact Team
13122Smart SleeperCEMEWrist Band detects sleep or nap.It sets alarm through app,active vibrators on alarm and send notifications to relatives.Moreover, map with gps is used for setting alarm on specific location reached.... DetailsWaqar Shahid QureshiCEME Contact Team
14126Robotic Pest-KillerCEMEAn intelligent robotics mountable manipulator that would automatically detect various types of diseases on crops and spray pesticides on them to eliminate the diseases and insects. ... DetailsDr. Umar Shahbaz KhanCEME Contact Team
15128HIPESEECSA special safety jacket designed for the elderly, having airbags which inflate on detecting a fall thus providing cushion and preventing serious fractures to hip, back and upper body bones.... DetailsDr. Ahmad SalmanSEECS Contact Team
16133Next-Gen CladsSCEEReplacing Fiber Cement Board with Lightweight Corrugated Panels in Light Gauge Steel construction. The product will be locally available unlike FCB, and will fulfill all the technical requirements.... DetailsDr. Rao ArslanSCEE
17139Absolute ManeuverabilityCEMERestoring limb movement for those who have lost the ability to use either there upper or lower limb. This includes amputees as well as those with lower limbs but suffering gait disabilities.... DetailsDr. Mohsin Islam TiwanaCEME Contact Team
18141Geo-FTTxSCEEAutomation of network planning process and efficient network monitoring, at its top will be application infrastructure to provide multiple view level and shared access to the users... DetailsDr. Ali TahirSchool of Civil and Environmental Engineering (SCEE)
19146Codifying BrainPNECDisability problem has become more severe due to lack of automated solutions.Thus,there is a crucial need to develop a real time assistive automated system which can operate on person’s brain signals.... DetailsCapt. Dr Sajjad Haidar ZaidiPNEC Contact Team
20147Fe AmaanSEECSIn today’s age, there is a need for a device that is able to capture the essence of an unborn child, help the parents understand how the fetus is doing and prevent miscarriages by analyzing the fetus.... DetailsDr Imran MahmoodSEECS Contact Team
21162SyncroRunCEMEEight-bar parallel manipulator with phone holder, controlled using visual servoing to achieve zero relative movement between a user running on a treadmill and his device. This allows for easy use.... DetailsDr. Waqar ShahidCollege of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Contact Team
22163AGRYNCEMEThe Agricultural system in Pakistan is much orthodox. Latest tech and IoT can be used in such a way that yield of crop will increase while water and fertilizer will be used in the most efficient way.... DetailsSajid Gul KhawajaCollege of EME Contact Team
231643D-Sand printerSMMEThe conventional sand casting requires storage of pattern for each time a casting is made. our prototype will eliminate the need of pattern and hence cost and energy used by this process can be saved... DetailsDr.Hussain ImranSMME
24171Transformer MonitoringPNECHealth monitoring of transformers can prevent occurrence of faults which are expensive to overhaul and interrupt power supply for long times.A smart system is being developed to overcome this problem.... DetailsDr. Syed Sajjad Haider ZaidiPNEC Contact Team
25179Sensorless ControlPNECIn this project a sensor-less, Internet of Things (IoT) based control system will be designed for industrial automation; with the target to time sync and reduce latency to attain full machine control.... DetailsDr Sajjad Haider ZaidiPakistan Navy Engineering College
26195SAINTSEECSSAINT is an application of Ambient Intelligence in the educational domain that will convert a conventional classroom to a context aware environment by monitoring and analysis of students' data... DetailsDr Imran MahmoodSEECS Contact Team
27202CyberFoxMCSCyberFox allows the network administrator to covertly track and control internet traffic, and flag unethical practices. It can be used for parental control and employee monitoring on wireless network.... DetailsNarmeen ShafqatMCS
28204Crop Monitoring SCEEA platform designed to help farmers in monitoring their wheat fields by giving them real-time information about possible risks that could threaten their crops.... DetailsQuratulain ShafiSchool of Civil and Environmental Engineering Contact Team
29223SABARSMMESABAR intends to help Austistic children learning social skills with the help of Robotics. We aim to develop a robotic therapy on these kids and also observe real-time effect of this on these children... DetailsDr. Yasar AyazSMME Contact Team
30230DEEPSEECSTimely evaluation of Lung health prevents many pulmonary complications.DEEP is a low-cost,portable diagnostic device for evaluation of lung health, supported by an Android and desktop application.... DetailsDr. Hammad M. CheemaSEECS Contact Team
31234SPExSEECSSPEx People worldwide suffer from muscle disorders like Parkinson’s, A.L.S et cetera. They have problems in limb movement. To make arm movement possible for them, we are designing an exoskeleton.... DetailsDr Ahmad SalmanSchool of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (SEECS) Contact Team
32237GasenseSCMEThe idea is to make device that would save lives of people because of toxic gas build-ups or gas leakage at both domestic and industrial level. Gasense aims to provide simple and economical solution.... DetailsDr. Atab AkramSchool of Chemical and Materials Engineering (SCME) Contact Team
33238Neuro EmpathyMCSA smart device that enables paralyzed/ stroke patients’ help perform self-physiotherapy by artificially generating body movements such as grasping and reaching out things.... DetailsNarmeen ShafqatMCS Contact Team
34253E-RefugioSCEEthe Idea is to create a GIS based smart phone application that will facilitate all kinds of donations.This solution will have gamified interface for donors which will keep them motivated to help more.... DetailsJunaid Aziz khanSCEE Contact Team
35254Soothe BabySEECSThis baby crib mimics a car ride to put the baby right to sleep.A crib combined with app for providing custom sleep adventures, lights sounds & movement to create perfect environment for a sound sleep... DetailsDr Salman Abdul GhafoorSEECS
36255CFESSEECSCFES is a device that generates movements in the paralyzed arms and hands of patients by applying electrical impulses to the muscles employing functional electrical stimulation technology.... DetailsDr. Ahmad SalmanSEECS Contact Team
37270blooDonateSEECSA mobile application to make the process of blood donation effective and efficient by generating location based requests to the donors with matching blood group.... DetailsDr Ali TahirSEECS Contact Team
38271HybrikePNECConsidering a 70cc motorcycle giving about 50km of drive per liter of pertrol, the cost per km is PKR 1.5. With our hybrid drivetrain we aim to bring it down to PKR 0.56 per km... DetailsZiauddin SiddiquiPNEC Contact Team
39273EchoSEECSIt is a mobile application which will detect any suspicious activities like gunshot,chaos and burglary through sound with user's consent and will notify corresponding authorities about it. ... DetailsHaleema ZiaSEECS Contact Team
40276NeurelSEECSWe are introducing an electronic solution to your pain. Neurel is an electronic, non-invasive wearable treatment that grants the user immunity to pain by stimulating the brain.... DetailsDr. Awais KambohSEECS Contact Team
41278FemnobotSEECSTo create a chat bot to identify individuals who harass women on social media without the women having to explicitly report such individuals with the dilemma of subsequent blackmail & shame... DetailsMaajid MaqboolH-12 Campus Contact Team
42279Easy DetectASABEasy Detect is paper based detection system which will provide inexpensive point of care testing for pathogenic diseases. The detection system will be complemented with a system to report an epidemic.... DetailsDr Hussnain JanjuaAtta-ur-Rahman School of Applied Biosciences Contact Team
43296PetraCEMETo maximize the productivity of agriculture,we propose a smart automated irrigation system which aims to maximize crop yield,replace conventional systems and tackle water scarcity issue in Pakistan.... DetailsDr Zafar BangashCollege of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering (CEME)
44302FogisionSEECSOur project will allow drivers to see in fog or low-light situations by using a sensor to model a 3D version of the environment and the result is displayed on a tablet screen placed on the dashboard. ... DetailsImran Mahmood Contact Team
45347Energy MeteringCEMETraditional energy meters are not designed to measure bidirectional energy flow. Design & devlop. of advanced energy meter is proposed to provide aspects i.e net metering,theft reduction,online bilis... DetailsDr AzharCeme Contact Team
46352Finger ReaderCEMEAccessing printed text in a mobile context is a major challenge for the blind. FingerReader, assists blind users with reading printed text on the go.... DetailsShahzor AhmadCEME Contact Team
47354Prosthetic HandCEMEAim of this project is to develop a myo prosthetic upper limb allowing the upper limb amputees to grasp and pick objects. The upper limb uses muscle flex signal to operate.... DetailsDr. Umar ShahbazCollege of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering (CEME) Contact Team
48395MAPCODSEECS MAPCOD is a non-invasive, wearable device for monitoring of chronic patients. The target of this device is the real-time monitoring of Blood Pressure(BP), Heart Rate(HR) and Respiration Rate(RR).... DetailsDr. Ahmad SalmanSEECS Contact Team
49403Voice-based AssitantSEECSThe project aims to provide self-operating homes with the help of a voice based system that will take commands from the user in Urdu and perform them accordingly.... DetailsDr. Muhammad Ali TahirSEECS Contact Team
50409The EyeSEECSwe propose to implement a system that will monitor videos from live surveillance cameras and detect an anomaly in a given scene (robbery) and identify the robbers and also track them.... DetailsDr MuneebullahSEECS
51412KhayalASABKhayal is a sanitary napkin which is free from chemicals. It is an organic, biodegradable napkin which protects the woman and the environment, and empowers the rural women, by providing employment.... DetailsDr Mehak RafiqASAB Contact Team
52418Nano-pure waterASABA tri-layer aqua nano-pure filter which will purify water using Iron oxide and silver complex coated magnetic nano-particles to remove heavy metals and microbial impurities.... DetailsDr. Hussnain A JanjuaASAB Contact Team
53423Spara Tierra NBSThe purpose of Spara Tierra is to support SDG Goal 15 - Life on Land. Under the umbrella; one of the core need is plantation. To make this goal a reality, it is very important to commercialize.... DetailsDr. Adeel AhmedNBS Contact Team
54426charcoalSADAcharcoal water purifier is a water bottle design with an advance water filtration system for all time available pure drinking water and easy to handle and carry around.... DetailsShahzaib RaoSADA Contact Team