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FICS 2017 Idea Generation Sessions

A unique aspect of Finding Innovative and Creative Solutions for Society (FICS) is first-hand interaction between students and senior and mid-level Industry representatives from a variety of Sectors. These interactions, termed as ‘Idea Generation Sessions’ are held with Industry experts and gurus, before the Idea Registration / Synopsis Submission deadline. Industry leaders, entrepreneurs and domain experts motivate students and generate awareness about how to look for social problems and how to develop innovative solutions to solve these problems. These Idea Generation Sessions help students to think out-of-the-box, and gives them an opportunity to learn from the experience of people who have been innovating for years.

SNo Date Speaker Venue
1 29th Nov, 2016
  1. Ammar Ahmed Khan (President NUST Alumni Association (NAA)
  2. Mr. Mansur Ahmed (President Signalians)
  3. Ms. Rabia Shaoib  (Dir. CAC)
Auditorium, Military College of Signals - NUST
2 14th Dec, 2016
  1. Ammar Ahmed Khan Khan (President NUST Alumni Association (NAA)
  2. Abu Bakar Alvi (President EMEAA)
  3. Ms. Rabia Shaoib (Dir. CAC)
  4. Abdullah Ahmed (CEO CricFlex)
Auditorium, College of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering (CEME)
3 20th Dec, 2016
  1. Dr. Shamim A Sheikh
IESE Auditorium
4 3rd Jan, 2017
  1. Mr. Parvez Iftikhar (International Consultant ICT, Former CEO USF, Former Country head, Siemens)
  2. Mr. M. Afzal Malik (CEO USEN)
  3. Dr. Hassan Zaidi (Principal SEECS)
  4. Ms. Rabia Shaoib (Dir. CAC)
SEECS Seminar Hall
5 12th Jan, 2017
  1. Mr. Iqbal Mustafa Khan (President Alachisoft, Chairman Sabaq Foundation)
SEECS Seminar Hall
6 18th Jan, 2017
  1. Dr. Najib Azhar (Visiting Professor Biomedical Engg. Technology at Devry University, Fremont, CA;
    Consultant for Healthcare Delivery Organizations at CyGNET Technologies, San Jose, CA, USA)
  2. Mr. Saeed Ullah Shah (Manager, Health care Solutions, GE, Sherazi Trading)
  3. Dr. Irfan Afzal Mirza (Director/Chief Executive Officer, Renewable Resources Pvt. Limited;
  4. Mr. Owais Anjum (CEO, E-MUMBA, Charter Member OPEN Islamabad)
Auditorium, College of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering (CEME)