About FICS

Brand Launch of the Finding Innovative & Creative Solutions for Society (FICS) 2017 on 11th November 2016

Finding Innovative & Creative Solutions for Society (FICS) is NUST`s flagship program aimed at promoting Social Entrepreneurship culture at NUST where students are given an opportunity to get actively involved in social problem identification and think innovatively to devise technology-based solutions that can serve communities by applying their technical knowledge. Students submit their Ideas in different areas and domains including Healthcare, Biotechnology, Energy, Education, and so on. These projects are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals under various domain heads of FICS.

FICS’17 Stage 1 Ideas Registrations officially opened on 1st November 2016. The FICS’17 Student Organizing Committee (OC) which constitutes of a President, Vice President (VP) Resources, VP Media, VP Operations, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and Chief Coordination Officer (CCO) came up with the brilliant idea of launching FICS’17 which was executed in a unique way. FICS’17 Student OC together developed a new logo and designed an amazing theme for FICS’17. Their work no doubt is the best in the history of FICS. The video prepared by the team beautifully sails the viewers through 4 remarkable years of FICS since 2013. The video can also be viewed on the official FICS Facebook page www.facebook.com/NUST.FICS

FICS’17 logo was unveiled in the formal Brand Launch Ceremony held on 11th November 2016. This ceremony was held in NUST Business School (NBS) Seminar Hall. Chief Guest for the occasion was Engr. Dr.  Muhammad Akram Sheikh, Professor Emeritus NUST. Pro-Rector Academics, Dr. Asif Raza; Advisor NUST, Mr. Amer Hashmi; Principals; Directors, Senior NUST Management; Esteemed Faculty; Industry Partners; NUST Alumni; Students; FICS’15 & FICS’16 Winning Teams & Start-ups and FICS’16 Organizing Committee Members attended the event to witness the beginning of another exciting year of FICS’17.

To view photos of the brand launch please visit the below link: