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FICS Stage 1 Results​

Congratulations to the teams which have qualified for Stage 2!​ We have grouped your ideas according to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGs serve as a guiding force for FICS and its outcomes. Guidelines for Stage 2 shall be posted on the website next week. For any queries you may drop a message on FICS Facebook page. 

S.No Project ID Project Title Project Abstract Select Get in Touch with Team
12The BiogasserThe idea aims to provide an Eco-friendly solution to mange organic waste by designing an energy efficient and easy-to-use biogas digester that will convert kitchen waste into cooking gas.... Details Contact Team
24Fast COMMFast communication is unmet need of society. This project will not only provide fastest uploading and downloading ever but also the most secure communication. yUsing Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA), data will be acquired from USB at 483mbps speed and after processing through Micro-Blaze process... Details Contact Team
35Voice JammerAt times people say irrelevant things or intervene into another person's conversation, making it hard for the listener to understand. We propose a system that can Jam speech of the intended person. During critical discussions, the moderator will use the device so as to block unnecessary speech, prov... Details Contact Team
46Surveillance drone Security is a very sensitive and pressing issue faced globally. Governments expend a great amount of budget to ensure security of public places, educational instituions, various public and private sector related events. All security agencies including miltary, police, rangers etc would indeed benefi... Details Contact Team
59LabyrinthLabyrinth is an immersive virtual reality walk-in maze giving the user, the ultimate look and feel of his surroundings that have been transformed in ways to give him feelings of shock and awe.... Details Contact Team
610Hello AgainThe team plans to develop an application to assist Alzheimer's patients in their daily conversations by helping them recognize the people they see. The final product will be similar to Snapchat Spectacles.... Details Contact Team
711Mr. FixerAn application that connects users with nearby trusted maintenance workers and other labor class allowing safe transaction of work and money, resolving time hassle and providing jobs to the needy at the same time.... Details Contact Team
812BA-ILMThere is a drift towards industrial IoT globally but its significance in Pakistan is still unrealized. IoT will have a potential economic impact of up to $6.2 trillion by 2025 and a potential to drive productivity across $36 trillion in operating costs. We are taking that step towards Industrial IoT... Details Contact Team
913Indoor PositioningThis project aims at the development of a portable device that will help the blind users to navigate in a building independently by the provision of appropriate guidance and instructions.... Details Contact Team
1014Key GunKey Gun will obtain keys from host device using transmission protocol that ensures integrity and confidentiality and will store encrypted version of information.... Details Contact Team
1115AAC BlocksAutoclaved AeratedConcrete (AAC)is a lightweight, precast foam concrete building material, which has eliminated the problem of radon exposure. AAC products include blocks, wall panels, floor and roof panels. AAC Blocks are of high quality and environmental friendly yet inexpensive. This shall part... Details Contact Team
1218trackerProject is aimed at developing a module with an android application that will be designed to track lost people and at the same time know their exact location. Recently, many cases of missing children, between ages 14 and 17 years, have been reported. Parents are always worried about the possibility ... Details Contact Team
1319Speech EnhancerThis project aims at the development of a speech enhancer for paralytic patients. The purpose is basically to build a device for paralytic patients to help them speak more clearly.... Details Contact Team
1420FleetHubFleetHub is an innovative fleet management smartphone application, meant to provide organizations a holistic view of their fleet including tracking, monthly usage, violations and drivers' performance.... Details Contact Team
1521ThetaAcademies charge high prices for university entrance exam preparations & yet offer low value for money.Theta is a unique online portal with personalized learning, peer comparison, smart analytics.... Details Contact Team
1622Diabetes AppWe are offering an android app which brings all the facilities in the users hand or users smart phone. User can enter all the data in app and can access it only at one touch... Details Contact Team
1723BrailleStormA smartphone app that helps visually impaired people learn braille. It features vibrations that map raised braille dots to smartphone screen thereby making screen accessible for the visually impaired.... Details Contact Team
1824PowerLyticsPowerLytics is a non-intrusive, low-cost load monitoring device that intelligently monitors the appliance's level of energy usage. Aided by the energy consumption analytics, user can reduce utility bills.... Details Contact Team
1925Engine WhispererWe aim to come up with a product, which when connected to your car will allow you to monitor the working and health of your vehicle's engine. It also predicts the potential parts that might fault in future.... Details Contact Team
2027Smart TicketingWe are making a complete ticketing system in which the tickets generated will be RFID tokens/bar coded tickets so that we can use them to identify the passengers on the entrance and exit of the station. ... Details Contact Team
2128IntelliVimEnergy Crisis is increasing day by day. IntelliVim (Smart Home) provides users with a way to take power management of their home to another level where it manages itself and saves energy consumption.The device manages house's power consumption intelligently and allows user to have a remote access of... Details Contact Team
2233Smart-StethIt is a Diagnosis & Decision Support System for Heart Diseases. The idea behind the project is to provide cheap diagnosis and ease of access to patients. The user does not need to be a qualified nurse/doctor.... Details Contact Team
2334AgriPointAgriculture accounts for 20.9% of the total GDP & employs 43.5% of the total poulation. AgriPoint would be the development of a rich icon based mobile application in Urdu, with the features like registration of users based on mobile numbers, location based social network with commodity buying and se... Details Contact Team
2435Tyson BotSocial networking has become platform for micro blogging. In this era for decisions and sentiment analysis, social networking can be considered as rich source of information for creating bot. Tyson will answer queries in an interactive way and provide information about positive or negative trends re... Details Contact Team
2536Fetal DopplerThe purpose of this portable and cost effective gadget is to detect the fetal heart rate. The device will also suggest an action after analyzing the signal and some of it's decisive attributes.... Details Contact Team
2638OphthahelpOphthaHelp is a portable fundus camera and smartphone system to assist ophthalmologists. It is a cloud based intelligent on the go medical record system designed especially for eye specialists.... Details Contact Team
2739Henna PrinterHenna application is a time consuming process requiring hands on trained labor and the quality outcome of application depends upon the expertise of the applicator. So to counter this hurdle our project will solve this problem. Henna Printer would use 3D printing technology which is at the forefront ... Details Contact Team
2840Vaccination SystemThis system provides solution for managing all activities of child vaccination right after birth. This will help in timely vaccination of a child by keeping record of child vaccination and analysis on diseases.... Details Contact Team
2941Energize YourselvesThe project aims to use solar energy for the production of electricity, through dye-sensitized solar panels, to tackle the dilemma of Electricity shortage in Pakistan. These panels will be low cost, semi-flexible and perfect for low electricity production and energy formed can be sold also.... Details Contact Team
3042ShadowBotShadowBot is a state-of-the-art robot that mimics your every move in real time using image processing, bio-mechanical modeling and motion tracking. Using this product, we aim to prevent loss of human lives during rescue operations. We are using flex sensors connected to microcontrollers to control t... Details Contact Team
3144RespiWareWe aim to make a wearable tool for medical market that continuously monitors a patients respiratory condition, physical activity levels and environmental variables providing personalized information to the patient.... Details Contact Team
3245Network DevelopmentEstablishment of low cost USRP based Communication Network to provide mobile services access to specific remote areas and using Wi-Fi Backhauling for increasing the range of network.... Details Contact Team
3346Mobile IgnitionMobile Ignition gives you the power to control your car's engine through a smartphone app. No more waiting in the car for your engine to warm up . With MI you can do it even sitting in your bedroom. Mobile Ignition makes, one chore constant in our daily lives, easy. This need is unmet presently and ... Details Contact Team
3447OD-600OD-600 is a portable device for measuring resistance in infectious micro-organisms towards antibiotics, replacing traditional methods that are inefficient, time consuming and require great precision. The proposed electronic device aims to reduce the bacterial sensitivity testing time. The proposed p... Details Contact Team
3548D3DMovement disorders & physical injuries require extensive rehabilitation. D3D is a novel 3D motion reconstruction system that can improve rehabilitation through movement quantification & comparison. The proposed project would provide quantified muscular movement for comparison with ideal movements th... Details Contact Team
3651Diasense We will replace invasive method of blood glucose determination by non invasive method checking persons breath acetone and comparing it with trained set of data and conveying results on cloud, mobileapp. This hand held non-invasive device will replace all other diabetics devices and is very cheap met... Details Contact Team
3752ReST MSystemMany workers in the field get stressed and their performance gets affected. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can cause serious psychological disorders if not cured. We will be tackling these issues for proper monitoring of the people deployed in fields. We aim to develop a cloud based location aware s... Details Contact Team
3854ASAP2This project is primarily aimed to serve the communication needs of a paralyzed person. It further enables him to control appliances around him. A paralyzed person requires constant company of a caretaker who can keep a check on the patient and communicate with him. This project will enable the pati... Details Contact Team
3955Nano-DrugsAim of the project is to identify clinically active antibiotics from plants, in combination with silver nano-particles develop novel drugs for antibiotic resistance.... Details Contact Team
4057DapneaObstructive sleep apnea is a disease in which airway is narrowed during sleep and breathing is interrupted for 10 seconds or more. We have made a wearable shirt which can track apnea using gyroscope. Our solution proposes a wearable shirt having a circuitry inside that records person's breathing dur... Details Contact Team
4158GPS JammerIllegal and constant GPS tracking is a menace for security. Project aims to design a system capable of blocking GPS access in the user's vicinity by generation of narrow band noise centred on the GPS frequency... Details Contact Team
4260Battery MonitoringThe project aims to carry out online health monitoring of lead acid battery, without disconnecting the load from the battery with maximum efficiency possible and with maximum precision. Currently, no system in Pakistan provides online (without disconnecting load ) health monitoring of lead acid batt... Details Contact Team
4362stroke rehabilitationThe idea is to design a portable device that helps analyze the brain and muscle activity of stroke patients from motion related cortical potentials in real time.... Details Contact Team
4463Heimdall BallHeimdall Ball is a rubbery 360 camera with the size of almost a tennis ball, and various features like GPS, WiFi, IR sensors, Distress Alarms, to help the anti-terrorist squads in their prime objective of saving human lives. Heimdall Ball consists of a 360 camera, Infrared sensors, temperature senso... Details Contact Team
4565TryOnShopping of clothes is a daily life problem for customers.T here is alot of uncertainity while buying unstitched fabric. Our technology will help them try unstitched clothes virtually before buying.... Details Contact Team
4666Sustainable developersThe project is focused on reducing environmental pollution by producing high-strength construction panels from recycled PET bottles, to provide low-cost permanent and temporary construction solutions. This project would benefit less fortunate persons like IDPs and refugees, who can be provided weath... Details Contact Team
4767VR Ed-explorerVR Ed-explorer is an educational application, which has been prepared keeping in mind the particular curriculum being taught at secondary level. However, it could be beneficial for all learners regardless of age and background. The app allows exploration and study of various abstract and complex 3D ... Details Contact Team
4868Wi-VisThis wrist-worn device captures vital signs of human body such as Cuff less Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Respiratory Rate and Contact less Body Temperature using non-invasive contact and via sensors.... Details Contact Team
4969Blind's Amicus.The Blind's Amicus will send audio instructions to the blind via earphones connected to the cap, to walk freely. The cap will contain various electronic sensors, audio jack and a microprocessor. Since, there is no gadget commercially available for blind which could replace their usual white stick an... Details Contact Team
5070Limb-aidOur aim is to redesign current commercially available prosthetic hands to obtain a low-cost and easy-to-use effective design for such people. Product is a brain-controlled anthropomorphic prosthetic hand for amputees with limb-loss by technique of motor imagery (mental simulation of actions). It acq... Details Contact Team
5171Posture RecognitionPosture recognition will help identify a human posture i.e. whether a person is standing or not. Secondly, it will evaluate the posture i.e. whether a person is standing correctly or not. It will be needed by doctors specially physiotherapists and chiropractors who can identify problems with posture... Details Contact Team
5272Khubani DryerPakistan being the 6th most apricot producing country but 40% of apricot produced in Gilgit Baltistan is wasted. Apricot dryer is designed to cope this 40% wastage using natural convection. The dryer is designed on the basic principle of free convection. It uses solar energy to warm the air which is... Details Contact Team
5374inTENSinTENS is a Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation based low cost therapeutic wearable to suppress chronic pain and comes with a companion smartphone application to control/track the sessions.... Details Contact Team
5475NCDThis solution will work on the basic principle of Frequency Filtering. High frequency components need to be removed from the voice signals using basic filtering techniques. These include all types of noise components. It must be a device like a silencer or any other light-weight thing which anyone... Details Contact Team
5578Translator GlovesOur aim is to design a hand glove for people with hearing disablities for their effective communication with rest of the world. This hand glove will translates sign language to text and voice.... Details Contact Team
5679Radiant BlockThe project proposes to make a Translucent Concrete, that will reduce the electricity consumed by the lights of a building during day time, by letting the sunlight pass through and hence lighting offices and houses. Radiant concrete is made with the help of concrete and plastics optical fiber. To ma... Details Contact Team
5780ARMooArmoo is a arduino and raspberry combined with modules to track the movement of cows. It helps to keep a track of the animal by using GPS readings. The tracks covered help to detect diseases. 'Arduino' takes the reading of temperature and GPS through sensors which then sends the data to the raspberr... Details Contact Team
5883VARSOur idea is for those hospitals where deaths are caused each year because of extreme temperatures. Our work would be improving healthcare standards efficiently by using VARS for this purpose. Our solution works on the principle of Absorption refrigeration which employs Generator and Absorber instead... Details Contact Team
5984Anomaly DetectionThe objective is to make mosaic of the targeted area using drone and python algorithms and detect anomaly using video analytics. Video surveillance wil be used where a system will detect terrorists and suspicious activities occurring in remote areas. This system can be an effective tool for Pakistan... Details Contact Team
6086Bio BatteriesBio Batteries are cost effective and environmental friendly alternatives to chemical batteries. Bio Batteries have the ability to generate energy in a sustainable way. It employs the simple technique to convert organic compounds into energy (electrons anode to cathode) by using microbes. It provides... Details Contact Team
6188Sociology AnalysisThis is a solution intended for people/scientists who need an in-depth insight on what the population of a particular region says about any conflict, how music is related to personality of individuals, what is the trend of food in a particular society, etc. Sociology has many dimensions; our solutio... Details Contact Team
6289Combined BrakingAlmost 63% of the people who die in road accidents are motorcyclists majority of them belong to the lower strata of the society. Combined Braking System provides safety to hardworking Pakistanis on roads.... Details Contact Team
6390MowersInnovation is a GPS navigation based autonomous lawn mower that will allow the user to mow their lawn, community parks without any human effort. No perimeter wires are required.... Details Contact Team
6491Roadway IntelRoadway Intel is Pakistan's first deep learning based vehicle surveillance system that allows law-enforcement agencies to extract vehicle's model and license plate number from surveillance feed.... Details Contact Team
6592Snap AssistantOur goal is to make an application for Alzheimers patients according to their needs to help them in their daily activities, so that they can live more independent lives. The handheld application will be given to the caregivers and through that they will be able to monitor their routine.... Details Contact Team
6694ATMSThe product aims to regulate traffic by real time monitoring of rules and also checks whehter the rules are being abided by. It also provides an automated and secure mass scale vehicle verification system that will increase security.... Details Contact Team
6795AvatumTo develop a non-invasive stroke rehabilitation system involving brain activation through motor imagery training, by controlling locomotion of a dynamic assembly using a brain computer interface. This device consists of a wearable headset and a mobile assembly and can conveniently be used by stroke ... Details Contact Team
6898Pro-Quench-BioticsInfections of the gastrointestinal tract are getting increasingly common amongst the Pakistani population and are mainly caused due to an increase in the unhealthy gut flora. This can lead to chronic conditions such as IBS, Crohns diseases and Ulcers etc. ,which when left untreated, can ultimately ... Details Contact Team
69100Retinal CDSSWe propose optical coherence tomography based decision support system to provide a robust and cost effective diagnosis of many retinal syndromes. It generates auto reports including 3D profiles. The proposed system provides self-diagnosis of various complications within retinal pathology. The object... Details Contact Team
70101DQoilDQoil is a device that indicates quality of oil by quantifying its composition; thus preventing consumption of unhealthy food. Our technique is based on the concept of light emission and receiving. We will employ special purpose LEDs in different configurations and detect the intensity, frequency an... Details Contact Team
71102MedovitaClosing the loop in health care delivery in Cardiac Care Unit and improvisation of existing CCU system by making it error free. Our system will ensure that the Right Patient is getting the Right drug & Right dose by Right route at Right time.... Details Contact Team
72103Interactive Planning(VR) Virtual Reality is a booming industry with enormous growth possibilities. This project will help perform 3D mapping and visualization of urban areas using VR techniques, for better representation of ideas to improve future urban planning and execution. Furthermore, it will help clients better compre... Details Contact Team
73104M.A.S.Q.It is a multi-agent system (M.A.S.) of Quad-copters. The Quad-copters will be semi-autonomous and will coordinate with each other to perform an anti-terrorism operation with feedback from the SSG team.... Details Contact Team
74105preemieA wearable tech for the prediction of preterm labor on the basis of uteral muscular contraction. This product is intended to be non-invasive and patient friendly with an accuracy of up to 80%.... Details Contact Team
75107Web MiningWeb Mining will gather news from newspapers of various countries to find trends about Pakistan. There are software in the market that analyze Twitter and Facebook trends, but we are using newspaper which have more credilble information.... Details Contact Team
76108MorphAlThe cost of space in densely constructed, urban areas has become a very challenging issue. The objective is to develop a Smart Intelligent Structure, consisting of a morphing, Shape Memory Alloy actuated Aluminium panel, which would change its shape in real-time, at the user's will. This would reduc... Details Contact Team
77109NeuroCorderOur project aims at introducing Pakistan's first ever wearable EEG real time monitoring and recording device. The device would operate wirelessly and would be able to record high quality EEG signals.... Details Contact Team
78111NaranjNaranj is an interactive, platform-independent, 3D application which helps autistic children improve their peer to peer communication skills.... Details Contact Team
79112MittiMonicMittiMonic It is an auto-tunable, active filter, connected to the output of the UPS, that provides an out-of-phase harmonic signal. This cancels out the harmonics present at the output of the UPS. Locally manufactured UPS do not cater for the harmonics present at its output, resulting in harmonic po... Details Contact Team
80114VioLessVioLess detects and localizes unusual objects, suspicious behaviors or irregular events in a scene. It aims to solve the problem of increased man-power requirement in violence detection, which leads to an increased costs. Video cameras will be primarily used where the video will be converted into a ... Details Contact Team
81115Oculus TractusSocioeconomic and environmental data is scarce in the developing world, leading to a lack of reliable information on which to base policy decisions. Important policy decisions about poverty and environment in Pakistan are based on estimated/outdated data due to high investments required for acquirin... Details Contact Team
82116Holter MonitorA Holter monitor is a battery-operated device that measures and tape records the hearts activity (ECG) continuously for 24 to 48 hours or longer depending on the type of monitoring used. Holter Monitoring is often conducted in hospitals under specialized conditions and is expensive by general standa... Details Contact Team
83117WinergyThe project provides cheap, reliable and pollution free energy by utilization of wind energy. It uses wind as an alternative source of energy, where the device is independent of wind direction, operates on low speed wind, has low noise emission, compact in size and economical in installation and con... Details Contact Team
84118Smart MeterSmart Meter is a next-gen Energy Meter with enhanced communication and Metering capabilities. It enables real-time communication between End-user and Utility providers, to address the lack of transperancy in billiing process, leading to a more efficient experience.... Details Contact Team
85121Re-WalkWe aim to develop an EMG based active ankle prosthesis for lower limb amputees in order to imitate human gait cycle.The product is expected to adapt to inconsistent range of terrains indigenously.... Details Contact Team
86122Portable fridgePortable fridge is a small size fridge design for the primary purpose of the transportation of vaccines.... Details Contact Team
87123TemaardarA self sufficient medicine box catering for your health care needs, keeping track of medicine stock, the schedule and ensuring they are kept at optimal conditions.... Details Contact Team
88124WISEWISE aspires to optimize one of the major consumers of water resource, which also is the major cause of water loss in Pakistan - the agricultural irrigation. The solution will reduce water wastage and will optimize yield. Hence, increased livelihood for farmers. Project uses an approach to integrate... Details Contact Team
89125THEIA CryptWe propose an end-to-end security framework for IoT devices. Project will exploit recent advances in Web browser technology, software defined networking, and the computational power of home gateway devices.... Details Contact Team
90126DAMSAndroid plus web platform to connect the hospitals to retrieve information needed for national surveys and to link patients information to cater him in any hospital of country.... Details Contact Team
91127LocalizeUsing internet of things we aim to organize the local transport system. Buses will be tracked and the user can access through an application to find one nearest him, its route. Service will be free.... Details Contact Team
92128Ultrasound DeviceThe overall aim is to develop a proof-of-concept prototype medical ultrasound imager as a standalone device for hospitals.... Details Contact Team
93129Load BalancingUnbalance in the power distribution system is a menace which causes significant power losses.Our device protects the system from unbalance by shifting single phase loads among the three avaialble phases. The device could be placed on the low voltage side of the distribution transformer by the utilit... Details Contact Team
94130SaWoKiThe frequency and awareness of child/adult abuse and rape both are increasing tremendously. We aim to solve this social problem by making a wearable device that will prevent and report issue on time benefitting both women and children.... Details Contact Team
95132NanopureAn economical filter product that employs anti-microbial membranes developed through nano-biotechnology to not only stop the growth of water-borne pathogens but kill them, simultaneously.... Details Contact Team
96133VoteFortVoteFort is an end-to-end verifiable electronic voting system that provides ballot secrecy, vote verifiability and ensures that the votes are cast as intended, recorded as cast and tallied as recorded.... Details Contact Team
97134Remote-Monitoring-of-Coma-PatientsA life saving cost effective system that will ensure remote monitoring of coma patients by evaluating their condition and sending emergency alert to doctors enabling them to render immediate treatment.... Details Contact Team
98135The All-seerProjects aims to make cities crime free through design of a UAV for surveillance and crime detection purposes using advanced techniques. Solution works on the concept of dead reckoning using Inertial Measurement Unit to maintain its attitude and heading during its autonomous flight to a designated d... Details Contact Team
99136OMSThe proposed project will continuously monitor the health of a car's driver that helps to provide immediate first-aid in case of a severe condition or an accident by determining its location.... Details Contact Team
100137Water TurbineThe project aims at development of innovative darrieus type vertical axis water turbine, which is designed for shallow and high velocity water channels of Northern areas of Pakistan. Northern areas of Pakistan has abundance of hydell energy. The vertical axis turbine developed can be utilized by loc... Details Contact Team
101138Seizure PedictionOur aim is to develop a pediction algorithm for Epilepsy seizure on a separate module like raspberry pi and allowing real-time testing of the devised algorithm.... Details Contact Team
102139Brain-Controlled-Wheel-ChairThe brain controlled wheelchair is of great importance to patients suffering from Locked-in Syndrome (LIS) in which a patient is aware but cannot move or communicate verbally due to complete paralysis.... Details Contact Team
103140ApraxiatorApraxiator is an assistive application to provide autonomous speech impairment detection of patient, helping therapists in efficient diagnosis and monitoring of patient.... Details Contact Team
104141Nano-medicineWe aim to develop Nano-particles with anti-HIV drugs which will be used for target delivery of the drug in HIV+ patients. This technique will enhance the bioavailability and cost effectiveness of the drug.... Details Contact Team
105142PriceItPriceIt is an android application that aims at making grocery shopping convenient and affordable for its users. It will provide them with a comparison allowing them to decide where to buy things from.... Details Contact Team
106143MOVEMOVE is a device that obtains a 3D scan of an object and simultaneously captures its movements, thus allowing for a detailed, three-dimensional view of the motion of the object in question.... Details Contact Team
107144CarsaazzCarpool is a ride-sharing mobile app for NUSTians to share a car when they are heading in the same direction. We provide a cheaper, fuel-efficient and environment-friendly solution to commuters.... Details Contact Team
108146Dilevery UavDelivery Uav will be used in delivering parcels and also in disasters situation using tilt rotor. It can be used to give first aid and other supplies. It can have very great impact in parcel delivery and other small transportation systems especially courier service within the city.... Details Contact Team
109148InSecureInSecure is a wireless localization and monitoring system. The children and/or elderly in the house can wear it and their location inside a perimeter as well as their vital signs can be observed.... Details Contact Team
110149EnvallyThe project aims to Produce Biofuel (Pyro oil) from rice husk, as Pakistan is a producer of Rice and most of rice husk goes to waste. No waste is produced In the procedure, infact the project uses secondary by -products (Ash in Biofertilizer and Vapours as Bio Gas), in order to produce the biofuel.... Details Contact Team
111150MEATERThe aim of this project is to implement a portable device for checking meat freshness. The proposed system consists of a bluetooth module, temperature, pH, humidity and gas sensors.... Details Contact Team
112152Rice Planting Rice plantation is done in swamping areas and is considered to be a very tough job for the farmers especially during the months of May till July. Rice Planting is a machine consisting of a linkage system that will help sow small rice plant into the field. This will facilitate the planation process b... Details Contact Team
113153Healthcare MonitoringA hospital healthcare monitoring system using wireless sensors & raspberry pi.This system will monitor a group of patients without the need of wired connections between them.... Details Contact Team
114154Portable MiniDocMiniDoc will help patients with no access to doctors and send their medical data via internet and use that data to generate a diagnosis.... Details Contact Team
115155ISACISAC will provide automated real time security surveillance.When our system detects a breach, the intruder will be locked onto and tracked while simultaneously notifying the user so he feels safe. In our society, no intelligent solution exists for combating crime and terrorism. With our project we w... Details Contact Team
116156Smart CensusLast time the census was conducted in 1999, after that no census has been conducted. Our project will help the Government in conducting census. We will take satellite images of an area; then divide the area into different sites using image processing, and then the houses will be geo-tagged. In this ... Details Contact Team
117158iVRiVR is a solution to the modern world's educational problems: lack of critical and out-of-the-box thinking. Our VR content, combined with the teaching skills, would inspire students to explore knowledge. iVR will provide the VR content necessary to convert a classroom environment into a VR environme... Details Contact Team
1181603D MapperThis solution helps construction workers, Architecture students and Earthquake specialists. 3D Mapper is an automated robot that roams inside a building and maps its interior. It can help Architecture students make 3D models quickly and cheaply; it can also be used to detect cracks in buildings, pre... Details Contact Team
119161Centrifuagal separator Developing countries with poor sanitation or where human waste is used as fertilizer often have outbreaks of diarrhea when intestinal bacteria or parasites contaminate crops or drinking water. The mechanism will be such that the mixed waste would enter the hopper and would be feed to a screw conveyo... Details Contact Team
120163BuraqThrough Buraq, society will be given an attractive and feasible alternate for intercity personal transport replacing motorbike and cars also reducing cost of daily travel. Buraq is a lightweight, recumbent bicycle with comfortable seat and rollover protection system. Buraq will shift today's fossil ... Details Contact Team
121164CharismaThere are many job portals, what they lack is to realize the importance of human psychology. Each year half million of students graduate and have no idea what suits them best. So is the case of organizations which pick students based on their academics and soon realize that this is not their place. ... Details Contact Team
122165PlastecoRecycling of waste plastic bottles. Conversion into re-usable items at a cost-effective price with an indigenous setup so the wide variety of products hence formed can be reused by the public.... Details Contact Team
123168Microwave FurnaceThis project is based on 2.45 GHz microwave source which is easily available from daily use microwave ovens for generation of Plasma for materials Processing and heat treatment. Modern Research and material processing techniques require use of high temperatures and Plasma applications. These equipme... Details Contact Team
124169NatchillOur solution is a heat sink based on natural convection to remove extra heat from a system in an efficient way without using energy for itself. Our product will use the energy which needs to be removed to do the whole process instead of using a energy source. It is needed in almost every device with... Details Contact Team
125170ORFOLORFOL is being introduced as a new social website which makes easy to retrieve lost things and documents. Initially, we aim to provide three major services; lost, found and theft reports. As a company we aim to solve people's daily 'lost item not found' problem. This will also be beneficial in minim... Details Contact Team
126171ORCA thermal power generation plant uses heat to produce electricity, but in this process a significant amount goes to waste.Our system utilizes this waste heat to produce electricity and hot water.... Details Contact Team
127173SmartOx2A smart wearable pulse oximeter which will not only give blood oxygen level and heart beat but also send messages and calls to emergency services department, in case of asthma attacks and heart attacks.... Details Contact Team
128175DENAarIt is a micro fundraiser that runs around the concept of the whole community joining hands and contributing a small amount towards betterment of needy and deserving people around. People will approach the team through social media platforms where the targeted people will be asked to donate.... Details Contact Team
129176Brain-Controlled WheelchairAim of this project is to develop an accurate prototype of a wheelchair operating through the command of brain. The technique used for signal acquisition is Hybrid of EEG and fNIRS.... Details Contact Team
130179CommuniqueThis is the first time the idea for Communications Starter Kits has been proposed to the local market. We have a deficiency of low cost hardware in almost all Comm Labs across Pakistan. Simulations give us ideal conditions hence make it difficult to experience the practical problems that arise durin... Details Contact Team
131181IC TesterMany times the only reason a project might not work is because of a faulty gate in a single IC. Our idea is to make a product that tests all the gates of ICs and identifies errors. Our major targets are industries and students from colleges and universities. The target market (i.e. students & indust... Details Contact Team
132182VitealthVitealth uses artificial intelligence to predict blood glucose using non-invasive method and applies data trends to predict your required insulin dosage along with diet plans.... Details Contact Team
133183HappyTVHappyTV enables multiple users to watch and listen to their desired programs simultaneously at full resolution, on the same LCD screen, without screen splitting while enjoying each others company.... Details Contact Team
134184RekobrikThe idea is to produce stronger, greener bricks for construction. CLC or Cellular Lightweight Concrete bricks are made of limestone, flyash and foaming agent. Compared to conventional bricks they are heat and water resistant, sound proof, cost effective and lightweight with a longer lifespan. These ... Details Contact Team
135195FlipperDesign of a password controlled Licence Plate Flipper/Hidder that can cater to the issues being faced by military vehicles while entering the premises of their organizatios. The military license plate can be rotated and the civilian licence plate would be displayed and vice versa. It would benefit M... Details Contact Team
136196Video SolutionsA system will be designed using python (OpenCV) and Raspberry pi that will cater to the needs of retailing companies by giving them an idea about their customer base, strength, gender and frequency of buying commodities. It will give convenient store owners to malls, an idea about their customers an... Details Contact Team
137197Intelligent BedWe will develop a system which will assist lower limb paralyzed patients to roll and toss during sleep. fNIRS device will get signal from the brain and send it to bed to make patient roll and toss.... Details Contact Team
138198Walk-AidWe aim to develop an Automatic Walker for elders with weak upper limbs. Aiming at rehabilitation for people with Spinal Cord Injury. With Walk-Aid the patient won't need help from others.... Details Contact Team
139200BitViseBitVise will provide a software that encrypts data at rest on hard disks by applying a secure On-the-Fly encryption algorithms. BitVise ensures confidentiality and protects against unauthorized access to the sensitive data.... Details Contact Team
140201Smart AssistThere are about 200 universities across Pakistan and at least 100,000 documents are shared every month. There is a need to share documents and getting feedback or surveys without requiring an Internet connection. We are developing a smartphone and raspberry pi app that assists teachers in institutes... Details Contact Team
141203Disaster Management(DiMa)DiMa is a Disaster Management System. It is a GIS based command, control & intelligence(C2i) web application which can help in easy navigation in disastrous events & find routes for emergency buildings.... Details Contact Team
142205Plagiarism DetectionIn universities, this solution would be a handy tool to check source code plagiarism, and there would be no requirement of soft copy of code to achieve this objective. So quizzes and assignments submitted as soft copy can be checked very easily. Mostly plagiarism checkers are available in desktop ap... Details Contact Team
143206Air SmashAir Smash will develop a table tennis simulation game. Google's Cardboard assisted by a phone will be used as our visual device to provide Virtual Reality features and another phone will be used as a racket.... Details Contact Team
144207Park AidPark Aid aims to ensure that drivers who want to park their vehicles in parking lot know beforehand if there are any slots available for parking by showing real time state of the parking lot.... Details Contact Team
145209Urea+Out of 200,000 tons of urea that is used annually, 77% is lost. However, a substantial amount of urea is still required per acre to fulfill nitrogen needs of the crops. The result is higher cost per acre and reduced profit margin for the farmers. Keeping this in mind, Urea+ is engineered to control ... Details Contact Team
146212IMSIMS is a highly secure inventory database with options of generating reports based on different criteria and requesting new goods. Most Pakistani organizations still use Ledger System to store inventory-related information. IMS aims to provide a secure and automated inventory database management sys... Details Contact Team
147213Extended ShoppingExtended Shopping is a platform that provides digital products comparison of local and online shops targeting all brand and price conscious shoppers. This will allow them to buy cheap and better products very conveniently.... Details Contact Team
148214PanamexE-Commerce has expanded to a huge extent in the past few years. Pakistan is one of the most potential markets in the world, however there are certain security issues related to E-Commerce that need to be addressed. Benefactors of this project are buyers and sellers who want to trade online without h... Details Contact Team
149215CheckMeatA portable handheld device that checks the quality of raw meat.The quality and type of meat will be judged on basis of properties like water binding capacity, pH value and color of the meat.... Details Contact Team
150216ElectrospinningThe project involves the electrospinning of ABS/graphene nanocomposites by building an electrospinning set up. We will also test the material that we make and compare it with the solution casting methods.... Details Contact Team
151218FixITThe Government is responsible for providing all amenities to citizens, but it often encounters problems due to of lack of manpower in relative proportion to the population. Also the current means of reporting problems is time consuming and troublesome for the people. FixIT is an android-based App th... Details Contact Team
152219ELCDevelop a cost effective solution for the Micro-Hydro Power Plants to handle the load variation in standalone generators. To maintain power quality under varying load condition, ELCs for small Hydro Power Generators are currently imported at high costs. We are targeting a cost effective solution to ... Details Contact Team
153220Wi-CharProject designs a wireless charger, with wire-free charging of devices , giving the freedom to roam where you want to without worrying about the battery running out of a charge.... Details Contact Team
154222 Hunar-e-ZanSilai spot is a platform to link housewives with talent in sewing, embroidery etc. with potential customers, allowing housewives to monetize their skills and develop their businesses.... Details Contact Team
155223NanoXensorAlmost every manufacturing industry, as well as automobiles,emit harmful products, VOC's and toxic gases into the environment. These toxins have adverse affects on humans as well as other living beings. NanoXensor provides a portable and inexpensive sensor that keeps a constant check on these harmfu... Details Contact Team
156224Active-Power FilterWe aim to provide a low-cost and compact solution for power conditioning of electrical grid by removing harmful harmonics from the system.... Details Contact Team
157225CarbonSepCheap removal of carbon dioxide produces a cheaper natural gas that can benefit millions of people. CarbonSep is a highly selective membrane used for natural gas sweetening process. Purity of captured CO2 is higher than any commercially available membrane. All the gas fields around the globe are ben... Details Contact Team
158227KaamdaniKaamdani is a community enterprise with the mission of sustainable empowerment of skilled women of Sindh, whose talent remains an unfounded treasure due to poverty & lack of commercial market access. Kaamdani will provide an online store where busy women who like to wear traditional attire in a mode... Details Contact Team
159230Saving WaterWe are working in tandem with PRL on their cooling water setup. We have proposed and are working on a project to recycle waste water as cooling water makeup and not relying on the KDA suppy.... Details Contact Team
160231Sanitation solution The project aims to develop zero energy driven wastewater treatment system for semi-urban and rural areas. It focuses on evaluation and optimization of post-treatment using filter media (stone chips, crushed glass and PET bottles) for full scale DWTS at 36 hr. HRT.... Details Contact Team
161232Roof ShinglesHousing in Pakistan uses traditional, heavy and corrosion-prone materials for protecting roof, that is not only expensive, but also allows water to seep in. Roof Singles are composites of limestone, rice husk and fiberglass, which are lightweight, aesthetically pleasing, cost effective and corrosion... Details Contact Team
162233Transformer ProtectionTransformer breakdown results in unwanted power loss. Our project targets this need of the system by analyzing faullt in distribution transformer by predicting their occurrence in time, which results in preventing power losses due to abrupt changes in transformer operation.... Details Contact Team
163236CMCCMC is used in food as a viscosity modifier or thickner as well as in non-food products like toothpastes, laxatives, diet pills, paints, detergents, pharmaceuticals, etc. Currently there are no CMC production units in Pakistan; annual consumption of CMC in Pakistan is more than 2,000 metric tons, an... Details Contact Team
164237Mr. PenThe written artifacts placed in museums are too old, and need frequent treatments for preservation. Mr. Pen has identified the need to recreate the same while keeping the originality factor as high as possible. Mr. Pen is an XY Plotter that can utilize different pens to draw anything which can be co... Details Contact Team
165239RefiEnA novel tool namely RefiEn is proposed for online identification of energy losses location and process optimization, through artificial neural networks and genetic algorithm for a petroleum refinery. Conventional energy analysis methods faces the challenge of coping with the e?ect of process uncerta... Details Contact Team
166240SCALE GlassSCALE glass aims to provide a self cleaning and low-emissivity glass. It is ususally noticed that high rise buildings have unclean glass windows for quite some time - on average 20 days, and heavy costs are incurred when installing and running air conditioning or heating systems in offices or hotels... Details Contact Team
167241UprootVeriform is an automated portable vertical farming system, which provides significantly higher yield per field compared to conventional farming. Through this, plants will be grown in organic compost which contain apt amount of nutrients. Plants will be grown in relays of covered containers which wil... Details Contact Team
168243FreezaratiOur product will be a refrigerator based on vapor compression refrigeration technology. This technology has a very high coefficient of performance. Refrigerator will be energized by solar power. The vaccine chamber will be able to store vaccines for a few villages. The chamber will be well insulated... Details Contact Team
169246SensafeSmall industries do not generally take serious measures for worker safety, mainly due to the expense and complexities involved. Moreover, domestic cases of suffocation and similar incidents due to gas build-ups are periodically reported. Sensafe aims to provide a simple, economic solution for their ... Details Contact Team
170249FIBSENOur idea is development of a portable blood group testing device that utilizes fiber optics technology. Automation and increased efficiency are two sought out advantages over conventional methods.... Details Contact Team
171250FlaxTeaExploiting Flaxseeds potential for providing preventive solution to prevailing health issues (cardiac & digestive disorders,hairfall issues,cancers) in flavorful combination of Flaxseeds & green tea.... Details Contact Team
172252FDFOTaking into account the large amount of textile wastewater released in Pakistan, Forward Osmosis Membrane Treatment will be used to remove the textile dyes and reclaim the water for direct fertigation.... Details Contact Team

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