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Projects Shortlisted for Stage-3

A total of 78 projects from 11 NUST Schools, Colleges and Institutes were presented for Stage 2, out of which 57 have been shortlisted for Stage 3; 3 Projects from the Industry were also presented by the student teams in Stage 2.

Projects presented by students

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Even though Stage 2 is over, students can still join the shortlisted teams and can also join the Industry submitted Projects.

The projects submitted by students were evaluated by worthy Industry members against a Rubric.

We are highly grateful to our worthy judges from the Industry, who took out several hours from their precious time to evaluate each of the projects assigned to them. You can view the Evaluation Committee by clicking here

Industry Projects presented by Student teams

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S.No Project ID Project Title Project Abstract

Agriculture & Water Technology

168IrrigatureIrrigature is a real-time monitoring and control system that aims to revolutionize the irrigation system of Pakistan. Wireless management of crops and water via Pc/Pda are among the core features.... Details
230Phyto CleanHeavy metal contamination is one of the biggest problems we face with our drinking water. This new approach can provide an economical and effective way of heavy metal removal from drinking water.... Details
390AquaCellsApplication of Microbial Desalination Cells (MDCs) on industrial scale for producing pure drinkable water utilizing sea water, performing waste water treatment and also for generating bio-electricity.... Details


480IntelliDriveThe main idea of the project is to build an Intelligent Car Driving System where cars can drive at their own to a selected destination identified from a map, without the human intervention.... Details
5220Vehicle-Security SystemTo abate the alarming rate of Vehicle theft cases in Pakistan, this compact system provides a cost-effective and fully functional security solution. Offering innovative emergency features to the user.... Details
6209CO2 ArresterOur Project aims to contribute towards providing safer breathing environment to the masses. The CO2 Arrester captures carbon dioxide from the automobile exhaust before it is released in the atmosphere... Details

Counter Terrorism

7136Security MeshMonitoring large areas using a robust mesh of small solar power devices with customized sensing suited to each location; Realtime monitoring of area and alarm generation at central control panel.... Details
8153RelFund TransparencyBuilding the trust between Government institutes, Religious intitutes and Public. All the funds transferring among these stake holders will be visible with help of Telecom companies.... Details
9162InFence To safeguard premises and avoid any intrusion, we propose to deploy a network of vibration sensors on the perimeter of an institution that detects any intrusion and promptly sends notification.... Details
10214OMNESTo use smartphone and companion device to easily verify all the different documents (like CNIC, drivers, arms license etc) using sensors for barcodes, QR codes, magnetic strips and facial recognition.... Details
11128fortify mewe will secure this world by making us responsible for everyone. Help us handling emergency situations (from natural disaster to any terror activity ) with help of people in surrounding .... Details

Defence Technologies

1270SARSTIONSince long,oceans have remained dangerous due to their vastness but this never stopped enemies from waging wars through waters.Oil exploration and advancement in telecomm sector.... Details


1347WaveWave, we believe, will forever change the course of how people around the world deliver their presentations, whether they are business personnel, tech directors or students.... Details
14142Beyond WordsAn application for autistic communication to generate semantically and grammatically correct sentences automatically using pictures, by using natural language processing and artificial intelligence.... Details
1563PSIThe policy institute will provide the student population of Pakistan with a platform to suggest solutions to problems of national & social importance and contribute to the policy development process.... Details
16194Library ManagementCreating a wider, boundary-less access for NUST students to library resources across H-12, through enhanced user registration, improvised inventory planning and eliminating resource redundancies.... Details
17217DreamCatcherEmotional & Psychological distress caused by a variety of factors incl. terrorism can be reduced by awareness, therapy & social activism. Victim connects anonymously with counselor. No social stigma... Details


18161WPC2Keeping our energy crises in mind, people are wasting energy and spending a lot of money. I have a solution that helps reduce energy consumption by 25%. Payback is very fast, often less than a year... Details
1945BioDieselOur idea is to convert used vegetable oil into BioDiesel. Thus providing an alternate to the diesel imports with the benefit of being cheap, green and independent of International market fluctuations.... Details
20158New-Era-Petrol-PumpsDevelopment of Magnetostrictive probe to measure the volume of petroleum products of petrol pumps in Pakistan.Currently it is being done by Dipstick method which is inaccurate and non-standarized.... Details


21215Mec Vertsystem that enables the municipal authorities to have a clear idea of sites to target first for waste collection.All that is needed is to click an image and the system tells the type of the garbage.... Details


2210TrequantWorking in the field of bioinformatics,developing an ergonomic wearable for better diagnosis and effective tracking of tremor in patient's activities, tasks and pattern for understandable demographics... Details
2319GlucoSmartGlucoSmart is a standalone non-invasive blood glucose monitoring device that accurately measures the blood sugar level in real time in a pain-free manner . ... Details
2438WQCSDevelopment of an automated system that can effectively measure quality parameters of water at different points in water distribution network till it reaches the end user and convey information to Web... Details
2539WeCAMWeCAM is a non-invasive early warning Wearable Continuous Asthma Monitor that aims to predict if an asthma attack is imminent and thus assist the asthmatic to retain the disease in controlled state.... Details
2672WheresMyDocWheresMyDoc, a web and smartphone app, allows to freely search,rate and review doctors in Pakistan; Hence contributing to eliminating fraud and incompetent doctors and ensuring quality health service... Details
27121HealthHubHealthHub aims to innovate the healthcare sector by redefining the way diagnostic reports from clinical labs are shared with doctors and patients using interactive visualizations and smartphones.... Details
28123LithomaticIndigenous Design and Fabrication of a cost-effective, safe and smart intra-corporeal pneumatic lithotripter - a device which is used to treat the urinary stone disease without surgical incisions.... Details
29181Retino ImagenComputer aided automated dual classification system for the detection and characterization of Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy on early stage to prevent vision loss and blindness of affected person.... Details
30192PockedoctorImagine having the tools (hardware and software) to aid the doctor for your checkups right from home! Our team at Pockedoctor is redefining the healthcare sector by connecting doctors with patients.... Details
3123MicrobeHuntThe project is designed to find out multi-drug resistant bacteria prevalent in our country, and finding out effective treatment regime for our population. ... Details
3232Ears protection Hearing is an important sense. If the gel made from sound absorbing nano particles is used on noisy core of machines in industry such as sugar and steel mill, hearing loss can be prevented.... Details
3336GENEiewe want to create a setup that helps in changing perceptions, encouraging families and guiding them regarding genetic disorders and avoid complications that can be caused due to genetic disorders.... Details
3440Anti-Diabetic FormulationsPHB coated Insulin Pills will give Diabetes patients the chance to avoid the pain of needles and has the potential of enhanced patient compliance. These could save millions, the pain of daily shots.... Details
3548FluoroDot Tech.In every 7/10 patients, cancer spreads due to untimely detection. We present Quantum Dots-Antibody device which is cost effective, helps in early stage detection of cancer & provides targeted therapy... Details
3671Pak-CancerDBTo offer an Internet-accessible database that oncologists anywhere in Pakistan can employ to aid in decision making and defining priorities about the best course of treatment/HLA match for patients... Details
37115Cavity-free CandySweets are going to be produced with extract from the herbal plants of Pakistan and then take that odorless, and tasteless extract and add it in the candies so children can have no cavities. ... Details
38118Medical recordsThere is no vast medical record database of patients visiting hospitals in Pakistan. There is a need to develop such database which is accessible to all hospitals to know history of patients.... Details
39132Eye XplorerEye Xplorer is a Mobile App that identifies the user's risk for the condition of being anemic or having cataract just by taking a selfie of Eye.... Details
40134SmartStethThe proposed system 'SmartSteth' dubbed as a portable doctor will be able to help a trained health worker in early detection of pneumonia as well as in its treatment. ... Details
4184EoCAThis Kinect Based application will enable the children with neurological difficulties to get education in this alternative fashion by the gestures of their hands because they can't study like others.... Details
4289SleepApnea DetectionA device which will serve as a replacement of Polysomnography. It will record the bio-physiological changes that occur during sleep of the patient and if detects apnea, will sound an alarm.... Details
43210mhealthEduAn app for educating people about trending diseases, giving a list and classification of diseases,details for cause,symptoms,health tips,treatment,cost,nearby hospitals,funds and online help by expert... Details
4434HEALTH STARTProviding healthy and quality lunch boxes in every Nursery Schools throughout Pakistan, so that every child has a healthy and happy jump start. ... Details
45155BCMISBCMIS (Bar coding medication information system), using GS1 health standards, for medicines can reduce medication errors; improve patient safety by verification into the “five rights” of medication.... Details
46176RobexThis device is dedicated for rehabilitation of weak and injured people.Exoskeleton being a wearable robotic device attached to a human arm with different control strategies to perform daily life duty.... Details

Mobile Apps

4791Tracker JackerInefficient tracking of inventory is the cause of huge amount of revenue loss in our industry. We present a low cost RFID based solution to better tracking and management of tons of items produced.... Details
48189ZimmedariZimmedari will be a vicinity based, social network mobile application targeted to address and solve Local community challenges by making residents more vocal about the challenges they face everyday.... Details
4981eyeConA smart phone application that can change the way eye tests are performed.It includes the most common eye tests like Color Blindness test, Near/Far vision tests and the fundus image acquisition. ... Details
5098HelpMateHelpMate Android app is a central platform for linking seekers to volunteers and donors; to enable them to seek and extend all types of social services including financial, blood, disaster-relief etc.... Details
51122Surveillance Applicationsurveillance Application with light weight gadget connected to Application to identify person’s location and pulse detector will inform either device is removed or still carrying it.... Details
52183Complaint-Lodging AppMCMS Android App is a proposed solution for complaint lodging process in Rawalpindi Cantt. It enables the citizens to lodge and track the progress of their complaints and get post job feedback.... Details
53151ReVtailA service that enables shoppers to report; with evidence, supermarkets that overprice their items. Other shoppers can search for and compare nearby supermarkets with the best prices.... Details

Safety, Convenience and Savings

54174Intelligent PhoneAn intelligent cellular phone,simultaneously connected to all cellular networks around it, and will choose best cellular network for service access. Purpose is to facilitate the user for QoS assurance... Details

Sports BioMechanics & Gaming

5554CricFlexA wearable device for real time analysis of a bowler's action to check its legality. With wireless monitoring on an android app.... Details

Traffic Services

5613CALVRIOnline portal to access vehicle and licensing data.Automates paper-based challans used by ITP,reminder of due payment of road taxes,challans and online applications for the renewal of driving license.... Details


579CYKIQCYKIQ is one of a kind unique, short distance travelling solution for closed communities. Professionally designed automated bicycle hiring system is the core of the company which is fast and secure.... Details