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FICS 2015 Idea Generation Sessions

In order to help students with idea generation for the FICS Stage 1; interactive idea generation sessions with the Industry were arranged for the students – where thought leaders, Industry gurus and successful entrepreneurs addressed the students every day, giving them food for thought and helping them think of creative ways to solve social problems and bring about a positive change in society and in the lives of communities.

The interactive Idea Generation sessions were held every day starting from Tuesday 09th Dec 2014 and ending Thursday 18th Dec 2014 (excluding Fridays & weekends) at NUST School/Colleges from 1300 hrs-1400 hrs.

These sessions not only helped students in the idea generation process for FICS, but also helped them to think out-of-the-box. Following distinguished speakers were invited for the sessions; you can view each speaker profile by clicking on the link below.