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Results of Stage-3 of FICS 2014

  Project Name and Brief Discription Category/Sector Prize Money Sponsored By
1st prize E-MAA Pre-natal Remote Monitoring Unit: High Impact, Maximum Outreach Social, ICT, Biotechnology Rs. 50,000/- Co-Sponsor 1: Oracle Corporation

Co-Sponsor 2: Moftak Solutions
Most of the rural pregnant women do not receive proper pre-natal care. The plan is to develop a cost-effective wireless system, called e-Maa (“Maa” is the Urdu word for Mother) that can be used to monitor maternal and fetal heart rates and uterine contractions.
2nd prize Braille Pad Social, ICT Rs. 30,000/- Co-Sponsor 1: Gillani Research Foundation

Co-Sponsor 2: Topline Group

The proposed solution is to develop a low cost and portable “Braille Pad” for enabling the visually impaired people to read any English text document by means of tactile perception
3rd prize Video imaging and Object Tracking ICT Rs. 15,000/- Alfoze Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
This solution presents the concept of a real life semi-automated Sentry Gun for safeguarding the lives of security personnel engaged in different scenarios. This unit is capable of monitoring the imminent threat, as well as eradicating it.