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Projects Presented in Stage-3 of FICS 2014

SNo Team No. Project Name and Brief Discription Category/Sector
1 Team 2 Wi-Fi Car Un-locker ICT, Automotive
The Wi-Fi car unlocking device once installed in the car can be used to unlock the car with the help of any gadget which has  a built in wireless connection. Once the user gets conneted through this gadget to the wireless device in car, the user is able to log in to the device's homepage and unlock the car.
2 Team 11 RoFL (Robots For Learning): An Inexpensive Robotics Kit for Beginners ICT, Engineering
An inexpensive robotics kit for students.
3 Team 50 E-MAA Pre-natal Remote Monitoring Unit: High Impact, Maximum Outreach Social, ICT, Biotechnology
Most of the rural pregnant women do not receive proper pre-natal care. The plan is to develop a cost-effective wireless system, called e-Maa (“Maa” is the Urdu word for Mother) that can be used to monitor maternal and fetal heart rates and uterine contractions.
4 Team 12 Scholar's Point ICT
With rising inflation, course books are getting more expensive every passing day.  An  option to sell, share and purchase used books may be able to solve this problem.  
5 Team  41 Prepaid Energy Metering System Energy, ICT
The impact of load shedding on Pakistan’s economy is very significant. One of the main reasons behind the excessive power outages is the mounting circular debt, which has increased tremendously due to slow and ineffecient process of recovering energy bills.This metering system aims to solve this problem by developing Pakistan’s first-ever prepaid energy meter. The concept is similar to prepaid scratch cards used for mobile phones. The proposed meter can be charged up by the user and its status can be monitored through SMS.
6 Team 53 Early Warning System for Flood ICT
An automated water management solution will be developed, to monior current water levels so as to give timely alerts in case the water levels are rising above and below a certain threshold. 
7 Team 56 Self-Learning Electricity Monitoring & Budget Optimization System (SEMBO) Energy, ICT
The current power outages have stifled economic activity and severe load shedding has made the lives of masses miserble.SEMBO is an integration of software and hardware device which can assist in monitoring, managing and reducing energy costs.
8 Team 30 Video imaging and Object Tracking ICT
This solution presents the concept of a real life semi-automated Sentry Gun for safeguarding the lives of security personnel engaged in different scenarios. This unit is capable of monitoring the imminent threat, as well as eradicating it.
9 Team 58 Improving Health Awareness Social, ICT, Biotechnology
A health awareness system through which masses are regularly kept informed about diseases in general and about epidemics in specific. The aim of the project is to develop a web-application interfaced with a GSM modem (or mobile phone)
10 Team 71 Clinical Monitoring of non-ICU patients using WSN ICT, Biotechnology
This solution will allow a secure system of clinical monitoring of vital statistics such as heart beats per minute (BPM), oxygen saturation levels of NON-ICU patients etc. The system will utilize wireless sensor network.
11 Team 72 Electronic Devices and e-waste Management Energy, ICT
This solution will address the issues of safe handling and disposal of hazardous e-waste and prevention of its imports
12 Team 6 eHealth Solution for Rural Areas  in Pakistan Social, ICT, Biotechnology
The solution, powered by Windows RT can be run on affordable tablets carried by trained workers. It allows patients and doctors to communicate via skype. It  will allow dignostic information to be sent to the doctor.  The doctor, in turn, would be able to suggest suitable treatment based on the  information provided. To cater to the medical needs of the rural population of Pakistan
13 Team 7 Cloud Bridge ICT
This application will enable data to be shared across different platforms. e.g between Dropbox and Google Drive. A server will allow this two way communication to take place among different cloud service platforms.
14 Team 14 Vite Cab Automotive, ICT
An android application designed to assist users in locating vacant cabs in their area. It will also allow users to reserve a cab in advance. 
15 Team 28 News Plus ICT
News plus is a software which will rank news based upon user’s preferences. It will also recommend to its user, news based upon their interest in a particular domain.
16 Team 32 Sum Experts/ Online Courses ICT, Social
A software solution to guide users so they are able to identify their interest and career orientation. 
17 Team 34 Screen Controls ICT
A smartphone application which will allow user to customize setting according to various intsalled apps.
18 Team 36 Smart Solar UPS Energy, ICT
Smart UPS will provide sinosidal output withless harmonic distortion. Smart UPS will implement efficient switch mode  battery charging which prolongs battery life, overcharging and over discharging.
19 Team 44 Braille Pad Social, ICT
This proposed solution shall develop a low cost and portable “Braille Pad” for enabling the visually impaired people to read any English text document by means of tactile perception.
20 Team 55 Steady Driver Automotive, ICT
An android based application that will use built-in sensors. It will allow users to get/give real time feedback of drivers and hence can be used by various companies that provide transport servcices. 
21 Team 59 Text Narrator for Visually Impaired Social, ICT
An Android App which will enable the visually impaired to listen to any printed text
22 Team 60 Color Sensor based Rice Sorter ICT
The goal is to develop an intelligent machine capable of sorting colored rice out of the white rice at a much lower cost than the currently available alternatives. This will be achieved by replacing the high-speed cameras and complicated FPGA based processing with simpler color sensor based design, which will not require computationally extensive algorithms for the processing of input information.
23 Team 63 Object Identification for Visually Impaired People Social, ICT
 The project aims to provide a smart vision system that will help a visually impaired person to detect/recognize various objects
24 Team 67 Motor Characterization Test Bench Automotive
Motors constitute 70-80% of the industrial load. Currently, motors being manufactured in Pakistan are highly inefficient and contribute to significant power losses in the electrical grid. This test-bench will provide the manufacturers with a Hardware-in-loop (HIL) based platform to completely characterize the motors against the international standards, as well as to provide an R&D facility for the development of efficient control systems for the motor.
25 Team 68 Surveillance Systems ICT
A surveillance system which can move across all types of terrain on land (and also has aerial capability). The solution has applications in the security, defense, and disaster management sectors. The solution will comprise of a Ground Control Station (GCS), an Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV), and an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) - which will be used in combination to provide a long range surveillance system.
26 Team 74 LifeFlow  
27 Team 75 Shadow Quest ICT
This idea will allow for runtime reconfiguration of FPGA based processing fabrics. This solution has a number of applications but can be especially helpful in communications systems and vision imaging technology.
28 Team 3 Student Project Portfolio ICT
A website to showcase projects, and accessible to the university students, instructors, and industry personnel
29 Team 37 Online Voting System ICT