About FICS

Competition Details

The Stages

The FICS competition comprises 3 stages.

  • In Stage 1, student teams submit project sypnosis of their unique ideas with positive social impact. These ideas are endorsed by FICS Management after the approval of the respective supervisor. Subsequently, the ideas shortlisted in Stage 1 make it to the next stage.

  • In Stage 2 the student teams present their ideas to a wider audience in the form of PowerPoint presentation. The judges at this stage include Industry partners; they assess the impact and practicability of the project ideas, as well as their ability to be commercialized.

  • In the 3rd and final Stage of the competition, the teams shortlisted in Stage 2 present working prototypes of their solution (alternatively, students can display plant design, equipment design, product design or process design). The judges evaluate the prototypes on various parameters and select the best 3 projects, which are given cash prizes.

Cash prizes will be awarded to the following winning teams of Stage 3:

  • Winner FICS 18 - (Cash Prize *)
  • First Runner-Up - (Cash Prize *)
  • Second Runner-Up - (Cash Prize *)
  • One special Prize Category
  • * Prize amounts will be announced soon

Since this Stage witnesses a high level of interest and attendance from the Industry, students also have the incentive of finding a long-term mentor and possibly sponsor for their idea.

Registration Opening Date: 1st November, 2017

Deadline for Idea Submission: 15th December, 2017


The Teams

  • The team lead must belong to NUST (Schools or Colleges). Additional team members may include students from any other college/university.

  • Students have no limit on the number of team members. Although more brains can be helpful in coming up with a sound idea, but there is always a risk of too many cooks spoiling the broth. So be wise while choosing your team mates.

Competition Deliverables

The medium of this competition is English, unless specified otherwise. Each team must deliver the following deliverables:


A complete synopsis for review, according to the provided outline. The teams are also encouraged to submit a presentation or a video of their idea along with the synopsis. Any additional materials supporting the idea must also be provided as a separate file.

Synopsis Deadline: 15th December, 2017

Rubric for Stage 1

For STAGE 2 Date: March, 2018

Following items are required:

  1. Each team has to prepare a standee of dimensions no larger than 5X2ft
  2. The type of standee is X-standee. Students are required to submit the standee in this form. To view the standee click here. For preparation of standee on subsidized rate (Rs. 675 excluding tax), please contact CEO, Mr. Muhammad Imran with reference to CAC.  His contact details and address is given below:
    Office: 051-4852184
    Cell: 0321-5112770, 0312-2362872
    Email: visiontech786@gmail.com
    Address: H#68/3, A-Block, Satellite Town, Rehmanabad, Rwp.
  3. Please see PowerPoint presentation template for detailed guidelines.
  4. Venue shall be emailed to the team leads.

Rubric for Stage 2

Shortlisted teams should study the Rubric for Stage 2 in detail to understand the criteria they will be evaluated against. This will help them to prepare their posters and videos/presentations according to the evaluation criteria.


All students qualified for Stage 3 of the competition are required to prepare a working prototype of their idea (alternatively, students can also display plant design, equipment design, product design or process design). This prototype will be displayed in front of Industry and NUST students and faculty.

Stage 3 to be held on May, 2018

Rubric for Stage 3

Industry Involvement

Efforts are being made to bring on board Industry members from different Sectors to act as mentors for the competing teams. The FICS website also has a link where Industry members can submit their own project ideas. Student teams can come up with their own project ideas, or choose from the list of ideas given by the Industry, if any.

Industry members who are interested in mentoring any student project can select one or more projects from the 'For Industry' page OR contact the Core Organizing Team of FICS 2018, directly, who will then arrange meeting between industry and student teams.