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FICS Stage 2 Event

FICS Stage 2 –held on 10th April 2015 in NUST H-12 Campus

FICS (Finding Innovative & Creative Solutions for Society) Stage 2 FICS 2015 was held at the CIPS (Centre for International Peace and Stability) Jinnah Auditorium, NUST, on Friday 10th April 2015. Out of almost 179 project ideas submitted in Stage 1 (Synopsis Submission) from NUST Schools and Colleges including off campus Colleges, 103 were shortlisted for Stage 2 (Standee, Video & PowerPoint Presentation). 78 projects were displayed in CIPS Hallways; participating teams from different NUST Schools and Colleges displayed their project standees and gave presentations to a panel of judges from the Industry. 15 judges from the Industry, comprising domain experts in the various categories / Sectors in which projects were presented, who meticulously and painstakingly evaluated the projects assigned to them.

The event was attended by our worthy Industry members, NUST faculty members (including those who evaluated the Stage 1 projects), and NUST students. College of E&ME, MCS and PNEC have been active participants of FICS 2015, and their students have come forward with brilliant project ideas. Teams that will be shortlisted at Stage 2 will be required to present working prototypes of their solutions to a panel of judges from the Industry. 

FICS 2015 witnessed overwhelming support from the Industry. The Pakistan Software Houses Association for IT & ITES (P@SHA) is the main sponsor and collaborator for FICS 2015. The P@SHA Social Innovation Fund is supporting us with funds for prize money as well as a newly established Prototype Development Fund for FICS, through which the finalists for FICS 2015 will be given token / support money to help them prepare the prototypes for demonstrating at the Grand Finale. Ms. Jehan Ara President P@SHA, was the Chief Guest for Friday’s event.

Other sponsors include National Instruments, Oracle, Ufone, Arkhitech, Interactive Group, AEO, Gilani Research Foundation and Channel 7 Communications. We are very grateful for their generous contributions towards the prize money, prototype development fund, marketing and admin expenses.

Many Industry partners have consented to provide mentorship and advise some of the projects displayed at Stage 2. This productive interaction shall surely enhance their chances of coming up with viable and functional prototypes and shall thus resultantly increase their likelihood of success. A few event pictures are pasted below. More pictures can be viewed on the FICS Facebook page